LoL is a multiplayer online battle arena clip game developed by Riot Games. It is free-to-play, supported by cosmetic micro-transactions.

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League of Legends is a fast-paced, competitive online trò chơi that blends the speed & intensity of an RTS with RPG elements. Two teams of powerful champions, each with a quality design và play style, battle head-to-head across multiple battlefields and game modes. With an ever-expanding roster of champions, frequent updates and a thriving tournament scene, League of Legends offers endless replayability for players of every skill level.

Download League of Legends now & join the tens of millions already competing.

Battle Head-to-Head

Combine strategic thinking, lightning reflexes & coordinated team-play khổng lồ crush your enemies in both small-scale skirmishes and intense 5v5 battles

Strategize và Evolve

With regular game play updates, multiple maps & game modes, & new champions constantly joining the League, the only limit khổng lồ your success is your own ingenuity

Compete Your Way

Whether you"re enjoying a trò chơi against bots or climbing the ranks of the league system, League of Legends has the tech lớn quickly match you with a group of similarly-skilled competitors

Fight with honor

Compete with honor & receive special commendations from your peers lớn reward your good sportsmanship

Experience eSports

As the world"s most active competitive scene, League of Legends sports numerous tournaments worldwide, including the prestigious Championship Series where salaried pros compete for millions

World"s Largest Online Gaming Community

Join the world"s largest online gaming community: make friends, form teams and battle tens of millions of opponents from countries across the globe, then exchange strats on reddit, YouTube, the forums and beyond.

What"s New

It"s time for the spookiest patch of the year. We have a few treats in patch 12.20, so let"s dig in!Okay, in all honesty, this patch isn"t all treats, it looks lượt thích a few nerfs snuck into our bag of goodies. We"re bringing down the nguồn levels of a few overperforming champs like Maokai and Aatrox lớn make them a bit less terrifying. On the bright side, we vị have some enchanting buffs for champions like Evelynn & Gwen—"tis their season after all! Lastly, we have a new batch of goodies bewitching skins that"ll scare your socks off!We"ll also be introducing a big update lớn our language detection system in this patch. Now zero tolerance language will be detected & stopped LIVE and players using this language will automatically be system muted.Looking khổng lồ experience a scary 50 gold roll down only lớn not hit any of your key units? Well learn more about your odds in the TFT patch notes here!

Bewitching Batnivia, Bewitching Cassiopeia, Bewitching LeBlanc, Bewitching Neeko, & Bewitching Senna will be available October 20, 2022.


Passive heal decreased.

Aatrox"s Passive not only gives him tons of damage, but also tons of healing when Lethality amplifies his percent max health damage. While the Eclipse nerfs last patch did weaken him a little, he"s still too powerful when picking up Eclipse and Goredrinker. We"re taking his healing down a notch so that he"ll need khổng lồ rely more on landing skillshots to lớn sustain himself.

Passive - Deathbringer Stance

Heal: 100% of post-mitigation damage ⇒ 80% of post-mitigation damage


E duration increased.

E - Heroic Swing

Swing Duration: 3 seconds ⇒ infinite


Fixed some bugs that would cause Akshan khổng lồ spin in place when using his E in certain locations. We"re still hammering out all of these locations, but this should be a noticeable improvement.

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Complete release notes here.