Windows Loader v2.2.2 by Dar is tool lớn activate your Microsoft Windows . It can activate Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10.This tool can use when Windows 10 sản phẩm key / Windows 8 sản phẩm key / Windows 7 product key is not working.

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It is the best tool to lớn activate your windows fast & easily. This activator is developed by the Team DAZ which is very famous for making activators.

I give you trial product but once you are satisfied & you have enough money, I highly recommend you to lớn buy windows sản phẩm key to support the developers.


Step 5: You install và run the software you download.

Step 6: You restart your pc.

You can watch this đoạn phim to know how lớn use Windows Loader v2.2.2 by Dar to Activate Your Windows không tính tiền :

Added a valid OEM SLP key for Windows hệ thống 2012 R2 Standard (it was taken from a Dell server)Added support for Windows server 2012 R2 operating systemsAdded a warning for virtual machines created in VirtualBox that are using Windows vps 2012 or 2012 R2 (use ICH9 for the loader to work)Added lots of new keys, SLIC’s và certificatesAllowed the loader to lớn be installed onto Xen again (if it doesn’t work for you then it can’t be fixedOther minor tweaks & fixesCleaned up the UI

Features Of Windows Loader

As I said it is the Activator that is used khổng lồ activate Windows 7 & another version of Windows. But after that let’s talk about the features which this awesome Windows Loader provides khổng lồ its users.

Windows Loader Features:


This loader is compatible with all the Windows versions & it supports both 32bit & 64bit respectively. Which means you don’t need two software for activating Windows.

Auto System Detecting

It detects system atomically which means you now don’t need khổng lồ select Windows version by yourself. Windows Loader will detect your Windows version & it’s architecture automatically.

Virtual Machines Are Supported

It is supported by VMWare also. If you are using Windows on your VMWare or Virtual box or any Virtual Machine software khổng lồ run another OS then you can also activate it by using Windows Loader.

Automatic Mod

This tool has an automatic mode. It means that it will activate your windows within just clicks. It saves a lot of your time when activating your windows.

Custom Keys List

This activator has a custom keys menu included. If you don’t want to lớn activate by using Windows Loader then you can also generate an activation key that you can use lớn activate Windows by yourself.

Compatible With All Languages

Windows Loader supports all the language systems. If you are using another language except for English on your computer then it will detect it automatically & then you can activate it also.

Secure Your System Files

This tool doesn’t affect your system files, also it will not modify it. Your files are 100% safe & secure.

Trial Reset

It has the ability to lớn reset the Trial of your windows. If you don’t want to activate windows then you can reset its trial & then it will give you another trial for the specific time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some most frequently asked questions which most of you want to know, also many people tìm kiếm about that on the internet.

That’s why I have collected some of those questions và their answers.

But if you don’t find your question from this danh mục then you can ask me in the comment section I will try my best to lớn respond lớn that question.

Q1) My windows is deactivated when I ran Startup repair?

Startup Repair rewrites the boot sector & removes all the keys which you used khổng lồ activate windows. Lớn avoid this problem following this:

Run Command Prompt in Administration & then type “bcdedit /set default bootstatuspolicy ignoreshutdownfailures”.

Q2) I received “Failed to lớn add a loader to the boot code” message when I activate it?

To resolve this issue you need to lớn disable system protection. These protection blocks the activator khổng lồ avoid activating it.

Q3) I have activated the Windows but after reboot, it shows “BAD SLIC SIZE” or “BAD SLIC DATA”, How khổng lồ solve it?

For this, you need khổng lồ uninstall Windows Loader by using iOBit Uninstaller và also remove its system files.

Then reboot your machine and after that install it but during installing click on advance & choose khổng lồ ignore any existing SLIC & then just click on the install button.

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Q4) Is Windows 7 loader safe lớn use?

Yes, of course, Windows 7 Activator is a không tính tiền tool that provides a permanent activation solution for Windows 7 only. It is 100% safe khổng lồ use & there is no vi khuẩn or trojan found in it, this tool is also scanned by VirusTotal.

Windows Loader can activate :Windows 7 Ultimate EWindows 7 ProfessionalWindows 7 Professional EWindows 7 trang chủ PremiumWindows 7 home Premium EWindows 7 trang chủ BasicWindows 7 StarterWindows 7 Starter EWindows Vista UltimateWindows Vista BusinessWindows Vista trang chủ PremiumWindows Vista trang chủ BasicWindows Vista StarterWindows hệ thống 2008 EnterpriseWindows server 2008 FoundationWindows server 2008 StandardWindows Small Business hệ thống 2008Windows Storage hệ thống 2008 StandardWindows Storage vps 2008 R2 EssentialsWindows vps 2008 R2 EnterpriseWindows vps 2008 R2 FoundationWindows hệ thống 2008 R2 StandardWindows server 2008 R2 DatacenterWindows Small Business vps 2011 StandardWindows Small Business hệ thống 2011 EssentialsWindows trang chủ Server 2011Windows hệ thống 2012 StandardWindows vps 2012 EssentialsWindows vps 2012 FoundationWindows server 2012 DatacenterWindows Storage hệ thống 2012 StandardWindows Storage hệ thống 2012 WorkgroupWindows MultiPoint vps 2012 StandardWindows MultiPoint vps 2012 PremiumWindows server 2012 R2 Standard

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