Adobe Photoshop is a most famous graphic editor that lets you edit photos and images in a professional way. It was initially released in 1990 by Adobe Systems. Photography has been a profession for years và profession demands perfection khổng lồ become successful in the market.

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Adobe Photoshop CS6 Full không tính tiền Download Latest version for Windows 11, Windows 10, 7, 8.1/8, & XP. Compatible with both 32-bit & 64-bit Windows OS. This is an Offline installer / full thiết lập with a Direct download link for Download Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite CS6 offline installer.

Update: Get Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 Offline Installer here.

Adobe Photoshop is the most famous graphic editor that lets you edit photos và images in a professional way. It was initially released in 1990 by Adobe Systems. Photography has been a profession for years & the profession demands perfection khổng lồ become successful in the market. Adobe Photoshop is the leader in this race. There are a few close competitors but those are not so unique và user-friendly at the same time.

TIP: Affinity Photo for Windows is a close alternative to lớn Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop is the best choice both for amateurs and professionals. It lets you enhance productivity và bring your potential out khổng lồ the world.

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What’s New in Adobe Photoshop CS6

It’s no secret that Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended is the industry standard and flagship image editor from Adobe. Adobe Photoshop has dominated the market for professional image editing software for the past two decades. Make your creations look their best with the help of Adobe’s industry-standard editing software.

These days, any graphic designer worth their salt needs Photoshop CS6 & Adobe Illustrator CC download to make anything from You
Tube thumbnails khổng lồ banners lớn social network postings.

Adobe Photoshop CS6 is packed with a lot of new features & loads of fixes. Some of the useful new features in Photoshop Creative Suite CS6 are disclosed below:

Content-Aware Move Tool

Changing the layout of a picture doesn’t need laborious layering or painstakingly exact selections thanks to lớn the Content-Aware Move tool. For authentically enlarged or shrunk hair, trees, or buildings, use the extended mode. Using the “Move” setting, you can relocate your items to a new location (most effectively when the background remains similar). To use the Content-Aware Move tool, press and hold the Spot Healing Brush in the toolbar.

Content-Aware Patch

The enhanced Patch tool now has a Content-Aware option, which synthesizes similar nội dung in the surrounding area to replace undesirable image parts without noticeable artifacts. The new patch tool is similar to lớn Content-Aware Fill in that it produces natural-looking results, but unlike Content-Aware Fill, it allows you to choose the source area. While holding down the Spot Healing Brush, choose the Patch tool from the menu.

Enhanced Crop Tool

Now you may get a live look at your cropped image thanks khổng lồ the Crop tool’s interactive preview. An efficient collection of toolbar tools, such as Straighten, are available, as are aspect ratio settings that can be used while a crop is ongoing in the image window. (Right-click the image khổng lồ access further choices, including the ability to keep the image’s existing aspect ratio or resolution.)

Simple UI

The new dark theme’s clean, straightforward, and user-friendly interface may be toggled between light and dark with a press of Shift+F1 or F2. The main window can be toggled into four different themes via the settings panel. Facilitates photo editing by providing quick access to editing tools, a user-friendly interface, and support for Intel’s MMX Technology.

More Filters

When you download Photoshop CS6, you’ll have access lớn a wide range of filters, as well as an extensive set of preferences from which you may create & use an infinite number of brushes, shapes, và actions, both locally and remotely. At its release, Photoshop CS6 also added the ability lớn import previously exported presets.

The curves can be changed to lớn your liking in just two simple steps using the filter tool before you wash the image. Quickly and easily transform an unaltered photo into a modified one. If you only want khổng lồ modify some aspects of your image, use the “Selective editing” tool.

Microsoft Windows-compatible

Get the Latest Version of Adobe Photoshop CS6 for Free! The program is compatible with a wide range of devices and operating systems, but it runs particularly well và dependably on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, và Windows XP. Additionally, both a 32-bit and 64-bit environment are needed.

Improved Crop Tool

When used on a GPU, the cropping tool produces stunning results. Khổng lồ save time, this option allows you to bởi vì all actions on-screen. With the aid of crop bounds, you may rotate the image on the screen và examine its overlays and position. Also included is a perspective crop tool for removing any unwanted background from any vantage point. Without a doubt, an excellent and superb tool that makes it easy lớn crop skewed, perspective photographs in a matter of seconds.

Multiple Layers Enhancements

In addition to lớn its plethora of layers, the application also has a number of other impressive capabilities, such as the ability lớn import and edit photos, text, vectors, and other useful things. Name, Effect, Mode, Attribute, and màu sắc are just some of the subheadings in the Layers Panel. The layers can be locked together, merged, or deleted with ease. Putting the finishing touches on your creation requires the eraser tool.

Free to download for Everyone

Adobe Photoshop CS6 for Windows 32-bit laptops & desktops is offered khổng lồ all software users as a không lấy phí trial, available for tải về with some restrictions, & usable for a limited time. In the genre of image editors, Adobe Inc.’s sản phẩm fits in nicely.

Vast Blur Gallery

Several different lens effects can be imitated with the help of Blur Gallery, a fantastic selection of filters. The app’s three new blur filters are all accessible from the same panel, so you can quickly và easily switch between them. For example, you can use tilt-shift blur to showroom blur to lớn the entire image while still maintaining a thin focus line. Second, the rounded corners of the image are softened by the iris blur.

The f blur is easily modified with the bellows-style Lensbaby lens. And finally, there’s Field Blur, a tool for rapidly adjusting the field’s intensity with only a few points at a range of blurring strengths. Make a seamless transition by blurring one point và sharpening another. The Bokeh-like highlight, which can be trắng or any saturated color thanks to the blur filters, is organized in a logical way.

Make Rapid Progress

Any image can be edited quickly thanks lớn the new Mercury Graphic Engine’s auto-recovery function & the fresh và appealing backdrop save function. In addition, a Content-Aware Move lets you quickly and efficiently trace the image’s contours and insert it into a different location within the same image. With the Aware Patch, you may lend a hand to lớn the software.

Creating with Adobe’s Online Tools in the Cloud

You can access the most popular Adobe programs, as well as two brand-new HTML5 tools, all through the Adobe Creative Cloud. Effortlessly synchronize with other cloud services, store your work in the cloud, và share your creations using tablet programs like Adobe Photoshop Torch. By distributing apps for i
OS và Android, members of Creative Cloud are able lớn publish, manage, và host websites.

Continual Enhancements

Adobe Camera Raw’s new Shadow và Highlight controls; the Wide Angle tool for lens correction; the new Scripted Patterns for creating infinite geometric patterns; the extensive painting tool-set for personalizing & reshaping the image; the topography tools for precisely defining the font, color, và size; và so on và so forth.

Change font weight, height, & more

The latest fonts enhancement feature lets you control your typography like never before. Now you can change the phông height, weight, spacing, and other characteristics.

Are you a graphic designer? Are you a photo editor? vì chưng you love khổng lồ edit photos or videos? Read this article to get information related lớn your field.

People search for many beneficial photoshop apps to lớn perform their tasks. There are multiple apps available on the mạng internet which claim lớn be the best tiện ích for clip and photo editing. But Adobe Photoshop CS6 is becoming popular day by day & has become the first choice for editors & graphic designers.Download More From

In this article, you will learn about Adobe Photoshop CS6’s không lấy phí download và all its required information. Its remarkable features will definitely warm your heart & help you select the best ứng dụng for your use. Let’s have a look at what Adobe Photoshop CS6 is!

Adobe Photoshop CS6

This is one of the most downloaded versions of the Photoshop application for Windows PC. It is one of the most famous và powerful photo editor software as we know that it has become the foremost choice of professionals và graphic designers. The unique & latest photoshop complete offline installer for Windows 32/64-bi tải về is also accessible.We have Adobe Photoshop 7.0 as well for không lấy phí on our website.

The You
Tubers and graphic designers use this editor for multiple tasks, e.g., thumbnails, banners, social truyền thông media posts, editing images, and many more.

Qualities Of Photoshop CS6 không lấy phí Download

There are several eye-opening qualities provided by this editor. This featuring editor will take you khổng lồ another world of editing và will indeed offer you an excellent experience. Let’s have a look at its exceptional & heart-touching qualities.


Easily Operated

Any app’s foremost & best unique is that its users can efficiently operate it. Therefore, it is a user-friendly interface, và you can have a great experience while using it. You can explore crucial features, e.g., cropping, resizing, filtering, và brightness.


Before using anything, everyone needs instructions khổng lồ use the tool. It provides đoạn phim tutorials for beginners & advanced users lớn use this technical tool. That’s how, you will not face difficulty in using Adobe CS6.

Excellent Performance

A person who is a graphic designer & editor needs excellent performance from an app. The mercury graphic engine delivers exceptional performances. Surprisingly, Adobe creator claims that it is 1000 times faster than some tasks.


Less Laborious

Many editors are exhausted from editing apps because they consume precious time. But no worries now! Adobe CS6 provides optimum performance by focusing on speed to lessen work time.

Besides these above features, there are other benefits too which play an essential role in making it a perfect use. You can easily tải về it and enjoy it.

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Adobe Photoshop CS6 System Requirements

OS: Windows XP 32-bit
Processor: intel Pentium 4 2.0GHz / AMD Athlon 64 2800+Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 2600 Pro or NVIDIA Ge
Force 7600 GT 256MBRAM: 1 GBHDD: 1 GBDirect
X 9 Compatible Graphics Card

Final Verdict

Adobe Photoshop CS6 không tính phí Download is an excellent app to edit photos & videos. Users linked with social media can use it và take advantage of it. Furthermore, it seems like something interesting khổng lồ use. Hopefully, this article will help you in providing your desired information.

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