You can download Chrome browser on your computer by downloading a 2 MB installer file, which will download…

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Update Google Chrome lớn the latest version

Using Google Update

To kiểm tra for new updates on your browser, follow the steps below:

Open Google ChromeClick on the vertical three dots at the vị trí cao nhất right of the window. This will open the Chrome menu.Under the menu, go lớn Help –> About Google Chrome. This will trigger Google Update and will kiểm tra for new updates automatically.
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You can xuất hiện the same help window by opening the following in the address bar:chrome://settings/help 

Using Installer

Alternatively, you can download the latest version of Google Chrome installer from the below given links and run it.

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It will automatically update the installation to the latest version., this will make downloading Chrome easier for you. So what is your choice of Chrome Build?

Google Chrome Version History

Chrome VersionRelease DateFeaturesChrome 10725-Oct-22HEVC hardware decoding, screen-sharing improvements, và User-Agent reduction (Phase 5)Chrome 10628-Sep-22Selective text translation, integrated RSS reader, & advanced search improvements lớn Omnibox.Chrome 10530-Aug-22Improvements for web applications in terms of customizationsChrome 1042-Aug-22Automatic lazy-loading, chia sẻ selected regions of the screen, và several improvements for ChromebooksChrome 10321-Jun-22Pre-fetch page data for faster loading, local fonts for website apps, & block notifications automatically.Chrome 10224-May-22Extensions Starter Kit, New Keyboard Shortcuts, & Continued SearchesChrome 10126-Apr-22Improved downloads UI, save group tabs, và password managerChrome 10029-Mar-22Multi-screen API, audio controlsChrome 991-Mar-22Handwriting Recognition, Date Picker, và Security ImprovementsChrome 981-Feb-22Built-in screenshot tool, smoother emojis with COLRv1, Emojis khổng lồ screenshots on AndroidChrome 974-Jan-22Delete data saved by websites, zoom settings, better website application layouts, HDR enabledChrome 9615-Nov-21Faster navigation, dark mode per site, flags for testing v100Chrome 9519-Oct-21Save grouped tabs, secure paymentsChrome 9421-Sep-21HTTPS-only mode, sharing hubChrome 9015-Apr-21AV1 codecs support, window naming feature
Google Chrome features introduced in each versionDownload Chrome offline installer

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