Meet some of the employees advancing their careers at Amazon Fresh, which is opening new stores, creating thousands of jobs, and developing leaders within its own ranks.

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A U.S. Marine who served two tours in Iraq, a graphic designer from Ukraine, and a former professional basketball player are just a few Amazon employees finding careers—and quick advancement—at Amazon Fresh.

Thanks lớn positive customer feedback & the dedication of our amazing team, Amazon Fresh continues khổng lồ grow và invest across the U.S. In September 2020, Amazon launched its first full-size Amazon Fresh grocery store. By the kết thúc of 2021, Amazon Fresh stores will have created more than 6,000 jobs và promoted hundreds of employees in local communities across six states and Washington, D.C.

“Our Amazon Fresh store team is strong and growing,” said Stephenie Landry, vice president of Amazon Grocery. "I"ve enjoyed getting khổng lồ know employees và seeing first-hand how they support each other & our customers while visiting our stores. Because of this amazing team, we"re able to lớn bring customers a new, innovative shopping experience that they love right in their own communities."

Amazon Fresh grocery stores offer a seamless grocery shopping experience whether customers are shopping in-store or online, và customers can find everything they love about Amazon, such as consistent low prices, convenience, & great selection, along with delicious prepared food offerings made in-store every day.

Amazon Fresh is continuing to lớn hire for hundreds of positions at select locations, and interested candidates can learn more & apply online at All Amazon Fresh roles offer starting wages of at least $15 per hour—more than double the federal minimum wage—as well as comprehensive benefits and opportunities for career growth.

With more than 500,000 people hired globally since the beginning of the pandemic, Amazon is now the largest job creator in the U.S. & was recently named by LinkedIn as the No. 1 company where Americans want khổng lồ work & develop their careers—the company promoted more than 68,000 employees in 2020 alone. In September, Amazon also hosted Career Day, America’s biggest training & recruiting event.

As Amazon Fresh continues to lớn grow and xuất hiện new stores, we’re proud to have been able to build on Amazon’s commitment to provide our employees with opportunities for career growth. Today, we celebrate a few of these incredible Amazonians, their growth over the last year with Amazon Fresh stores, and their bright futures ahead.

Marta Boiko, zone lead in Franconia, Virginia


Originally from Ukraine, Marta Boiko moved lớn the U.S. In 2015. At the time, she spoke very little English, but she wanted khổng lồ see a different part of the world, và Virginia quickly began khổng lồ feel like home. Boiko has worked in a variety of industries, but she was working as a freelance graphic designer when she decided she wanted a job with more flexibility—and opportunity for professional growth.

She joined Amazon in 2020, as an employee at Whole Foods Market. She later learned about an opportunity khổng lồ join the Amazon Fresh team, & her hard work quickly paid off: she was promoted less than a year later.

“I knew right away that this company was going khổng lồ give me a lot & that I could learn so much here,” Boiko said. “I really liked the idea of joining Amazon Fresh because it was brand new, & I immediately felt lượt thích my goals for myself & Amazon’s goals aligned. I’m constantly inspired by the company & my team, and I really try to vày my best every single day.”

Boiko began as an entry-level employee at Amazon Fresh, where she did everything from cashiering lớn customer service to assisting customers with in-store technology. In early September, she was promoted to lớn zone lead—and she was one of four employees across the company lớn be featured in a đoạn phim series where her manager surprised her with the news of her promotion.

Boiko looks forward lớn continuing to grow with Amazon Fresh.

“This is just the beginning,” she said. “I’m excited to lớn be a leader in my new role. I love helping people, whether it’s my customers or my team.”

Branduinn Fullove, assistant store manager in Seattle, Washington


California native Branduinn Fullove joined Amazon Fresh in Los Angeles’ Northridge neighborhood as an entry-level employee in June 2020. Just over a year later, Fullove has twice been promoted, first to zone lead và then khổng lồ assistant store manager. As part of his most recent promotion, he và his wife relocated khổng lồ the Seattle area, fulfilling a longtime dream to move to lớn the Pacific Northwest.

Fullove previously spent more than a decade working in the food & restaurant industry—and before that, he was a college basketball player who then played professionally in Hungary, New Zealand, Argentina, và Mexico. Following his basketball career, Fullove started coaching & established a basketball academy for local middle & high school students.

In his current role, Fullove applies his coaching skills while leading the overnight team.

“My favorite part of my job at Amazon Fresh is coaching my team,” he said. “I love learning about my employees—where they’re coming from and where they want khổng lồ be in the future, và helping them to get there. I hope my own career path here can help lớn inspire them.”

Fullove said he loves the unique backgrounds of his colleagues and mentors, and the variety of opportunities available across the company. He is also interested in Amazon’s work with green energy—and said he could see himself pursuing a career in green energy in the future.

In his không tính tiền time, Fullove likes to spend time with his wife, soaking in all that the Pacific Northwest has khổng lồ offer. When he’s not working, you can find him hiking a new trail, attending a concert, or pursuing his newest hobby: fishing.

Gabriela Gomez, assistant store manager in Cerritos, California


Born in Mexico, Gabriela Gomez moved lớn the U.S. At the age of 5 with her family & grew up in the Los Angeles area. After spending more than six years with another retailer, Gomez joined Amazon Fresh during the pandemic because of the opportunity for career growth.

“I was feeling stuck in my current role, and I knew that Amazon would have more opportunity for me,” she said. “I was brought in to help launch a new store, which was still a pretty new concept altogether, and I knew I was going to lớn be part of the future of the grocery business.”

Originally hired as a zone lead for the Amazon Fresh store in Whittier, California, Gomez was promoted to assistant store manager for the recently announced store in nearby Cerritos. She loves the process of launching new stores & the energy it creates, và she hopes to lớn continue helping lead store launches as Amazon Fresh grows.

Gomez is inspired by her own parents’ perseverance, having watched them work so hard for a better life for her family after moving khổng lồ the U.S. Their hard work inspires Gomez khổng lồ put 110% effort into any opportunity she is given, which is something she also tries to instill in her team. During Gomez’s time at Amazon, she has also been inspired by her own mentors, và looks forward lớn being a mentor lớn the next generation of Amazon Fresh employees in her new role.

Gomez has received two associate degrees và is currently working toward her bachelor’s degree, which she expects to lớn receive in 2023. In her little free time between work và studying, Gomez enjoys traveling, relaxing at the beach, & watching và attending LA Galaxy soccer matches.

Dustin Jenkins, assistant store manager in Oak Lawn, Illinois


Born và raised in the Chicago area, Dustin Jenkins joined the Amazon Fresh team in Naperville, Illinois, as a zone lead in late 2020—after being let go from his previous job due to the pandemic. Jenkins quickly established himself as a leader, và less than seven months after joining Amazon Fresh, he was promoted lớn assistant store manager for the nearby Oak Lawn Amazon Fresh location.

Jenkins now leads a team of about 65 people who work in center store, or as he likes lớn describe it, “the heart of the store.” He and his team are responsible for the area with grocery store staples, including toiletries, frozen foods, shelf-stable groceries, and paper products. There are many things Jenkins loves about his job, but his favorite part is the people.

“When I first became assistant store manager at Oak Lawn, I knew I would have to lớn earn trust from my team, & I’m proud that I’ve been able to vì chưng that,” he said. “The most important part of my role is serving as a resource and helping my employees realize their potential.”

Prior to Amazon, Jenkins served in the U.S. Marine Corps for four years and was deployed for two tours in Iraq. Jenkins later worked at a school for children with special needs before switching to lớn telecommunications.

Jenkins’ pride and joy in his life are his three children, và he’s proud khổng lồ have a career where he can provide a great life for them. “My children are my primary motivation. I want them to lớn see that I work hard every single day lớn give them the life that they have. Right now, I’m so proud khổng lồ say that I’m succeeding, và I know this is only the beginning,” he said.

David Nielson, West Coast regional manager


David Nielson, who has lived in the Seattle area his entire life, began his grocery career by bagging groceries while in college. He worked his way up at a local grocery chain for 13 years before joining Amazon Fresh as an area manager in 2012. At the time, Amazon Fresh was a single fulfillment center providing groceries khổng lồ Seattle residents.

Today, almost 10 years và many promotions later, Nielson is the regional manager for Amazon Fresh stores on the West Coast. He helped lead the launch of Amazon Fresh grocery stores, & he currently oversees more than a dozen operating và announced stores in California and Washington state, as well as thousands of employees. From his own vast experience in the grocery industry, Nielson believes that the opportunity for growth with Amazon Fresh is truly unique.

“I try lớn reiterate to lớn my team that this company is so special because the opportunities here really are endless,” he said. “You don’t have to wait for the person in front of you khổng lồ leave in order to lớn take on a bigger role. You can decide what you want the next step in your career lớn be, and with hard work, you can make it make it happen without anyone blocking your path.”

Nielson is committed to continuing khổng lồ create leaders from within as Amazon Fresh continues to grow. “This job really provides what no other job in America can provide in terms of what you can learn and what you can achieve,” he said.

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In his không tính tiền time, Nielson likes to spend time with his wife, dog, and three cats. He và his wife are also supporters of local animal shelters providing pet adoption services.