Through a VPN proxy, Hotspot Shield ensures you are private, secure, and anonymous online... 100% free.

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Hotspot Shield creates a virtual private network (VPN) between your máy vi tính and the wireless router. This impenetrable tunnel prevents snoopers và hackers from viewing your email, instant messages, credit card information or anything else you send over a wireless network. Which means you remain anonymous và protect your privacy. Hotspot Shield VPN is a không tính tiền download. This VPN service can be used to lớn unblock websites, surf the web anonymously, & secure your internet connection.

Every time you surf the Web, you expose yourself & your devices to multiple online threats & risks; Hackers could steal your passwords và financial information & the sites you visit may contain malware.

Hotspot Shield VPN software uses advanced encryption giải pháp công nghệ to secure your browsing session, detect & blocks malware, và enables you to access your favorite nội dung from anywhere. You can even bypass geo-restrictions khổng lồ unblock Facebook, unblock YouTube, or unblock any trang web in countries that censor content.

Our Hotspot Shield VPN service also protects your IP address, enabling you to surf the web anonymously and privately anywhere in the world including China, India & the United States.

Why does my mạng internet speed slow down while using Hotspot Shield?

Hotspot Shield is a VPN service. To create this "privacy tunnel," it puts a virtual private network between your computer and internet services you access.

While this adds privacy, it also means you have lớn go through several servers to get to your final destination. These additional steps mean your data must travel further, taking a toll on communication speeds.

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Is Hotspot Shield Premium worth paying for?

Compared to lớn Hotspot Shield Free, Hotspot Shield Premium adds more virtual locations, while Hotspot Shield free offers a single predetermined one. Both offer up to 1 Gbps speed và unlimited data. Premium also offers optimization for gaming & streaming, while Hotspot Shield không tính tiền does not.


Secure your website session, data, online shopping, & personal information online with HTTPS encryption. Protect yourself from identity theft online. Hide your IP address for your privacy online. Access all nội dung privately without censorship; bypass firewalls. Protect yourself from snoopers at Wi-Fi hotspots, hotels, airports, corporate offices. Works on wireless & wired connections alike. Provides Unlimited Bandwidth. Works on the PC và the MAC, including new operating systems (Windows 10 và Big Sur)

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game android version updated khổng lồ 9.9.0 Windows version updated to 11.3.1 Chrome version updated to 5.0.4 CVE-2018-6460, has been fixed by removing the internal web-server. Paulos Yibelo reported a flaw in Hotspot Shield that has been fixed in this new version. macOS version updated to 5.1.0 Hotspot Shield free for Chrome updated khổng lồ 5.0.4