Dragon Mania Legends Mod game android – Welcome khổng lồ Dragolandia, a hidden island inhabited by hundreds of Dragons where various adventures take place. Bởi vì you think you’ve got what it takes lớn train dragons?

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Dragon Mania Legends
Gameloft SE
Unlimited Coins/Gems

Are you ready khổng lồ become a great long trainer? long Mania Legends opens a new adventure in the world of dragons on a secret island. When you phối foot in this world, you have the opportunity khổng lồ meet hundreds of different dragons, collect & breed them to lớn grow. Not only that, but you can also take baby dragons khổng lồ school lớn improve skills và magic.

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Your adventure takes place on a remote island filled with many secrets that have long been hidden. Here, you are provided by long Mania Legends with strange, magical decoration sida that allow you to lớn reform the city. This will be a play area for your dragons and contain many schools, training camps, and supermarkets. Let’s transform into the thành phố mayor khổng lồ unleash your passion for design and construction in this virtual city!


Your rồng collection is not medium but is trained according khổng lồ the magic mã sản phẩm with great skills to fight rare monsters on the deserted island. The combination of dragons with the magic system brings beautiful & attractive scenes in battles. Those skills will help you enhance the dragon’s strength, such as decimal elemental magic, combining many different species and elements is exceptionally effective.



When everything is ready, declare war on different monsters lớn assert your position & gain sovereignty. Each dragon is a legendary warrior with its own characteristics and strong feelings, fighting khổng lồ protect teammates và protect the homeland. Here, you can conduct alliances of many different armies into a unified block to maximize your strength to lớn help you win the best trainer position in dragon Mania Legends.



You can expand the mã sản phẩm and the number of spirit children in the virtual world by searching & collecting different breed species everywhere. Let’s challenge by choosing the proper mating; the strengths of both males & females will be clearly reflected in the child born. Thus, your long collection will bring unique features that cannot be duplicated. Thanks khổng lồ that, no matter how difficult, strange and powerful you encounter an enemy, there will always be a member to fight back.


To increase the strength of your army, you can support them through small actions that take place every day. When it comes to taking care, bathing, cooking, etc., show them affection because your dragon is brilliant; it feels the sincerity from the owner. Not only that, dragon Mania Legends allows you khổng lồ take them to school, register for skill training courses so that they are fully developed và as scientific as possible.



This quality adventure will take you with an army of special dragons to visit the neighboring islands of other rare animals. Take them on an amazing journey across chất lượng lands, climbing towering mountains with the magic they’ve learned. This will be an opportunity for them to mở cửa their eyes, knowledge, to lớn practice what they have learned, khổng lồ hang out with siblings & friends after stressful school hours. Dragon Mania Legends promises lớn bring quality experiences to the magical city.


Feed, hug, and care for your magic pets lớn earn additional coins and bonuses khổng lồ boost your team’s power. Send your dragons lớn magic school khổng lồ learn new talents.Buildings và decorations for your dream thành phố islands. Periodically updated exclusive dragons and eventsIn order lớn unlock new species, you must first hatch your lovely baby dragons.With hundreds of different rồng species, you’ll never be lonely. You may breed, improve, và create rare dragons. All abilities và elements are yours.Go on an animal fantasy adventure with your pet dragons! With DML magic, you may reach new leagues, levels, and islands!Raise a dragon lớn defend your hamlet from the Vikings. Create your own world with new species.Events, fresh content, weaponry và missions. In this monster-training simulation, each rồng may become a legend!Missions are vital for long gathering upgrades. Explore many levels, islands, & planets. Finish missions. Collect unusual creatures & combine dragons via magical portals.With each battle, your animals’ combat abilities improve! Enchantment materials may be merged to strengthen various breeds và components. Prepare your squad and battle the monsters of your opponents in the Arena! Become the finest long trainer & get combat rewards.In this magical animal army simulator, send your dragons khổng lồ the Academy to learn new monster attacks và strategies.To develop legendary warriors, you must train your rồng companions khổng lồ combat. Combine the talents and ingredients that work well in combat lớn make dragons animal heroes.You may visit your friends’ pet islands và trade presents in dragon Mania Legends. Enlist the help of other dragons, learn new skills and share stories about your pets.

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You are now ready to tải về Dragon Mania Legends for free. Here are some notes:

Please read our gian lận Info and installation instructions carefully for the game và app to lớn work properlyDownloading via 3rd party software like IDM, ADM (Direct link) is currently blocked for abuse reasons.