The anime na-ru-to has spawned many games based on the series. Here are some great nin-ja games fans should try.

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Ask any anime tín đồ what they'd imagine when they hear "ninja" và it's likely going to be Naruto. In fact, the orange-clad protagonist of the Naruto franchise created quite the indelible mark in both anime và mainstream media. Aside from the meme-worthy "Naruto run" and the series' impressive storyline, fans also remember Naruto for its slate of action-packed games.

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Moreover, Naruto games eventually grew alongside the franchise. For instance, some hit Naruto titles followed notable arcs when the series was ongoing. As such, Naruto has more than 50 titles across different trò chơi series! However, just which Naruto games dominate the rest? Most importantly, which titles should Naruto fans definitely try?

Updated on July 10, 2022, by Rhenn Taguiam: With the current Boruto story in 2022 having the enigmatic foes Eida và Code infiltrating Konoha itself, fans of the naruto franchise may be itching for more updates considering the monthly nature of the series sequel. Thankfully enough, there are more than enough games in the years of the franchise to allow na-ru-to fans to spend more time with almost all characters of the series - allowing them to experience their full power nguồn at their prime and have a better grasp of their capabilities. This is especially when current events in Boruto may force the series’ most competent ninjas to lớn rise up and defend Konoha.

16/16 dragon Blade Chronicles


Available for: Nintendo Wii Interestingly, Naruto actually has a game entry for the Wii. Unlike other titles, Naruto Shippudden: long Blade Chronicles tries to add RPG elements to the Naruto concept. As a result, the 2010 title features a new story with elements from the franchise. In essence, the trò chơi takes place in a loose version of the Itachi Pursuit Mission. Quality to the trò chơi is the antagonist Kuroma Tatsushiro, who plans on using the nguồn of the Genryu (five eternal dragons) for his evil schemes.

As a result, Dragon Blade Chronicles feels more of an action-adventure game with Naruto elements. Instead of hand-to-hand combat, naruto (now adorned in traditional Feudal Japanese armor) uses swords lớn fight various monsters. Aside from aesthetics, there's not much that makes this game a "genuine" Naruto experience.

Notable for: Despite criticisms, the game does make an excellent demonstration of what Naruto could become in the context of a fantasy RPG. There’s certainly merit in the way the game meshed the series’ signature combat techniques into having different approaches and uses in a fantasy setting.


Available for: PS1 Those who want a more strategic take on the Naruto universe would probably want to kiểm tra out Naruto: Shinobi no Sato no Jintori Kassen, loosely translated as Naruto: nin-ja Village Jintori Battle. Essentially, the game mixes elements of strategy with light combat.

The main goal is khổng lồ occupy the home base of the enemy. Much of the game takes place during the first few episodes of Naruto, particularly when Team 7 had lớn face the likes of Haku & Zabuza.

Notable for: Aside from its limited scope, Ninja Village Jintori Battle doesn't boast much in terms of mechanics. The board game aspect doesn't immediately fit the Naruto setting, at least not one so restricted. If it were to involve the other nations and Hidden Villages during the Fourth Shinobi World War, then perhaps such a concept would show promise.


Available for: PSP Fans of the series with their PlayStation Portables intact would likely get intrigued by Naruto Shippuden Legends: Akatsuki Rising. After all, not only does the game boast full 3 chiều combat, but it also serves as a great introduction khổng lồ Part II of the series - especially to major villains known as the Akatsuki.

Sadly, this is as far as the game goes in terms of its flair, as it’s not fun to play in terms of combat. At its core, Akatsuki Rising has naruto explore different zones and eliminate enemies, similar to lớn a Musou game.

Notable for: Battles take place in semi-large environments, but combos are easy khổng lồ spam and pull off. Moreover, given that the story only takes place from the beginning of Part II until the Kazekage Rescue Mission, there are only 17 playable characters. All-in-all, Akatsuki Rising offers a somewhat suboptimal experience.


Available for: Nintendo DS, trò chơi Boy Advance People who want khổng lồ try Naruto as a full-blown turn-based RPG might be tempted khổng lồ try out Naruto: Path of the Ninja. This game Boy Advance & Nintendo DS title takes place at the beginning of Part I until the over of the Chuunin Exams, where naruto faces off against Shukaku. Unlike other Naruto titles, this RPG takes a turn-based approach khổng lồ combat. As such, teams of three (Naruto, Sasuke, & Sakura for the most part) need to lớn carefully coordinate attacks và jutsu in order to take down a number of foes.

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Naruto: Path of the Ninja has a small roster of playable characters – including Shikamaru Nara, Neji Hyuga, Rock Lee, & Jiraiya – with a whole host of NPCs và opponents. Sadly, the RPG component does get rid of the fast-paced kích hoạt component the franchise is known for. Path of the nin-ja isn't a recommended way khổng lồ re-experience Part I’s events, considering how other games accomplish the same with more engaging combat.

Notable for: Integrating RPG graphics into the Naruto universe is something Path Of The ninja demonstrates, và it’s certainly quite interesting lớn see a strategic “conversion” of fast-paced attacks into specially-timed jutsus. Unfortunately, the limited scope of the story does mean there’s a hindrance khổng lồ the full extent of the RPG title’s potential.

Available for: Nintendo 3DS Fans of the Naruto series might be surprised khổng lồ try out Naruto Shippudden 3D: The New Era for the Nintendo 3DS. In essence, the game tries khổng lồ return khổng lồ the era of 2d side-scrolling adventures. Unfortunately, despite its decent story, the title's overall approach to game play seems lackluster and rather so-so for a 2011 title.

For instance, the trò chơi takes place in various Naruto landmarks with various platforming elements. Moreover, naruto can perform various attacks and even Jutsu that transitions into a 3 chiều cutscene. Unfortunately, fans who played other immersive Naruto fighting games won't find this title endearing at all.

Notable for: One of the very few Naruto platformers out there, the trò chơi does explore the potential of the series in the context of a 2 chiều title. Its prioritization of platforming instead of outright combat adds depth lớn exploration & more chất lượng ways of using their abilities.

Available for: PSP With Naruto Shippudden: Ultimate ninja Impact, Naruto fans get a taste of Shippudden if it were a Musou title. As such, fans would immediately notice the similarities between Ultimate nin-ja Impact and titles such as Dynasty Warriors. After all, it's not all the time that a Naruto game would feature Naruto & his friends facing hundreds upon hundreds of enemies. However, these immense battles remain impressive for a PlayStation Portable title.

This 2011 title also tackles Shippudden's Kazekage Retrieval Mission until the Five Kage Summit, which tackles more than half of the anime's storyline. Unfortunately, the musou format made Ultimate ninja Impact's chơi game extremely repetitive và uninspired. As such, it lacks the fast-paced và tactical "flair" Naruto fans enjoy in other games.

Notable for: Although not as flashy as other titles, Ultimate ninja Impact is a great demonstration of what Naruto could be like as a Musou title. It feels delightful lớn use the “Naruto run” in wide areas lớn chase down enemies and at the same time make extremely straightforward attacks.

Available for: PSP Fans would consider the PSP's Naruto: Ultimate ninja Heroes 2 as a dividing title. After all, the trò chơi is just essentially Naruto: Ultimate nin-ja Heroes with three new characters và a new story mode. However, in this title, players now have access lớn the Mugen Castle Arc. This arc takes them within the Mugen Castle, a haunted castle with randomly-generated floors with its own story.

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Unlike technical fighting games, Heroes 2 relies on fast-paced combat. Moreover, most of its 23 characters have special modes that make battles more diverse and unpredictable. Unfortunately, trò chơi collectors might wonder why even get Ninja Heroes 2 if all they get are three new characters and an entirely-skippable Mugen Castle Arc. In turn, they may as well get the first Ultimate ninja Heroes game for a more compact experience.

Notable for: Although possessing a limited number of characters due lớn the limitation with regards to lớn the story, Ultimate nin-ja Heroes 2 is a great demonstration of the potential of Naruto as a fighting trò chơi title at the time, especially with its simple yet flashy slate of combos.

Available for: Android, ios Franchise fans who want to lớn bring the excitement of Naruto to their di động phones can play Naruto x Boruto: nin-ja Voltage for iOS and Android. This action-strategy RPG combines MOBA-style action with minor base-building components. Players can organize their “dream team” composed of four characters from both Naruto and Boruto lớn take on various missions and challenges.

Unlike usual turn-based or tap-action điện thoại games, Ninja Voltage has a more active approach khổng lồ gameplay. Players control their leader character while the rest of their team follows and supports them. Moreover, players can dish out powerful combos và attacks that feature signature moves such as the Rasengan and the Chidori. Fans who want a compact experience close khổng lồ the Ultimate nin-ja Storm series could find almost the exact chơi game style in Ninja Voltage.

Notable for: Despite its rather lukewarm reception, Ninja Voltage is arguably one of the more extensive gacha games out there. While it gives players early access to lớn a lot of popular Naruto characters on the get-go, it’s up to players to collect special nin-ja Cards that allow them lớn equip these characters with exclusive attacks. This adds a lot of flexibility with regards to how a single shinobi character is built, making each iteration of a character unique.

Available for: Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, PC Albeit not necessarily an exclusive Naruto game, Jump Force does answer a lot of fan questions regarding an important aspect of powerful fighters. If Naruto và Sasuke could defeat most of the ninjas in their world, how would they fare against the likes of Ichigo, Goku, or even Yami Yugi?

In this game, players take on the roles of some of the most prominent characters in Shonen Jump. Of course, given the vast scope of Jump's manga selections, the game offers up quite a lot of interesting match-ups. For instance, who could have thought that Light Yagami and his Death note could face the likes of Naruto và Sasuke? Thanks to this game, players can finally see for themselves how the two shinobi's abilities would fare against some of the most popular manga characters around.

Notable for: While there’s not a lot of visible Naruto presence in the game, the fact that players can use Naruto to fight some of the most popular Shonen Jump characters makes this trò chơi a dream come true for fan artists & the like. Power-scalers và theorists will appreciate the arena brawler for its chất lượng application of signature movies within the franchise.

Available for: Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, PC It could be argued that Naruto: Ultimate nin-ja Storm gave a preview of the series’s true potential in terms of fast-paced nin-ja action. In terms of story, the first Ultimate nin-ja Storm game covers the events of Part I until Episode 135.

As such, players can get a more dynamic take on events that thrust na-ru-to into his journey towards being the Hokage. However, for now, he has lớn become a Chuunin và help save Sasuke from the impending threat of Orochimaru.

Notable for: While retaining the same combo-focused mechanics of the Ultimate ninja series, Ultimate nin-ja Storm enables players to lớn move in fully-3D environments. As a result, the game offers more dynamic use of nin-ja Move dodges, wall-fighting, and different ninja tools, while players can even request help from tư vấn ninjas. These mechanics will slowly see improvements & changes throughout the course of the landmark Ultimate ninja Storm series.

Available for: Xbox 360 Fans of classic Naruto would love 2007's Naruto: Rise of a ninja – a title that serves as a hallmark title for pre-Shippudden days. After all, the Xbox 360 title explores the first 80 episodes of the series in a fully-open Konoha.

Moreover, the main storyline comes with cutscenes interspersed with actual footage from the anime. Additionally, the game slowly teaches players everything na-ru-to learns in the original story - from using chakra lớn walk on walls và water (that also opens up the environment) lớn learning powerful Jutsu they can use in fights. Fans with the Xbox 360 should try this title, as it's one of the first Naruto games khổng lồ fully realize an open-world environment.

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Notable for: An open-world Konoha is quite an interesting place lớn explore, especially how it’s been depicted as a lively environment to live in. The component of seeing civilians firsthand and being able khổng lồ jump around a huge ninja village makes the stakes much higher by the time the likes of Orochimaru have posed a threat lớn the village.

Available for: PS2 Fans of PSP's Ultimate ninja Heroes series would feel right at home with the PS2's Naruto Shippudden: Ultimate ninja 5. Due khổng lồ its ties with the Shippudden anime, the game's story follows eight chapters related to lớn the Kazekage Retrieval Arc & the reunion with Orochimaru và Sasuke. Interestingly, the game also features most characters with their Naruto and Shippudden costumes as well as alternate modes that grant new abilities. Moreover, the trò chơi introduces Assist Characters which players can điện thoại tư vấn for aid for extra damage or powerful linked attacks.

This title easily becomes a must-play for fans who want a portable Naruto game that packs a lot of content and features. Moreover, it's one of the last 2.5 chiều Naruto fighting games prior to its transition to lớn full-blown 3d fights.

Notable for: Although similar lớn Ultimate ninja Heroes in the context that it’s a 2.5 chiều title, Ultimate ninja 5 excels in how it demonstrates the potential of Shipudden-level characters in this kind of setup. Lacking as it may be in flashier attacks in more xuất hiện environments, the more confined spaces of the 2.5 chiều landscape make the trò chơi feel more tactical & higher-stakes.

Available for: PS4, Xbox One, PC Fans of Naruto will finally get their personalized Konoha experience with Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker. In this 2018 title, fans can explore the first few arcs of the Boruto anime – this time with a fully-customized avatar. Moreover, the game now features the cast of Boruto: naruto Next Generations, which includes Boruto Uzumaki (Naruto's son) và his friends.

Interestingly, the trò chơi boasts a fairly open environment where players can embark on various quests. Moreover, multiplayer matches come in various modes. Additionally, player avatars can possess quality abilities – some of which are signature moves from the original cast. Unfortunately, a lot of gamers don't appreciate Shinobi Striker for its repetitive chơi game and lackluster combat mechanics.

Notable for: Immense customization is the name of game for Shinobi Striker, allowing players to lớn finally be able to meet, team up, and even fight some of the most popular members of the cast. The open-world setting & the vast environments give players a lot of room lớn experiment with their newfound abilities, making the game quite engaging.

Available for: PS3, Xbox 360 Fans looking for the ultimate Ultimate ninja Storm experience would appreciate Ultimate nin-ja Storm Generations for the PS3 & Xbox 360. This 2012 title retains the new 3D-based fights of the original Ninja Storm title. However, this trò chơi cranks everything up lớn 11 thanks lớn its fast-paced battles & stories fully covering the Naruto and Naruto Shippudden anime.

Moreover, fans would love Generations for its high-octane action. For instance, the trò chơi now features attack-cancels, vertical mid-air dodges, and other cancellations lớn further diversify the game's approach khổng lồ combat. Additionally, Generations uses Naruto's original story to lớn branch out into other side stories. In turn, Generations gleams insights into other characters such as Itachi Uchiha và Minato Namikaze's lives.

Notable for: This serves as a more “complete” Naruto experience in the context of the story, especially since it begins anew with Naruto’s childhood until the middle arc of Naruto Shippuden. This story route, alongside new attack additions such as cancellations and the like, can make players feel more engaged in the adventures of Naruto and his friends.

Available for: Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, PC, Xbox 360 Fans looking for a more modern experience would appreciate Naruto Shippudden: Ultimate nin-ja Storm 3. This 2013 entry fully realizes the potential of modern systems, thanks khổng lồ its availability for the PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, & even the Switch. Interestingly, the game now features a story featuring the Five Kage Summit that leads into the climactic Fourth Shinobi World War. Moreover, fans would appreciate the ability to "deviate" from the course of events with certain decisions throughout the game's story.

However, what makes this game a must-try is its "evolved" combat system. For instance, the trò chơi boasts a more controller-friendly & responsive approach lớn combos, dodges, và flips. Moreover, the game adds a ring-out system in addition to lớn improvements with its Team Attack System và various support character options.

Notable for: Players a bit overwhelmed with the number of players in Ultimate nin-ja Storm 4 can find themselves a bit more comfortable with Ultimate ninja Storm 3. While the trò chơi contains a lot of the major mechanics in the recent titles, it stands out for its rather more simplistic approach khổng lồ gameplay, which in a way also gives players a lot of creative freedom with their combos & attack strategies.

Available for: PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC As of writing, Naruto Shippudden: Ultimate ninja Storm 4 serves as the pinnacle of Naruto games. This fully-3D title fully realizes the climactic Fourth Shinobi World War in trò chơi form. Moreover, the trò chơi has over 100 playable characters. In turn, players can go bananas constructing the best three-man team for their battles. In terms of story, the game tackles both Naruto and Sasuke's perspectives that lead up to lớn their eventual team-up near the manga's conclusion.

Additionally, the title boasts new & improved features to make its battles more dynamic. For instance, battles can take place on walls, & characters can tap into Ultimate Jutsu and Awakening modes lớn dish out powerful attacks. Moreover, players can switch characters khổng lồ further diversify battles. Lastly, the trò chơi one-ups other games' aesthetics with destructible battlefields and even damaged clothing.

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Notable for: Perhaps the most versatile of all Ultimate nin-ja Storm entries, it’s Ultimate nin-ja Storm 4 that has the most diverse & expansive phối of characters. Carrying over younger versions of the characters across the franchise, UNS4 is a culmination of the series that allows players to go crazy with their team-building.