Onekey ghost is a ISO file making software. It compress all files & folders in one ISO file and facilitate to restoring window"s files. Its best chất lượng feature is that, it is not need khổng lồ install and register. You Just download and use it.

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Make ISO Image & restore your window"s files and folders in second without any Installation.


Many people try to save time but they are nosecureddue lớn lack ofknowledge but now, i am presenting the software, which can save your time which spend on your computer problems.

First of all install softwares, which you want to lớn remain in use and drivers.Then run the "Onekey Ghost",To make an ISO image, click on "backup" point và select the windows drive (where you want khổng lồ save, but by mặc định C partition is selected)and click on yes andwindow will be automatically restart your computer and start saving backup file

Second Step:

Save ghost image (which you have created) in usb or any partition lượt thích D, E, or F future, if your window get lost or feel slow computer tốc độ due khổng lồ virus etc. Then run Onekey Ghost and select "Restore" point and select saved ISO image & click on "Yes" buttonyour window will restart automatically và start restoring your windows automatically ...then you will feel that how its work.

OneKey Ghost for All Windows


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Inpage 3 Portable Pro Official Full Version Use without installation | complete installation instructions

Onekey Ghost Full Version for All Windows | Create your Windows Backup in 10 minutes. Complete Guidelines


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