Metal Slug: A Japanese run n" gun game by Nazca which merged with SNK Metal Slug: A run n" gun trò chơi series, born from Nazca và SNK"s merger An arcade original series, Metal Slug: run n" gun game now on smartphone Metal Slug, a classic run n" gun arcade trò chơi series, is now on smartphone A classic run n" gun arcade game series, Metal Slug, is now on mobile Metal Slug is a classic run n" gun trò chơi series from Nazca & SNK Metal Slug is a Japanese run n" gun trò chơi series from Nazca and SNK






After graduating from high school, Marco Rossi went khổng lồ a military school & then joined the P.F. Squad of the Regular Army. He quickly distinguished himself as the leader of the force, which was known for its rigorous training.

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Games và programming are what he likes in his rare spare time. This computer genius once coded a vi khuẩn as a joke, which mistakenly attacked the army"s central system (of course, he"ll never admit it).

Abandoned by her parents shortly after birth, Eri grew up in an orphanage. When she was 12, she left the orphanage behind, determined to lớn "see the outside world." With her tomboyish attitude, complete self-reliance, and an unbelievable talent for combat, Eri soon wreaked untold havoc onto battlefields after battlefields.

Eri"s talent in blitz-style attacks & powerful explosives is unparalleled, & her combat prowess terrifies the Morden army. Her hurricane-like fighting style earned her the nickname, Memphis Bomb Princess.

Tarma Roving"s father was a decorated soldier, và after Tarma graduated from high school, he immediately sent Tarma to lớn military school for further studies. His outstanding performance during a rescue operation earned him the praise of high-ranking officers, thereby securing him a spot in the Regular Army"s special forces. At that time, he was only 20 years old.

Though he had exhibited incredible talent in combat, Tarma has no interest in wars. He is passionate about assembling motorcycles, và as he"s a pretty skilled mechanic, he dreams about running a motorcycle siêu thị after retiring from the army. Unfortunately, his application for retirement was always rejected, & thus he had to continue fighting in the battlefield.

Fio Germi is the only daughter of the Germi family, which has had members holding high positions in the military for generations. Fio"s father always wanted a son to follow in his footsteps, và yet his only offspring is his daughter. Thus, in order lớn preserve the Germi family"s tradition & honor, the sweet and pampered Fio, who loved cooking và sewing, was forced by her father khổng lồ join the army, becoming the first female soldier in the family.

To defend the family"s reputation, Fio"s father transferred Fio khổng lồ S.P.A.R.R.O.W.S, the intelligence department in the military, where Fio participated in many crucial missions during the first war against Morden.

"SV-001" main battle tank.

Codenamed "Metal Slug," these cutting-edge tanks are widely used by both the Regular Army và the rebels. Equipped with a high damage main cannon and a machine gun with an ultra-high RoF, they are unmatched on the battlefield!

Unstoppable drilling machine.

Built with high tensile metals, this ground-digging machine is not lớn be trifled with. With a guttural roar, its huge drill pierces through anything in its way! A true unstoppable rampaging beast!

Mecha armor with huge industrial pincers.

Mecha Armor that was retrofitted into a weapon of war by a retired Mecha Marine. Equipped with a pair of huge & heavy industrial pincers, it excels at both carrying goods và pulverizing anything that doesn"t strike your fancy! An incredibly powerful vehicle.

Calm down và sit back, coz it might give you a heart attack.

This sunglasses-sporting Alpaca comes with sonic bombs that knock enemies out và an HMG that decimates them.

Jump into this modified sports car và storm through the enemy.

The Regular Army equipped the civilian automobile TIAF 660 with an HMG & a missile launcher, turning it into a combat vehicle. With a modified NOS, it can perform sharp drifts during high-speed chases, making any escape attempts a snowball"s chance in hell.

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The legendary Battle Camel.

This docile camel is actually equipped with an HMG that can quickly launch ranged attacks across the whole screen!