Dragon Mania Legends is a novel simulation trò chơi that allows players to lớn raise, breed, và train cute little dragons to lớn become mighty warriors. Then, you will take part in epic battles to regain the homeland. Coming to lớn Dragon Mania Legends, players will nurture dragons into warriors khổng lồ regain & expand the magical land of Dragolandia.

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Your mission is lớn grow and train the dragons perfectly lớn prepare for legendary battles. Build long islands and raise dễ thương little dragons khổng lồ become powerful warriors. Then fight the evil Vikings và regain their homeland. In this exciting simulation game, players will play the role of the long Lord with the control of an entire land. Và you will discover over 100 unique & novel dragons.

Starting the game, the game introduction will show you the nội dung and how to lớn play the game by a beautiful Arya girl. Initially, you will have two dragons and two habitats. It is the fire rồng Alex living in Fire Habitat và Wind long living at Wind Habitat.

Besides breeding và training dragons, you must also rescue Dr. Hogwin Hogvanhog, who is a famous long expert. The Vikings kidnap him. He will assist you in raising dragons & preparing for battles. With the help of Dr. Hogwin Hogvanhog, players will rebuild the rồng Academy to lớn teach the dragon’s many new spells.

General Information

Dragon Mania Legends is one of the hottest dragon breeding simulation games on mobile và Windows 8. In the game, players will take care & breed new dragons khổng lồ train them into an excellent warrior. Rồng Mania Legends is one of the most popular virtual pet games today.

Along with beautiful graphics and interesting management gameplay, the game also offers an attractive feature for players. It is the ability to breed new dragons. What could be more interesting than incubating small eggs & waiting for them lớn hatch fancy và cute little dragons? However, lớn breed new types of dragons, it requires an investment of time and effort in the player’s research.

The most essential task is building a great dragon kingdom with many new & beautiful dragon varieties. During your process of training dragons, unleash rồng Fury, visit and give gifts lớn Dragolandia players around, và build a living environment for special inhabitants on your long island.

Through the MOD game android version, you can experience the rồng breeding with feeding, cuddling, & training them daily. Besides, players have to lớn collect & explore all the different dragons by mastering a quality combat system unprecedented. Teach your baby dragons special skills, explore the magical world with over 100 exciting locations, và face off multiple opponents to win quality prizes.

How lớn Play long Mania Legends

At the beginning of the game, we should bởi vì the trò chơi to understand the features in the game. First, login Facebook to get one Prairie Dragon. You may not need to buy the VIP version but have to buy fury. And what is fury? Fury is a special skill bar only when Perfect Hit is available in the match.

When buying fury in the siêu thị at the beginning of the game, we will get onetime fury. The damage of fury is equal to the total damage of the team. All the food earned should go to lớn Prairie Dragon and you can only breed one dragon.

You can vì some quests to lớn be rewarded with gems. When the gem is enough, go buy 20 days of VIP immediately. Then, we can breed three-type Dragons. Now, choose one Main long for the team later. The secondary long now is Prairie level 30 and Dragon cấp độ 5. Và he stacks food for the main long until cấp độ 60.

The following is the gold plowing. In the beginning, when the gold is low, build a full Fire Habitat & gradually up through the Water Habitat and Void Habitat. And we always breed new Dragons. The most effective way khổng lồ breed Dragons is to choose the Dragons with Void, Energy, và Metal. Cảnh báo that the major team has not been selected yet. You still accumulate food for one dragon to level 60. We will give breeds like above the Dragons the most gold in the game, và the gold from the habitat is the most important when clearing the island.

The most effective way to plow gold is khổng lồ make lots of friends. If we want khổng lồ make many friends, we go through disparate groups to lớn play this game. You can go khổng lồ the menu of members of the Group & just add all your friends. No matter what the operating system, the number of friends over 2000 will give you 100 Portal Gem a day. There are many Portal Gems, keep hitting the bản đồ and beat three stars near the location we are standing on the map.


Special Features

Diverse Mission System

There will be a lot of missions for players to lớn perform in the game. & you will get experience points after completing assigned missions. When winning battles, or after upgrading long island & harvesting food. Players can access their quests by clicking on the Quest icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. A danh mục of tasks will appear và it marks new tasks with flashing exclamation marks next lớn them.

The quest system in dragon Mania Legends combines management gameplay, building lượt thích raising dragons, feeding them, building houses for them, and training them khổng lồ fight against Viking dragons. Each mission after completing will help you get rewards, which can be gold, gems, or dragon food.

An interesting point of dragon Mania Legends is that you can cross different breeds lớn create unique varieties. The combination of dragons will depend on many factors. Also, it is important to feed the dragon fully according khổng lồ the set time. It will improve their HP (health) và attack ability.

When playing the game, lưu ý that dragon Mania Legends is không lấy phí to play. But there are some virtual items in the trò chơi that require purchase with actual money và via in-app options. You can disable this feature in the options settings. Also, the game has a familiar three-star calculation when you complete the task. If you want to giới thiệu your achievements with your friends, you can nội dung them on Facebook through the built-in feature in the game.

Spectacular rồng Fights

When the dragons are big enough, you can let them take part in dragon battles to earn bonuses. Each battle will have the participation of dragons on both sides. Each faction sends up to lớn three dragons to battle, và you can choose the right dragons for your team. You can enter a match by choosing from the quest bar or moving to the battle area of ​​the islands where the nodes are located.

Note that you will have to thất bại a unit of energy for each battle, after using up this energy. You cannot continue khổng lồ fight anymore. And you have to lớn wait for this energy tube lớn fill up. Every 15 minutes, an energy unit will fill up. If you want to lớn speed up, you can use the money khổng lồ buy. In the meantime, you can do loads of other interesting jobs.

The dragons will represent elements in nature such as fire, water, wind, and earth. & there will also be dragons with dual attributes when bred. Also, when you defeat the trùm cuối dragons, you will get a lot of experience points. The fighting mechanism in long Mania Legends is simple.

During the battle, when it is your dragon’s turn to strike, an element symbol that the dragon holds will appear. You just need to hold & drag it to lớn the side of the opponent’s dragon. Long Mania Legends is an interesting, gentle management trò chơi suitable for young gamers. The trò chơi combines many familiar casual elements. So players will easily grasp. Although the gameplay of rồng Mania Legends is not new, it is still a game worth playing.


Detailed Playing Instructions

Dragon Mania Legends will provide a lot of instructions during the game so that players can easily familiarize themselves with the operations when starting. A variety of characters will appear to lớn guide you through various quests including raising dragons, building an empire, & engaging in Viking dragons.

You can regularly monitor the missions that the game brings by pressing the mission button in the lower-left corner of the game screen. There will be a menu of tasks that will appear and new missions signing with exclamation points flashing next khổng lồ them. The mission system that exists in dragon Mania Legends includes raising dragons, feeding them, building houses for them, và training them khổng lồ fight against the Vikings’ swarms. Each mission after completing will help you get rewards, which can be gold, gems, or dragon food.

Going deeper into the dragon management element is where you need to lớn build farms to lớn get rồng food and housing for each different dragon. For example, the fire rồng will be in a volcanic-shaped house or the water long will live in a lake. But you cannot let the dragons roam in the kingdom. Setting up new structures, upgrading old ones, harvesting food, and raising dragons will all cost you a lot of gold và gems. However, you need not worry too much about this issue because dragon Mania Legends will assist you to earn a lot of gold and gems easily.

Overall Assessments

Interesting Gameplay

Dragon Mania Legends has a relatively slow và comfortable playing pace, which is very suitable for relaxation. You choose the quests and manage them along with managing your dragons. Some quests require a certain amount of time to lớn complete, but you can completely shorten that time by using gems.

The principal currencies used in the trò chơi are gold and gems. There are many ways for you lớn collect a lot of money that is lớn complete the assigned task, stroke your dragons, or buy with actual money.

What about the matches? thua thảm a unit of energy for each battle after using up this amount of energy. You cannot continue to fight anymore & you have khổng lồ wait for this energy tube khổng lồ be filled every 15 minutes. This style of chơi game is also very popular now in similar trò chơi genres.

The principal task of the player in rồng Mania Legends is to lớn use the rồng army to fight other tribes và compete in the rankings with other players. Try khổng lồ win at each cấp độ to earn more experienced stars, gold, và rubies, which can help you increase your rankings quickly.

You will use the items you earn to build the city by breeding & incubating eggs to create many legendary dragons. Besides, you can also grow plants và take care of dragons lớn help your army become stronger. Upgrading và expanding the territory of your đô thị is also very important.

Performing quests is one mission that will help you get bonuses, experience, và rubies. Each mission has its bonus level, depending on their difficulty. The advice for you is to lớn complete all the assigned tasks to end up being rewarded with a vast amount of gold.

Money is the major tool for making transactions in dragon Mania Legends, including gold, rubies, and most precious diamonds. You can make money from doing quests, fighting tribes, harvesting money from long breeding, & watching promotional videos.


Graphic Designs & Sound Effects

Dragon Mania Legends brings dễ thương graphics of little wild dragons. The game includes many islands with different weather such as spring, tropical rain, foggy land, snow, and desert. Each land has many colors creating harmony inherent in heaven và earth. Also, the fighting scenes help the dragons stand out in each charisma. It expresses their characteristics through the way of brilliant moves.

The sound in rồng Mania Legends is the combination of whispering waves, birds singing & flute sounds lớn create a vivid picture. It depicts the diversity of each activity in the game as the sound of wings flapping and roaring. The background music sounds like a fairytale style, which gives us a very interesting feeling.

Virtual long Combats

Each battle will have the participation of dragons on both sides. Each faction sends up to lớn three dragons lớn battle, and you can choose the right dragons for your team. There are several ways for you lớn enter a match lớn choose from the quest bar or move lớn the battle area on the islands.

There are buttons that you can activate on and start encountering opponents. After winning the match, the player will receive from one lớn three stars representing the màn chơi of completion of that match. You can also play again to gain maximum stars if you’re still not satisfied.

The dragons you own will represent an element in nature such as fire, water, wind, and earth. There will also be dragons with dual attributes. Also, in long Mania Legends, there are long bosses. Each time you defeat them, players & dragons taking part in the battle will receive a lot of experience points. And your long will be stronger. You can also add to your mighty rồng army more rồng warriors when buying dragon eggs, with gold or gems.

The mechanism of the battles taking place in rồng Mania Legends is simple. During the battle, when it is your dragon’s turn lớn strike, an element symbol that the rồng holds will appear. You just need to hold và drag it to lớn the side of the rồng you want to lớn attack from the opponent.

You need to cảnh báo that each element will counteract one element or be countered by another. The game will help you realize it by zoning each rồng on the opponent’s side. A dragon circled in xanh will make your attack on that rồng most effective, while red circled out for the opposite.

After the attack, an energy bar will appear. Then, it is accompanied by an arrow pulled from bottom lớn top. If you touch the green energy màn chơi at the right time, the arrow enters the area and the attack will be very strong. But you must not let the arrow go up lớn the red energy màn chơi because then the attack will be missed.


Recommended Alternative: quái thú Legends

If it bore you with the card collecting chơi game commonly seen in strategy games, monster Legends will bring you a very special experience. In quái nhân Legends, you will nurture, upgrade, and breed monsters khổng lồ get powerful combinations lớn conquer all enemies.

When coming to quái vật Legends, players may own a paradise island. There are funny monsters from xinh tươi to aggressive. Và the player’s task is lớn nurture and upgrade them. So, they can conquer unknown lands và expand their paradise island.

Manipulating combat in boss khủng Legends is also very simple. With turn-based combat gameplay, players will divide the order of turns depending on the tốc độ that the quái nhân owns. At each turn of a monster, the player will decide the target và what skill his monster uses. Each match in any mode can carry up lớn three monsters.

Monster Legends has a gentle soundtrack in the interface of Paradise Island. The sound effects when players interact in the game are carefully added lớn make the trò chơi more interesting. The graphics of the trò chơi are bright. They kiến thiết the monsters in the game to be funny và cute.

They kiến thiết the Paradise Island colorful & extremely sparkling, with the main island in the middle & the sub-islands hovering around. It helps players feel truly lost in the middle of paradise with flowers and mythical creatures.

Monster Legends is a game with a new gameplay style compared lớn other tactical titles. With deciding the enemy and choosing the most appropriate skill, the game promises to lớn create fierce & interesting competitions. The ability khổng lồ breed also allows you khổng lồ own a variety of monsters. If you are someone who wants to lớn find new things from the strategy game genre, monster Legends is the name that you should not ignore.

Final Words

Dragon Mania Legends is a construction & development simulation game. It combines with the ability to lớn train a mighty army, join in fierce battles, and defeat evil monsters. Perform quests for your legendary dragons and collect lots of gold & other items to upgrade the thành phố quickly.

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Dragon Mania Legends has a simple context. When taking part in the game, it will introduce you lớn the mission of building a majestic land by a rồng army. In this colorful world, there will be about 100 species of dragons with rich shapes & special skills.

After reading the article, you can see that Dragon Mania Legends gian lận APK is a trò chơi that simulates, manages, and takes care of cute dragons, right? So, what are you waiting for without downloading the game, & remember khổng lồ leave a phản hồi below this article!