Fake IP Viet nam giới is no longer an unfamiliar concept khổng lồ the online community. Fake IP Vietnam will help you view geographically restricted websites, hide your information, và many more interesting games. So how to giả IP Viet phái mạnh fastest?

Use a giả IP proxy

Fake IP Viet phái nam Using a fake IP proxy is a simple, easy way that many people still use. Specifically, proxies will now act as intermediary servers so that you can easily access the mạng internet without fear of revealing your IP address.

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Use nhái IP proxy by generating virtual IP addresses

Proxies will work by creating virtual IP addresses so that no matter what you visit, you will not be detected.

Currently, people use Proxies in two different ways:

+ Manually

You go khổng lồ the proxy’s website & continue typing inetcpt.cpl, select the connections tab and the LAN settings section. Users create a new interface for the proxy server, click on the use a proxy server for your LAN, then enter the value of proxy IP, Proxy Port in the address box, and click ok to access the network successfully.

+ How to use the software

This is more time-consuming, but it will give you more security. To vì chưng this, visit socks-proxy.net to lớn find yourself the socks for proxifiter. You start the software by selecting the profile tab, selecting proxy servers, clicking the showroom button, entering the IP address, & port of the sock you just found in the address box, selecting the version of the sock found, và then clicking ok. The sock side will ask if you want to use the sock or not, click the yes button to complete the procedure.

Fake IP Viet nam successfully by Sock proxy

Continue, go to your profile and select purification rules, change the direct value to sock’s proxy, & then you can successfully nhái IP Viet Nam.

Use fake IP VPN connection software

Fake IP Viet Nam Will be made easier if you know fake IP VPN connection software. Indeed, a VPN can help you hide your IP address in seconds, especially it can help you access geo-blocked sites.

VPN can help you hide your IP address in seconds

Currently, in the world, people have a lot of VPN software to use such as OpenVPN, Windcribe, NordVPN, & ExpressVPN.


OpenVPN is commercial open-source, virtual private networking software developed by a man named James Yonan, và released under the GNU General Public License.


NordVPN is a piece of software that can unblock Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney +, HBO Max, Kodi, & more. The features of this software are many, including that it has more than 4600 servers operating in over 60 countries và regions, with fast speed & military-grade encryption, this is one of the VPNs chosen by many people.


Just like NordVPN, ExpressVPN can help you access blocked sites lượt thích Netflix, đài truyền hình bbc Iplayer, và Disney +, without fear of loading. Encrypted military grade và has 4 security protocols, Express allows automatic connection và tunneling, protecting against IP leaks to lớn outside.

Internet users can also install browser extensions or plugins on phones that also have không tính tiền fake IP VPN connection apps.

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Above are 2 ways to fake IP Viet nam fastest you can refer. In fact, there are many other ways, but as internet users, we should choose simple, economical ways to giả IP Vietnam quickly.