NTT Docomo today has gone crazy as it has launched more than đôi mươi handsets not just apk phones lượt thích Samsung Galaxy S II but the various other tablets like Arrows Tab LTE F-01D, Optimus Pad, Sony Tablet P, Sony Tablet S & Samsung Galaxy Tab.

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It’s not just a release of Samsung Galaxy Tab, NTT Docomo has added LTE tag lớn 10.1 inches version of Samsung Galaxy Tab & this sản phẩm comes with a different name as Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE SC-01D. Along with that the 7 inches version of the tablet is too available and it’s also renamed as Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus SC-02C and also Galaxy Tab SC-01C is also available for purchase.

Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE SC-01D

The Google game android Honeycomb powered Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is now available on NTT DoCoMo in japan with support of 4G LTE Speed. The sản phẩm comes in contract with NTT DoCoMo as the carrier provider & also gets a new name as Galaxy Tab 101. LTE SC-01D.

The feature of this tablet includes Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Wi-Fi Direct, dual-band và Wi-Fi hotspot. This tablet has powerful CPU which includes dual vi xử lý core 1 Ghz ARM Cortex A9 processor, ULP GeForce GPU with Tegra 2 T20 chipset. It would be powered with Standard battery Lithium Polymer 7000 mAh.

This launch & upgrade to lớn Galaxy Tab 10.1 by NTT DoCoMo includes the LTE support with a reception of up to lớn 37.5 Mbps ultra-high speed lớn provide you a comfortable & faster broadband connection. This also includes dual channel Wi-Fi compatible tư vấn at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus SC-02C

Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus SC-02C is an upgrade to the worldwide existing tablet và it will have 7 inches display screen but will have enhanced features like 1.2 GHz dual core Exynos processor và importantly it will be overlooked for app android Honeycomb 3.2 OS. The screen remains the 7 inches WSVGA display screen with 1024 x 600 display screen with features lượt thích Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi tethering, HSPDA at 14.4 Mbps with LTE, GPS, Bluetooth và includes 3 mega pixel and 2 mega px camera with support of NTT DoCoMo services.

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Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus SC-02C will weight 345 grams và includes microSD card slot of 2 GB and microSDHC card support of 32 GB.