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Microsoft Excel năm 2016 for Windows PC is one of the most recent additions khổng lồ the venerable Excel line of spreadsheet programs from Microsoft. Excel năm 2016 comes together with the rest of its Office năm 2016 productivity suite. With Microsoft Excel 2016, you can present your data using a number of new eye-catching charts.

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Just lượt thích the rest of Office 2016, MS Excel năm 2016 offers real-time collaboration through Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage. In general, Microsoft Excel năm 2016 free download is advantageous for any company that is concerned with rising costs associated with the new Office suite.

Note:The MS Excel năm nhâm thìn is no longer available officially. Here at, we are providing you a tải về link of the original Microsoft Excel 2016 offline installer setup file. You can get Microsoft Excel 2016 free tải về for Windows 10, Windows 7 32-bit, and 64-bit without a sản phẩm key

In MS Excel 2016 download for PC histograms can be used khổng lồ visualize frequency in your data, while Pareto charts can be used lớn categorize frequencies and display a percentage line that can be used to lớn visualize trends in the data. Sunburst charts are the best charts to lớn use if you need khổng lồ exhibit your values in a hierarchical format. With these charts, you may explore your data on several levels. You can import more advanced levels of data using the PowerPivot tool. It includes Data Analysis Expression, which is its own language.

The search option displays a danh mục of operations và functions that match your tìm kiếm terms. In Microsoft Excel năm 2016 for Windows 10 64-bit, you may enter what you want or which option you want to proceed with, và the software will provide possibilities rather than having to lớn navigate through confusing menus & complicated commands. A clever look-up that gives you the option of looking up your information online is even more fascinating.

With the one-click forecasting feature in Microsoft Excel 2016 for Windows 7, you may extrapolate your most recent data point into the future by identifying trends. You can even make accurate projections about how your data will change in the future.

Working with several fields might occasionally be perplexing; you can’t easily trace a field, and it takes time. However, critical tables now have tìm kiếm boxes, allowing you to lớn easily find the field you’re looking for.

The repeated date field has been removed in this version. Now, the dates you entered will be grouped into years, quarters, and months. By selecting the địa chỉ cửa hàng button adjacent to lớn the data segment, you can, nevertheless, expand the fields as needed.

Microsoft Excel 2016 still uses the same version of Excel that several organizations have been using for years, but all of its features increase productivity.

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There also exists a không tính tiền alternative to lớn Microsoft Excel năm 2016 free download to manage, analyze, or cốt truyện data. These alternative programs can beWPS Office Spreadsheets,Microsoft Office Excel Online,OpenOffice,Microsoft Excel 2013,Microsoft Excel 2010,Microsoft Excel, andLibreOffice.