If you want to play a great game on your phone without worrying about being online all the time, kiểm tra out the best ones on iOS và Android.

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During the early days of gaming, you could easily play your favorite video games without having khổng lồ worry about mạng internet or data connection, as long as you had your mobile device khổng lồ play on. But nowadays, with technological advancements on the rise, the internet has become an integral part of the gaming world. Several games released nowadays require an mạng internet connection lớn be playable.

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We all know how much the internet has helped make gaming more enjoyable for us. However, there may be times when we won’t be able to lớn access the internet, or our connection would be unstable. If you would lượt thích to enjoy several games without having lớn worry about your mạng internet connection, you should try out these awesome offline games. Yes, it is possible to lớn enjoy & keep yourself entertained without having to connect to the online world, and these offline games prove it.


Dead Target is an engrossing zombie shooting adventure game that will keep you on edge. As you take a break from the offline world, Dead Target takes you into the zombie-infested world that requires your sharpshooting skills to lớn combat all types of zombies và save mankind.

Complete missions, unlock legendary weapons, nâng cấp your guns, work with your xạ thủ team, và finally, put an end to the zombie apocalypse. Take on the challenge and become an elite zombie hunter today!


Gangstar Vegas is an open-world trò chơi that allows you to lớn experience living the life of a gangster in Las Vegas aka the city of sin. Explore the city and wage wars against other gangs. As you further progress, you can unlock various weapons và vehicles khổng lồ use whether for your pleasure or action-packed missions. With crime happening all over the city, the journey khổng lồ the vị trí cao nhất won't be an easy one. At the over of the day, it’s all about survival. Fight your way through, and become the leader of your very own gang.


Kevin and Cheese are both trapped on a strange island that is trang chủ to terrifying creatures like skeleton soldiers & monster trees. You must help them find and fight their way out of the strange place. The Way home has roguelike & farming elements that make the gameplay even more fun & engaging. Your task is to lớn farm trees & stones, collect resources và equipment, & fight off the enemies roaming around the map.

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The Way trang chủ has the perfect balance of fun, challenging, and relaxing gameplay. In addition to that, the simplicity and lightness of its pixel art style are what makes it even more alluring. The Way trang chủ has an amazing story that will certainly keep you hooked until Kevin and Cheese finally make their way back home.


Farming games have become one of the most popular and successful mobile game genres today. The sense of responsibility it brings to lớn players is what makes farming games so addictive, và Farm Frenzy is no exception to that. Farm Frenzy offers you the experience of how a real farmer’s life is.

You are tasked lớn look after farm animals lượt thích chickens và cows, and produce enough goods lớn earn some profit. As you reach higher levels, you will be able lớn unlock & upgrade more features lớn keep your farm business growing. There are two trò chơi modes for you to lớn choose from. If you lượt thích to enjoy things at your own pace, choose the quest mode. However, if you want to kiểm tra your time management skills, choose the survival mode. What are you waiting for? Live the life of a farmer today!

Join Alto in an endless sandboarding journey across the majestic desert, và discover more of what the place has lớn offer. While you glide your way through, you will encounter several obstacles, some you would need to lớn avoid, và some you can use to vị tricks & gain more points. These types of games are easy to learn but difficult lớn master – the reason why many players spend long hours on them. In addition to its addictive gameplay, Alto’s Odyssey has rich art style and weather effects that will make your gaming experience more pleasing.

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Alto’s Odyssey is a fun & relaxing trò chơi to play khổng lồ either pass time or keep you entertained. Not only does the trò chơi look stunning, it even has its serene soundtrack khổng lồ fully immerse you into Alto’s Odyssey. You can even take beautiful photos of your journey across the endless desert.

MOBA games are dominating the gaming industry, especially in the mobile market. Although most people enjoy playing online MOBA games, offline MOBA games such as Legendary Heroes can still provide you with the same excitement và satisfaction in their chất lượng way.

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Instead of playing with friends or AIs on your team, Legendary Heroes allows you to lớn play up to lớn three different heroes in a match to give you more control over the gameplay and keep you engaged. This way, you could easily make và follow through with your strategies. Unlock and upgrade heroes, and evolve your team to lớn become ultimate Legendary Heroes.