If you don’t need a complete AutoCAD program, but still work with DWG files, Trueview has you covered.

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Autodesk DWG Trueview is a free & easy-to-use software that enables you khổng lồ view DWG files created with AutoCAD programs. You can also convert those files to other formats for quick sharing.

Is DWG True View free?

Yes, it’s miễn phí for both private or commercial use.

Autodesk kiến thiết Review is an amazing companion software that contains additional tools, including markup & status tracking. Fortunately, Design review is also free.

What is DWG TrueView used for?

You can xuất hiện and view DWG files that have been created in most CAD software. The app is ideal if your work doesn’t involve creating DWG files but requires you to lớn view and share them.

What programs can xuất hiện a DWG file?

There’s a wide range of programs that opens a DWG file. It’s supported natively in AutoCAD programs, & non-natively in others. DWGSee & Fusion 360 are a couple of solid alternatives lớn Autodesk DWG Trueview.

How vì chưng I use DWG TrueView?

Here’s our quick guide:


Zoom in/out và drag it until you have the required view


Zoom into the area you want lớn measureSelect the measure function from the toolbarDraw the outline of the area lớn be measuredType ‘T,’ to display the area measurementWhen you’re done, press ‘Escape’ on your keyboard khổng lồ remove the measurement


Print the entire drawing or select just a portion of itSelect your preferred options from the print dialogChoose whether lớn print or convert (to PDF, for example)

How vị I install TrueView?

The phầm mềm is developed by Autodesk, so you can download và install it from their website. Once installed, you can fiddle with many of the settings according khổng lồ your preferences. The area that you’ll most likely want lớn customize is the toolbar. You can tweak it as much as you want khổng lồ fit your workflow.

Our take

If your role in the thiết kế workflow is a supporting one, you probably don’t need a full-featured AutoCAD program. With Trueview you can check drawings, measure areas within them, và convert them lớn more commonly used tệp tin types. Additionally, this ứng dụng allows you to nội dung with members of the thiết kế chain who don’t have DWG compatible software.

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Should you tải về it?

Yes. If you’re not looking for a fully-featured program & mainly need lớn read DWG files, TrueView is a worthwhile download. You can also try DWGSee và Fusion 360.