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UpdateApr 13, 2023
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How lớn Facebook download for PC và Installation

Go to lớn Microsoft Store & download the Facebook PC app by clicking on the “Get” button.Or Simply tải về from the above-given direct link.Now you are able of installing the app.After installing log in by inserting your conditional The phầm mềm requires a minimum of 3GB memory & a Direct9-capable GPU card.After confirmation, you can showroom people khổng lồ your friends.

Facebook app for PC-Friendly Interface

The reliable and clear-headed interface with intuitive use gives you easy access to social networks. The tabbed thực đơn on the left side guides us towards the activities of users as well as pages for following, here you can request friends, messages, notifications, tìm kiếm people, and the user menu. The tiện ích enables you lớn send or receive messages without installing a messenger app. The box “What’s on your mind” enables you to post your thoughts, photos, or anything you like.

Share everything

Share everything directly from your PC. Upload photos or videos straight from your quickly and share every bit of your life. The supported files for videos are .avi, MP4, và .mov.

Security & Privacy

No concern about security or privacy. Just change default settings, and adjust “Privacy Shortcuts”. Multiple tools are presented to lớn save your data from any third party.

Facebook Pages

The app arranges pages of famous celebrities such as actors, sorters, TV shows, movies, and much more for you to join them as a fan. Users can also organize their own group pages for sharing the same information.

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FB Download không lấy phí Access

The Facebook Store phầm mềm with freeware license available for Windows 32/64-bit operating system of a laptop and PC, presented for all software users as a free trial for a specific period, không tính phí download with potential restrictions. It is belonging khổng lồ the internet-related category.

Main Features

Popular social media networkKeep in cảm biến with your family & friendsFriendly InterfaceShare everythingSecurity & PrivacyFacebook PagesFree Access

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