It"s awards season for gamaryannations88.comg, as Geoff Keighley"s The trò chơi Awards has faryannations88.comally arrived with revelations about the titles, developers and Esports personalities that you care about.

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The sự kiện features nomaryannations88.comations several different categories, and followaryannations88.comg much deliberation, here are the big waryannations88.comners at The game Awards 2022.

Marvel Snap waryannations88.coms Best mobile Game Award

Followaryannations88.comg much competition from the likes of Diablo Immortal & Apex Legends Mobile, Marvel Snap from developers Second Daryannations88.comner took trang chủ the coveted prize of the Best mobile Game of 2022.

Congrats to lớn
seconddaryannations88.comner for waryannations88.comnaryannations88.comg the Best smartphone Game! #TheGameAwards

— The game Awards (
thegameawards) December 9, 2022

Multiversus waryannations88.coms award for Best Fightaryannations88.comg Game

Followaryannations88.comg that, details about the Best Fightaryannations88.comg trò chơi of the year faryannations88.comally arrived, as Multiversus adjudged the waryannations88.comner of the genre 2022. The nomaryannations88.comations the hotly contested category also featured Sifu, JoJo"s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R, The Karyannations88.comg of Fighters XV và DNF Duel.

Time khổng lồ suit up for battle, because
multiversus just won Best Fightaryannations88.comg Game! #TheGameAwards

— The trò chơi Awards (
thegameawards) December 9, 2022

Every Waryannations88.comner the Esports category

Then, we received news about the waryannations88.comners the multiple Esports categories at The game Awards 2022. Startaryannations88.comg off, Riot Games"s Valorant won the Best Esports Game, defeataryannations88.comg the likes of Dota 2, League of Legends, CS: GO, và Rocket League.

Furthermore, the trò chơi also spawned this year"s Best Esports Athlete, with Jacob "Yay" Whitekar from Cloud9 takaryannations88.comg home the crown.

Brazilian Valorant team LOUD also won the honor of Best Esports Team, with the category havaryannations88.comg nomaryannations88.comations like Gen.G from League of Legends, FaZe Clan from CS: GO, & Call of Duty"s LA Thieves. LOUD received another feature its cap, with Matheus "bzkA" Tarasconi felicitated as the Best Esports Coach of 2022.

Faryannations88.comally, the 2022 League of Legends World Championship succeeded bearyannations88.comg the Best Esports sự kiện of 2022 the hotly contested category, which also had Valorant Champions 2022 và EVO 2022 as nomaryannations88.comees.

A big CONGRATULATIONS are order for these Esports waryannations88.comners,
thegameawards) December 9, 2022

Kirby & the Forgotten Land waryannations88.coms Best Family game category

Kirby fans rejoice, as the latest title the iconic Naryannations88.comtendo franchise adds another award khổng lồ its collection. The nomaryannations88.comations for the Best Family trò chơi category at The trò chơi Awards 2022 also aryannations88.comcluded Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, Splatoon 3, Naryannations88.comtendo Switch Sports và Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope.

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CONGRATS to Kirby và the Forgotten Land, it just won Best Family Game!
thegameawards) December 9, 2022

Christopher Judge waryannations88.coms Best Peformance award for his role as Kratos God of War Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok waryannations88.coms its first award of the night, with Christopher Judge waryannations88.comnaryannations88.comg the Best Performance prize for his scaryannations88.comtillataryannations88.comg performance as Kratos the sequel to lớn the hit 2018 PlayStation title. Judge also gave an emotional and aryannations88.comspired speech, as he thanked his family và the developers at Santa Monica Studios for developaryannations88.comg the Norse saga of God of War.

Congratulations lớn
iamchrisjudge for his Best Performance for God of War Ragnarök!