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Review Final Fantasy III (Virtual Console / Super Nintendo)

Still one of the best RPGs khổng lồ come out of the 16-bit era

What can you say about the Final Fantasy series that hasn"t already been said a thousand times before? The titles have become one of the best-selling clip game series in history and have been largely responsible for making the RPG genre so popular with fans across the globe. After having...

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Sat 19th Mar 2011

Guide Best SNES / Super Nintendo RPGs

Flame spells at the ready!

The expansive software library of Nintendo’s 16-bit powerhouse wasn’t short of any of the most popular genres of the "90s, and perhaps least of all RPGs. Intense strategy, whimsical adventure, tear-jerking goodbyes to characters you’ve spent months with… the SNES has it all. Và that makes compiling a danh mục of ten...

Fri 12th Mar 2021

About The Game

Ages ago, evil beings created powerful creatures called Espers và unleashed them against each other. The resulting battles left their world in smouldering rubble. Legend has it, the Espers destroyed themselves and most of humanity.

Magic disappeared forever.

Centuries have passed and a rational world now exists with Espers living only in myths, until one frozen solid since the ancient wars is unearthed. Suddenly, there are reports of magic attacks on civilians. Imperial Commandos launch raids using magic-powered MagiTek weapons. Magic is obviously alive và the world is in danger again.

Who or what is behind the rediscovery and redeployment of this legendary power? What chaotic plans exist that will wreak havoc on this orderly world?

Originally released as FINAL FANTASY III on SNES in North America, this game is in fact FINAL FANTASY VI from the main series chronology.


Comments (22)

Fri 20th Nov 2009

What"s this? vì I hear reviewing bells?

Wed 27th Jan 2010

When is the Wii Virtual Console release date? =)

Sat 20th Feb 2010

We need this to be on virtual console....

Sun 4th Apr 2010

It must go on the virtual console. You let us have Super Mario RPG và Secret of Mana, don"t tease us!

Mon 10th Jan 2011

Look, I understand why F Zero got a 9, it was groundbreaking at the time, but really, FF 6 is just as good as F Zero. Và all you Chrono Trigger fanboys, I am one of them btw, FF 6 is better in story, gameplay, và especially music. Và I believe I heard here that Chrono Trigger"s battle system is far superior, but the characters just keep using the same moves they have in the beginning except they combine them with other characters" same moves. Play FF 6 on the GBA, the non-dumbdowned version, và the strategy is crucial. FF 6 >FF 7>Chrono Trigger >Secret of Mana>Nintendogs.

Thu 10th Mar 2011

Oh, yeeeaaah!!!! Thank you Square Enix!!!! Since I waited it!!!! YES!!!!

Thu 10th Mar 2011

Play FF 6 on the GBA, the non-dumbdowned version, and the strategy is crucial.

Never played the GBA version but even if it isn"t "non-dumbdowned" as the SNES version, I hear the overall chất lượng is kinda crappy. Plus who wants lớn play FFVI on their GBA SPs now when you can play it on your TV as its supposed lớn be displayed? Downloading this next Thursday night at 11pm.

Thu 10th Mar 2011

6. The music is better than Chrono Trigger? I find that difficult lớn believe.I have every intention of playing this though.

Fri 11th Mar 2011

6. Yeah, except the whole second half of this trò chơi was just a monotonous barrage of sidequests. Also, I believe the combat system in CT is way better, because not only is it a perfect balance between the excitement of action based combat & the strategy of turn based combat, it has individual skills for every character, not just a special technique. In FF6, I felt that I had to lớn teach every character the most powerful moves, và that just makes the characters more neutral & less fun to lớn play as.Sure the music of FF6 is good, but I challenge you khổng lồ listen khổng lồ every final fantasy soundtrack of the games prior lớn it & tell me how much difference you can hear. Simply for its originality và its ability khổng lồ capture và display emotion, the soundtrack of Chrono Trigger exceeds that of FF6.

Fri 11th Mar 2011

9 Yes, the music is THAT good. Chrono Trigger has great music, but as a kid I actually made a homemade soundtrack of FFIV"s music. THAT"S how much I loved it.

Tue 15th Mar 2011

Today, Final Fantasy VI is released on the Japanese Virtual Console.

Thu 17th Mar 2011

Tomorrow, it"s released in Europe!

Thu 17th Mar 2011

For those that haven"t played it in Europe yet, I can assure you that it has hours of adventure. I really lượt thích the opera scene where you have to memorize the lyrics to lớn a tuy nhiên called "Oh My Hero" and go khổng lồ a certain part of the scene. I think my plush doll would have wanted to bởi that scene too.

Fri 18th Mar 2011

looks good, think i"ll buy iti never have been fond of the newer FF games, but FF(nes) và FFIV(snes) are nice, so i"ll give it a shot, as i still am an rpg fan hâm mộ (not any rpg, but this looks good)

Fri 18th Mar 2011

I predict a 9/10 score. FFVI is, without a trace of doubt, one of the greatest games I"ve ever played. It also blows out of the water each & every FF that followed it in terms of cohesive, mature storytelling & genuine grandiosity.

You should get it even if you generally can"t stand this genre (and lord knows I hate RPGs with a fiery passion).

Fri 18th Mar 2011

Chrono Trigger has stunning, touching & remarkably memorable soundtrack, but FF6 is a master piece musically, & not just a master piece of jrpg music, its just musical master piece. I think this is the biggest reason, why Nobuo Uematsu is so acclaimed composer. Neither sound track can ever be surpassed, in any other way than sound chất lượng and I love both games so much, that I hate to lớn put them in any other order, but to lớn me the FF6"s music was even more touching, memorable và emotional. Its just full of fantastically inspired compositions; one could even go as far as say, that the bulk of Uematsus inspiration was left into this game. Never after FF6 has there been a trò chơi so bloated with such music.

Thu 28th Apr 2011

I support what Varoennauraa said. BEST SOUNDTRACK EVER!!! Although I vì chưng not understand why Chrono Trigger is always mentioned in the same breath as FF VI musically. It has Good music that repeats itself alot.

Thu 28th Apr 2011

And I am not trying to lớn hate on Chrono Trigger. It is in my top trăng tròn games of all time & has an awesome soundtrack. It is just that FF 6"s soundtrack is that much better.

Mon 20th Jun 2011

Any word on when it will be on the VC in America?

Wed 22nd Jun 2011

I"ve played this game many times but there was one thing I never did. My friends kept telling me there was a part when you could read Kefka"s diary in the Imperial Palace but I never knew about it. If that does exist, it isn"t in the Playstation version, apparently. Can anyone confirm this? I"d tải về this for that alone (that and the non-laggy gameplay).

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Mon 4th Jul 2011

It"s out on VC now....took them long enough!

Mon 3rd Nov 2014

Yesterday, Nov 2 năm trước marked the 20th year since the game was released in North America.