Fast Racing 3D gives players an attractive speed game on mobile phones. Burn up the track & experience these super cool scenes. You will not be disappointed when you download the game. Fast Racing 3 chiều is one of the hard khổng lồ resist racing games like the famous names.

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Besides the 3 chiều graphics, Fast Racing 3d also comes with many features typical of an adventure racing game. For example, the powerful auxiliary system makes it easy to lớn master the track và beat all other racers. Not to mention the supercar collection from many famous brands & the garage with simulation tools.

Fast Racing 3d players can upgrade & customize the vehicle the way they want, using a virtual joystick or tilting the device. Win precious rewards to lớn unlock new supercars. There are 48 levels with dramatic races that you will spend ten hours continuously playing a game will make you very busy.

We also recommend đô thị Racing 3D & Asphalt Nitro in case you need any alternative.

General Information

Fast Racing 3 chiều is an attractive racing trò chơi for the enthusiasts of speed racing. Let’s race và watch the charming scenery. You will race all the time from morning to night và challenge your super driving ability for your opponents lớn look up. Download Fast Racing 3d now!

From the countryside with the serene green hills và the city full of high-rise houses and bright electric lights, they gather all in the game, on the track with the players. In online game mode, win the trophy for yourself and your loved ones. With a beautiful 3 chiều graphics background that every player will surely recognize, it is a big plus for Fast Racing 3D. For supercar racing, it sounds unique & easy to play. The game is suitable for both teenagers and kids. You can also be a respectable game thủ when playing Fast Racing 3D.

Choose for yourself a supercar you like and best suited to lớn you. You should not be fussy. It is about how fast you can race. Then, make a lot of money to lớn upgrade your oto to a new level. Then, run faster, take the lead, and reach the first finish. You are the shining star right now when downloading Fast Racing 3d games for your phone.


Overall Assessments

You are a lover of racing games, đứng đầu drift screens, và extremely powerful acceleration phases. Fast Racing 3 chiều is a racing trò chơi that owns everything you are looking for. With extremely gentle configuration, Fast Racing 3 chiều gives you amazing races with smooth graphics. When you come lớn Fast Racing 3D, you will experience amazing races. Manipulating khổng lồ control the supercars is also very simple. Your racing car is always forward by default. & all you need to bởi is turn left or right, speed up, or brake.

Either way, they will fix the game accelerator & brake keys on your screen. Và you can tốc độ up or break your oto with just one click to select. Also, by combining the braking of the vehicle và changing the direction, you will perform the satisfying Nitro Drift screen to perform the rapid phase beyond the opponent.

In Fast Racing 3D, there are over 30 supercars that you can unlock & use for your races. It also classifies the vehicle C, B, A, S depending on their rarity & ability. But whether you are using a donated oto or an expensive supercar, you can upgrade to lớn make your oto even more powerful.

There are four parts you can tăng cấp including top Speed ​​(engine), Acc (exhaust unit), Nos speed ​​(Nitro tank capacity), and Handle (wheel). Besides, you can also help your supercar become more beautiful by changing the màu sắc and the wheel rim. One thing you also need khổng lồ keep in mind is that every car will have a little impact on durability và stability. So, please kiểm tra and repair your car regularly.

There are countless tracks in Fast Racing 3d spanning countless major cities và famous places in the world. Nearly every màn chơi of play you will experience a whole new track terrain. It is a quality thing to help bring a novel experience to the game.

Fast Racing 3 chiều has extremely vibrant game music that increases the excitement for players before each race. The sound effects when you drift or use nitro to lớn speed up are extremely vivid & extremely powerful. The trò chơi also cleverly adds sound effects when you clash during racing lớn make the trò chơi more realistic.


How lớn Play Fast Racing 3D?

There are two main trò chơi modes in Fast Racing 3D. Career mode is the trò chơi mode in the plot size of the game. You will experience epic races passing through many famous landmarks in the world. In Career mode, there will be three main types of racing. They are the 1vs1 racing form & race format, and time racing format.

1vs1 is a race between you và another competitor. In this type of race, your task is khổng lồ finish first in the shortest possible time. Competition type is a race between you và many other riders, with the same criteria as in every race. You need lớn finish first khổng lồ win the biggest prize. Especially in this race mode, the elimination method will apply. Drivers will be eliminated gradually through the race in order from the lowest rank. Try to lớn keep a safe ranking distance và it is best to always try to lớn be first in the race.


The timed race pattern will require you to lớn complete the race within a specified time khổng lồ receive the highest reward. PVP mode is a game mode between you và many other players directly competing against each other. There are three racing categories in PVP mode divided into bronze, silver, and gold. You need to lớn own racing cars with respective ranks khổng lồ take part in the race.

With bronze, you will need to lớn use C grade cars. With a silver supercar, you need khổng lồ have a B grade. & with a gold supercar you own, it must be from A-grade. When taking part in PVP mode, whether you win or lose, you will receive a certain number of cups to help increase your ranking in the game’s rankings.


Final Words

Fast Racing 3 chiều MOD APK brings you wonderful experiences, epic races, and powerful fast shots. With a light configuration that many devices can play, Fast Racing 3d will be a brilliant choice for speed enthusiasts. If you love racing games with attractive speed up drift gameplay, download and experience the great things that Fast Racing 3d brings.

This chất lượng racing trò chơi is available on Android. Games for all ages with all devices supported apk operating system. Join the game you will show your ability khổng lồ drive. Besides, you will create a network of obstacles to lớn defeat other opponents. When all other players have been blocked with the obstacle you have set, you will be the winner.

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The cars in Street Racing 3 chiều are beautiful & realistic, they are based on real cars outside. The track in the trò chơi is also designed differently to lớn help players not get bored during the game. Effects, when you drift and use nitro, are extremely beautiful, making the game more exciting.