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Smartphones are expensive & accidents happen. Now that we've stated the obvious, it is perhaps helpful to mention that most of us carry a lot of private information on our điện thoại devices. Whether it is a company-issued device or one of top game android phones purchased after months of savings, the odds are that the data within the device is actually more valuable than the device itself.

There have been many independent developers who've created apps designed khổng lồ help users find lost phones or, at the very least, khổng lồ wipe them remotely. Many of those apps required root access khổng lồ work properly (and lớn avoid being removed through a malicious wipe), so they never became mainstream. While some of these apps still exist in one khung or another, big điện thoại manufacturers have developed their own tracking apps.

Samsung leads the game android pack with its Find My mobile service providing a few handy options in case of a lost or stolen device. But how does Find My điện thoại work, and how can it be activated? We answer these questions & a few more below.

What is Samsung's Find My di động service?

Find My mobile is a service that can be accessed via a Samsung tài khoản on desktop or (other) mobile device. After activation, users can locate, remotely backup và wipe data on their registered Galaxy smartphone device. With “Track location” on, the service will issue an automated update on the lost device's location every 15 minutes.

The service also offers additional features, including a “Ring” function to locate the device if it's in the vicinity of the owner, a lock screen feature, and the ability lớn prevent power nguồn off and show a tương tác message.

How bởi vì I activate Find My Mobile?

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open Settings. Scroll down & tap on Biometrics và security. Tap the Find My Mobile option (not the toggle yet). From this menu, mix the toggle to "on." Optional: activate Remote unlock and Send last location.

After step 3, if you're not logged into your Samsung account, you’ll need lớn enter your credentials or create an account.

What is a Backup code, và how do I mix it up?

Two-factor authentication—or 2FA—is a great way to lớn secure your device, but the way Samsung implements it for Find My smartphone is not particularly well-thought-out. The best example of the weirdness of Samsung's 2FA on Find My điện thoại is that the service sends a 2FA code to lớn the missing phone when you want khổng lồ erase the device. To Samsung's credit, you can get around this, but the solution isn't perfect because you need khổng lồ make sure it's mix up beforehand—something that isn't clear until you need to lớn erase a stolen phone. The solution in question is either disabling 2FA for Find My di động altogether or setting up what Samsung calls Backup codes—single-use 2FA codes that you can save in a text document or write down in a notebook. To lớn set up Backup codes, open the settings ứng dụng on your phone và follow these steps:

xuất hiện the Samsung tài khoản options by tapping the button with your name và profile picture on it. On the Samsung trương mục settings page, tap Security and privacy to open the security và privacy options page.

On the Security và privacy options page, tap Two-step verification to adjust the 2FA settings. On the Two-step verification page, tap Backup codes to generate và view the Backup codes for your device.
Take note of the codes on this page—write them down or tap Save codes to export them khổng lồ a .txt file that you can save to Google Drive or export to lớn your computer, laptop, or tablet.
Backup codes are single-use, so make sure you xuất hiện this settings page & generate new codes if you ever do have khổng lồ use them.

To be fair, there are alternatives lớn using Backup codes, like using an authenticator app, but those all involve signing up for yet another service or downloading a separate app. Backup codes are the simplest way khổng lồ make sure you can use the Find My Mobile app to its full extent without disabling 2FA entirely.

How bởi vì I locate my phone using Find My Mobile?

Once Find My sản phẩm điện thoại is mix up on an apk phone, owners should go khổng lồ the Find My di động webpage & log in using their Samsung account. From here, they will see a menu of any Samsung devices for which they have activated Find My Mobile.

If the device location is found, users will see an active indicator on the map, together with the device's status, battery level, & network connectivity type (mobile or Wi-Fi). They will also be able lớn access the remote features mentioned above.

It is worth mentioning that Find My điện thoại will only work if the lost device is turned on and connected to lớn a network.

Because of this, Samsung also offers a feature khổng lồ remotely adjust power settings to lớn extend the life of lost devices & give users more time to lớn locate them.

Additionally, Find My smartphone can also be used to lớn retrieve access khổng lồ a device in case of a lost password or PIN, but to vị so, users will have to lớn turn on the Remote Unlock during the setting up process.

Some mobile carriers might offer the Google Find My Device service instead of Samsung Find My Mobile. If that's the case, log into Find My Device using your Google trương mục credentials to lớn access remote access features.

What can I bởi after I locate my device using Find My Mobile?

If you've lost your phone & subsequently relocated it using Find My Mobile, it's worth picking it up. First, you might want lớn ensure it's not with someone else. Unfortunately, Samsung only lets you kiểm tra your phone's location once every 15 minutes, so determining whether it's sitting on a park bench or in someone's pocket will take at least 16 minutes. If the location changes, you'll know it's not where you left it, & you might have a chance to lớn at least have a conversation to get it back.

How to make your phone ring on Find My Mobile

So, you've used a tablet to track your device to a shopping center, park, parking lot, or what have you, but you obviously can't run around and tell everyone to empty their pockets, so what's a phoneless vigilante like yourself to lớn do? Fortunately, Samsung has you covered. Find My mobile can help you pinpoint your device with the Ring feature—regardless of the sound mode it is set khổng lồ or the volume it is mix to. Khổng lồ make your device ring, simply select Ring on the Find My smartphone page and then Start in the pop-up that follows. The device will start ringing for one minute, alerting you khổng lồ its presence.

Unfortunately, this ringing can be stopped from the device, so it might take a few tries with you awkwardly scanning the crowd for people with confused or concerned expressions.

vị not confront thieves

Whether you should vì this if your phone has been stolen is another story fact, you probably shouldn't hop in your car & confront the criminal who stole your phone. Instead, your best bet is to ensure your data is secure and inform local law enforcement about the location of your device. Your mileage may vary regarding the success of this step, but it's certainly not worth risking your personal safety to lớn retrieve a stolen device. So, let's look at what steps you can—and should—take to lớn secure your phone and information when it's been stolen.

Back up your data to lớn the Samsung Cloud

If you often have valuable information on your phone that you can't stand to lớn lose, you should absolutely have a robust backup strategy in place. If it's been a while since you ran a backup, Find My điện thoại allows you to lớn run a quick backup of your device remotely. All you need to bởi vì to run a backup is sign in lớn Find My mobile on a desktop or mobile browser—as above—then follow these steps:

On the Find My di động page, click or tap Back up in the thực đơn panel on the right side of the screen to mở cửa the backup options.
In the backup options pop-up, click or tap to select the options you want lớn back up. If your phone is low on battery, or you are unsure of how long it will be in sản phẩm điện thoại range or powered-on, it is a good idea khổng lồ start with the essentials và circle back to the ancillary stuff later.
Once you have selected what you want lớn back up, click or tap Back up to start the backup. You may see a pop-up confirming the use of thiết bị di động data. Click or tap I agree, then Back up to proceed with the backup.
That's it. Once you click Back up, your phone will start lớn back up the requested information if it's connected to a mobile network. Unfortunately, this isn't a silent procedure & does trigger a notification on your phone, meaning anyone that has your phone will be alerted lớn the fact that you're backing it up. As each individual backup completes, the Find My smartphone page will reflect the time the backup completed in the pop-up window.

Erase the data on a lost or stolen phone with Find My Phone

Storing confidential or sensitive information on a phone is always risky. If your phone is stolen, you want a way lớn make sure that any information you've stored on it isn't used maliciously. A good way to lock that information down is by erasing it from the device completely. To erase a missing phone with Find My Mobile, log into the service, then follow these steps:

On the Find My sản phẩm điện thoại page, click or tap Erase data to start wiping your device.
If you have 2FA enabled, you'll see a pop-up asking you for the code sent khổng lồ your device. If you have another device signed into your Samsung account, you might get the 2FA code on that device, but otherwise, you will need to lớn use a Backup code khổng lồ authenticate your actions. To use a backup code, select Verify with backup code và enter the code into the field that follows.
After you verify in the Find My di động web interface, nothing happens, and you will need lớn select Erase data again. This time, you will be greeted with a pop-up confirming you wish to vày a complete factory reset, including the information & files on your SD card if one is installed. lớn proceed with the factory reset, select Erase.
Erasing your phone should be a last resort since you won't be able lớn track or control it once you've performed the reset. On the positive side, if your phone is stolen, the thief will still be locked-out because the phone will make them enter your Google tài khoản password before they can re-initialize the device.

Getting your phone back

While Samsung's Find My thiết bị di động is far from perfect, it is a valid tool to lớn help find your lost devices or at least prevent unauthorized access lớn the data within.

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