Another antivirus with a strong reputation gained over many years, Kaspersky Anti-virus promises much. But does it deliver?

This Kaspersky Antivirus reviews answers the following questions:

How much does Kaspersky cost?How effective is it at blocking malware?What other features does Kaspersky come with?Do we recommend this antivirus?

Keep reading for everything you need to know.

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Kaspersky pricing

Like other AV software, Kaspersky has a variety of plans to choose from, with the higher tiers of the likes of Kaspersky Total Security costing significantly more. For this review, though, we’re focusing on Kaspersky Antivirus Plus, which retails for $39.99 per device per year.


Much lượt thích its competitors, Kaspersky regularly runs promotions on its security packages, and at the time of writing, all plans have 70% off. That brings the price of Kaspersky Antivirus Plus lớn a reasonable $11.99 for the first year.

Security features

Being an antivirus program the main feature you would expect khổng lồ find is of course a scanning engine & Kaspersky offer several options in that regard:

Full Scan – covers all files, folders and other areas of your computerQuick Scan – looks at common & critical areasCustom Scan – folders, files & other areas defined by youRemovable Drives Scan – for USB drives and suchlike.

There is also a Task Manager tab that summarises previously run scans or shows the progress of any scan currently in progress.

Again, tucked at the bottom of the page is another link, this time lớn the program’s settings và scheduling functions.

While not exactly invisible it could be missed, at least by first time users, which would be more of a shame than a problem.

Beyond providing the opportunity to schedule up future scans, the settings function provides otherwise obscure access to some interesting features such as the ability to choose whether or not the program runs when Windows starts up, or scans email messages.

While the defaults favor security over convenience, it is a shame that the settings page is not given more gravitas within the interface.


Other tools

As previously mentioned, Kaspersky Anti-virus packs a few additional tools that can be accessed from clicking a liên kết in the bottom right corner of the interface. They are:

Cloud Protection which shows statistics about the Kaspersky Security Network, an “immediate global threat intelligence” which sends data from all participating users to the company’s virut Lab, thus facilitating a quick response lớn newly discovered threats.Quarantine creates a secure area on your hard drive into which the program will place any infected or unknown files. You can decide whether to lớn retrieve anything stored here or delete it permanently.Vulnerability Scan looks for vulnerabilities in both your applications and operating system. On my demo system it identified a couple of issues with mạng internet Explorer (no worries, I never use it) và also suggested disabling Autorun on network and external hard drives. Luckily I did not have an issues with the operating system (all security updates already installed) but knowing the program would have flagged any grants a certain feeling of safety.Browser Configuration will kiểm tra the major browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox) if installed và will make recommendations based upon their settings. Some areas it looks at are settings that allow programs khổng lồ run or adverts to lớn appear và changes to the home page.Privacy Cleaner will suggest & then, if desired, execute several changes which will help you maintain your privacy across the internet và from anyone else using the same machine. Examples of what this tool can vị include clearing your browser history, emptying out the TEMP folder and disposing of cookies.Kaspersky Rescue disk is actually a link to the internet from which you can tải về the company’s bootable disk image which should then be transferred onto a CD, DVD or USB stick. Should your PC ever become infected in the future, you can use the disk image khổng lồ boot up from outside of Windows & clean the infection.

There is also a liên kết to Microsoft’s own Windows Troubleshooting wizard as well as a separate link to an included Virtual Keyboard which can be used lớn thwart keylogging software.


All in all, this is quite an impressive danh sách of extra features for what is marketed as a standalone antivirus program.

While not quite as extensive as the extras offered by Bitdefender’s equivalent product, the menu still boasts significantly more features than that offered by other security vendors.

Malware scanning

To ensure that Kaspersky was up lớn tackling malware threats, I put it up against a range of inert viruses obtained from the EICAR. The four files consisted of an executable, a .txt file, và two zipped executables.

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I also obtained three real virus samples consisting of trojans and adware. I ran a real-time scan (background scanning), an on-demand quick scan, and a full system scan lớn see how Kaspersky dealt with the viruses.