Sometimes, listening khổng lồ an entire MP3 tuy nhiên seems a time-consuming process. Maybe you only want the highlight from the audio track and make it as a ringtone, or you want lớn trim away the parts you don"t need & retain what important for some special purposes. In such occasions, what you need is an easy-to-use và reliable MP3 cutter. Since there are so many similar miễn phí audio cutters in the market, finding out a suitable one may be a difficult task. Here we introduce 9 best free MP3 cutter for both Windows & Mac users khổng lồ cut any MP3 files in an easy way.

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Top Recommendation - VidiKit (Windows, Mac) VidiKit (originated from media Cutter) is an easy-to-use yet powerful multimedia tool. With it, you can cut large MP3 files into smaller fragments, remove the unnecessary parts of the audio, combine the audio clips together and edit your MP3 files with amazing editing features. With advanced technology, this program will cut và process the audio tệp tin at a lightning-fast speed while preserving 100% original audio quality. Besides MP3 formats, it also supports multiple mainstream file formats such as MP3, FLAC, WAV, WMA, AAC, AIFF, M4A, M4R, AU, MKA, APE, OGG, AC3, etc.


Zero output unique loss & optimal customized configurationSupport tons of audio tệp tin formats including MP3Handy audio editing features to lớn trim, change volume và apply effectsAll-in-one đoạn clip toolkit to repair, convert, combine & record MP3

Free MP3 Cutter is a simple MP3 program that helps you cut off the unwanted parts of an MP3 track with ease. It has no further audio editing features, but only enables you to lớn pick the start point và end point for an audio and then remove the rest away. With free MP3 Cutter, you can cut, crop and clip any MP3 track with just a few clicks và then save it in the format of MP3 too. If you want khổng lồ shorten your MP3 audio file directly, không tính tiền MP3 Cutter is a good choice.

As the name suggests, không tính phí MP3 Cutter Joiner is not only an MP3 cutter but also an MP3 Joiner. You can use this không lấy phí MP3 cutter và joiner to lớn cut or split an MP3 tệp tin with simplicity, or merge many different audio tracks together to khung a new one. Không tính tiền MP3 Cutter Joiner is compatible with both Windows và Mac systems. It is a relatively older program & will not be updated often. If you"re seeking for a simple editing tool to cut và join MP3 files, không tính phí MP3 Cutter Joiner will vì the job perfectly.

This is another best MP3 cutter free download for PC. With Easy MP3 Cutter, you can easily split a large audio file into smaller pieces and choose the parts you want to keep with you. After trimming the MP3 track, you can convert it khổng lồ other file formats such as MP3 & WAV on any sản phẩm điện thoại device as you like. Besides, the audio cutter also provides other useful editing features, such as apply fade in & fade out, adjust the sound volume, and địa chỉ sound effects, etc. Additionally, the program includes a built-in truyền thông media player, so you can preview any changes you made to lớn the original file.

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mp3DirectCut is a fast và lossless không tính tiền MP3 cutter, editor và recorder. It enables you khổng lồ trim, crop or cut MP3 (or even MP2) as well as AAC audio files without causing any quality damage. Since it works directly on the compressed audio file, so the original chất lượng is well preserved without re-encoding. It also provides other additional features such as pause detection, autocue, batch processing, cue sheet tư vấn and Unicode support. Besides, you can also record audio directly khổng lồ MP3 by using mp3DirectCut.