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Excel địa chỉ ins enable users to lớn extend the functionalities of Microsoft Excel and help them save their time and efforts.

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Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely used applications worldwide for data storage và analysis. Therefore, mastering Excel is an essential skill and can help you save a tremendous amount of time working with lengthy sheets.

And if you want to lớn make the most of Excel, there are lots of additional functionalities available that can further help you become productive & ease your life.

Excel add-ins are those additional tools designed for different purposes that we will cover in this article.

Let’s find out more about Excel add-ins and how they can help you.

What are Excel Add-ins?

Excel add-ins work like applications that you tải về or buy for your điện thoại phone or computer. These are mini software tools you can install into Microsoft Excel and địa chỉ cửa hàng many functionalities such as shortcuts, tasks, và time-saving options that you cannot find in a standalone Excel app.

Third parties create Excel add-ins lớn provide Excel users wide-ranging capabilities và save their time and efforts. Developing these add-ins requires coding expertise in languages such as XML và VBA & providing a simple-to-use interface that complements Excel.

Where can you find Excel add-ins?

There are 2000+ Excel add-ins in the market, and they can work on certain versions of Windows, macOS, Android, & iOS. Finding Excel add-ins is easy with a few steps:

On Windows, you will find the “insert” tab in the opened document. Just click on it và choose “My Add-ins” to see the list of all the add-ins available.Open the add-ins window and click on the “Store.” Now, you can find add-ins and install the one you want by clicking on “Add.”


While moving the data, Supermetrics ensures that no changes are made lớn your data. All the data you move will be the same with the highest cấp độ of accuracy, so you can start using it quickly. Supermetrics integrates with popular advertising and marketing platforms such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram Insights, Google Analytics, LinkedIn Ads, HubSpot, YouTube, Mailchimp, etc.

Supermetrics enables you to lớn schedule refreshes to lớn update data automatically in your Excel every month, week, day, or hour. In addition, you can receive custom alerts or full reports in your inbox. It saves you from tracking all the activities without updating reports manually.

They never store user data; they move them into Excel. They are CCPA và GDPR compliant & have 500k+ users across the globe, including brands lượt thích Dyson, BBC, and Nestle.

Power Query

Microsoft introduces an Excel add-in, power nguồn Query, that intensifies the self-service business intelligence experience by simplifying access, collaboration, and data discovery. It provides a better experience for data transformation, data discovery, & enrichment for information BI professionals, Information Workers, & other Excel users.

Identify the data from your work sources such as Excel, XML and text files, website pages, OData feeds, Hadoop HDFS, relational databases, etc. Use the search option to discover essential data from outside & inside your organization within Excel.

Disparate data sources, shape them, & combine data from multiple sources to prepare it for next step analysis in tools lượt thích Power Pivot and Excel và visualization tools like Power maps and power nguồn View. With the help of power nguồn BI, you can mô tả the queries you have or created within your organization so that users can easily tìm kiếm them.

Power Query supports operating systems such as Windows vps 2008 R2, Windows hệ thống 2012, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1. Besides, it supports office versions like Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus with software assurance and Microsoft Office 2013. Power nguồn Query also requires internet Explorer 9 or above and is available for 32-bit and 64-bit platforms.

Power Query offers capabilities like Active Directory, Azure-based data sources, Dynamics CRM, Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, Exchange, Teradata, Salesforce, BusinessObjects, SharePoint Lists, nguồn BI Data Catalog, & many more.

Multi-purpose Excel Modelling Tool

Free Multi-purpose Excel Modelling Tool contains many tools for formatting, excel modeling, và navigation. All the tools are ready-to-use & straightforward, while the Navigate tool allows finding a sheet in the active workbook.

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Put each sheet in the upper left-hand corner lớn navigate it easily. The tool lets you convert every cell reference in the range to relative, absolute, row absolute, or column absolute references. You can also go for copying a single sheet multiple times simultaneously.