When it comes to mobile security, there"s no question that Samsung mobile phones are the đứng top choice for most of us. The reason is simple: Samsung phones are compatible with Google"s security features & offer a variety of apps và services that can help keep your information private.

But what if you were to thua thảm your Samsung phone? Would you be able to track it down? Would you be able khổng lồ recover any data from it? & what about all those photos and videos you took with your phone?


When you thảm bại your phone, it can be a great inconvenience, but more than that, it can be a security risk. If someone has access to your device, it is possible to lớn access all the information stored. Therefore, khổng lồ protect your data from getting hacked or stolen, here are some quick tips discussed in this article. Firstly, let"s get a deep dive và find out how to track a Samsung phone?

Part 1. How lớn Track a Samsung Phone with Find My Mobile

Samsung offers an excellent way lớn track any lost or stolen device - Find My Mobile. It is a free tool that allows users khổng lồ track the location of their Samsung devices in real-time, erase all data remotely & do much more. The best part? It works even if the device isn"t connected to lớn Wi-Fi or mobile data!

You"ll need to lớn register for a Samsung tài khoản to use this tool.

Setting up Find My Mobile

Step 1.

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Tap the settings icon on your trang chủ screen or tiện ích drawer.

Step 2. Scroll down & select Biometrics & security or Lock screen và securityorSecurity from the danh mục of options.

Step 3. Scroll down until you see "Find My Mobile" in the danh sách of options, then tap it to xuất hiện it.

Step 4. Tap Enable Remote Controls. Make sure this switch is set to "On," then tap địa chỉ Account if prompted to sign in khổng lồ your Samsung account or create one if you don"t already have one. You"ll need a Samsung tài khoản to use this service.

Tracking Your Lost Phone Using Find My Mobile

Here"s how you can bởi it:

Step 1. xuất hiện a browser and navigate to Samsung"s Find My mobile website. Sign in with the Samsung account that is associated with your phone.


Step 2. Select your phone from the thực đơn on the left side of the screen.

Step 3. Click "Lock my device" on the right side of the screen, then enter a temporary password for your phone in the text box in the middle of the page.

Step 4. Click Lock again, wait for your phone khổng lồ go offline, and click Locate my device. Your phone should now be locked, & its location should appear on a map at the bottom of this page.

Step 5. You can easily track your missing phone from that map, and even you can do the following from that portal;

1. Ring the sản phẩm điện thoại phone so you track your di động if it is in your house somewhere.

2. Erase data from the phone so no one can access the data on the phone.

3. Lock the mobile and assign a new pin so no one can unlock the device.

4. Extend the battery life of the mobile, which will kill all the background applications on the mobile, so the điện thoại battery lasts longer.


Part 2. How to lớn Track a Samsung Phone with thiết bị di động Trackers

What Are mobile Trackers?

Mobile trackers are software programs that allow you khổng lồ monitor your phone usage. They record your incoming & outgoing calls, messages, downloads, etc. Some of them even let you read deleted texts. Smartphone trackers always use GPS tracking & alert khổng lồ keep track of your phone"s location.

1aryannations88.com Parental Control App

Here the question arises: how to track a Samsung phone for free?

aryannations88.com Parental Control phầm mềm is the best way to control và monitor your kid"s Samsung phone. It is compatible with all Samsung models, such as s7 edge, galaxy, a20, and so on.


It allows you to track every activity happening on your kid"s thiết bị di động phone. You can kiểm tra all installed apps, view logs, get all gọi details, texts, screen time, and check the phone"s location. It also allows you to control your child"s phone remotely. The interface is very user-friendly, & it is straightforward lớn use. With the help of this app, you can monitor your child in real-time.


Location tracking: View the location history of your child"s game android device và see its current location at any time.

Remote Monitoring Surroundings: Watch and hear the surroundings of the Samsung phone from a distance

Safe Area Alerting: Get notified when your child enters or exits the previously marked areas on the map.

Panic Mode: Your child can send an alert to lớn you with a single tap in an emergency.

App Monitoring: See all apps installed on the target device and filter out those you disapprove of. You can also monitor social apps by syncing the incoming messages and casting the screen of the target Samsung phone.

Screen Time limits: mix when & how long your child can access their game android device.


Why Pick aryannations88.com Parental Control?

There are many reasons why people prefer using this app. They include;

Fast setup: Installing and using this tiện ích is easy. You vì not need to have prior training on using this app.

No Root: You don"t need khổng lồ root your phone to lớn install this app. That"s because it works perfectly even with an unrooted phone.

Reliable and Safe: The ứng dụng is highly effective và reliable for monitoring phones & mobile devices remotely from any location in the world. You will be able khổng lồ view the collected information in real-time and at any time that you wish lớn spy on the phone activities.

Stealth Mode Operation: The application icon will not appear on the device"s home screen or notification bar, meaning it will be challenging for your child khổng lồ know about its existence on their phone.

Steps to Use aryannations88.com Parental Control

We know your child"s safety is your biggest concern. You may be worried about: how khổng lồ track a Samsung phone for free? Therefore, here we would lượt thích to show you the detailed steps;

Step 1. download and install aryannations88.com Parental Control on the phone which you will use to track the Samsung phone.


Step 2. Register an account & log in. Click “+” icon on the upper right corner và follow the instructions lớn bind the Samsung phone with the first phone.

Step 3.

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Tap the Location icon khổng lồ track the Samsung phone’s location. You can also use remote operations, usage limits và other parental control features.

2FlexiSpy App

FlexiSpy is a hybrid software/service which allows you khổng lồ monitor your smartphone in real-time. This chất lượng system records the activities of anyone who uses your compatible iPhone, iPad, or android device. You install a small application onto your di động phone. It starts at every boot of your phone but remains stealthy & does not appear in the Windows điện thoại Task Manager.



There are two versions of Flexispy: a high-end version and a more economical basic version. The high-end version includes these features:

Record surroundings

Call interception & recording, and live listening

Social truyền thông and text message monitoring

How to lớn Install It?

All you have to vày is to lớn follow simple instructions.

1. Tải về and install FlexiSpy on the target phone.

2. Open the app and create your account.

3. Log in lớn your Control Panel và start tracking all data.


It is another tiện ích that will help you easily track your Samsung phone. The tiện ích helps track all the information on the target device & provides it to lớn you from anywhere at any time through its web account. Using this app, you can monitor all the messages & call logs on the target device & many other things.



mSpy is an excellent tool for monitoring cell phone usage. It"s easy lớn use và works on Android, iOS, và the web. You can use mSpy to:

View text messages

View call history

View internet browsing history

View social truyền thông activity

View GPS location information

Block apps & websites

Lock the phone remotely

Take a photo remotely

How khổng lồ Install mSpy?

First, you need lớn purchase mSpy as it is không tính phí for 7 days only. You can buy mSpy from its official website. It"s 100% legal.

After purchasing mSpy, you will receive the e-mail confirmation, & then you need to tải về the ứng dụng on your target device.

Use the credentials provided in the e-mail to log in to lớn your online control panel & start monitoring.

Why Are thiết bị di động Trackers Apps Useful?

Let"s look at some reasons why they could be beneficial for you khổng lồ use:

Track Your Children

As a parent, it can be immensely reassuring khổng lồ know where your kids are always. If you feel that your child is in a dangerous situation or somewhere they shouldn"t be, then using a tracker will alert you lớn the situation & allow you khổng lồ act before things get out of hand.

Find Lost Phones

If you chiến bại your phone or it gets stolen, a tracker phầm mềm will allow you to locate it very quickly. It means that it is less likely for someone else to lớn be able to make use of the phone without being caught by the law, which makes owning one of these devices much safer than not having one at all.

Monitor Employees" Activity

It"s easy for employees lớn take advantage of company time during work hours when there is no oversight on what they"re doing. Using these types of applications ensures that if an employee is misusing company resources.

Part 3. How to lớn Track a Samsung Phone from an iPhone

You can xuất hiện the Safari web browser and go lớn Samsung"s official website và perform the steps mentioned above in the first part. If you log in google account on the Samsung phone, Find My Device is also a nice choice. You can also use the aryannations88.com Parental Control as it also offers you to track your Samsung phone from your iPhone.


In the current fast-paced life, most people cannot resist the temptation of buying high-tech communication products lượt thích mobile phones for their children. However, worried about the safety of your kids, you may frown at it. After all, it is not safe khổng lồ be controlled by someone.

Now, what can we do? Fortunately, aryannations88.com has solutions for such cases! Although you can use mobiles in almost any place and circumstance, they are not entirely safe. In addition to privacy invasion concerns, more and more mobile users are worried about their safety in the mobile era.

Moreover, di động phone tracking tiện ích helps prevent your phone from being lost or stolen and locate the device when it has been misplaced. You can track all devices connected to lớn your account, including tablets & laptops.