AutoCAD 2010 Download free Trial Version is one of the most widely used software for architectural design and engineering work which can bring a revolution in the designing of 3D and 2D Models. Lot’s of Engineering students lượt thích Civil và Survey Engineers are consistently using the AutoCAD 2010 free download version x86 and x64. Some of the amazing features và updates are present in the software which makes it more unique and flexible. The Complete Standalone thiết lập of AutoCAD 2010 tải về Version is suitable for 32Bit as well 64Bit architecture.

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Technical Info About AutoCAD 2010 Version Portable Download:

Full Software NameAutoCAD 2010
Architecture 32 Bit/ 64 Bit
Developer and Published byAutoDesk
VersionStandalone/Offline Setup
Complete File cài đặt Size190 MB
License TypeFree Trial

Complete Overview of AutoCAD 2010 download Version:

Are you designing & modeling student or any models or 3d Designer? If yes then this software is for you, lớn discover the amazing 3 chiều Modeling features and updates. Create world-class designs & drawings in the DWG format and several other formats are available to be explored soon. The Complete Version is capable of providing you some built designs and models which can be used as the basic Layout of remaking and redesigning the models.


The help and tư vấn feature is available only if you are a Pro user và subscriber of the software. Any time you can take help from AutoCAD officials and they will solve your problems in no time. Many pieces of training tutorials are already being uploaded on the youtube, you can explore several channels which are providing world class tutorials nội dung to make some realistic designs & models.

As you’re drawing plane as you move around you. Can you have the ability to you know it’s like having a phối square in your hand on in what you’re drawing so that you can use that now some interesting tools? First of all, you can name you CSS. So if you get your cursor or your crosshair is rotated lớn the right angle on something you can save that & say you know a new right-click in here sorry, orthographic & named UCS. Is I want khổng lồ go details.

Create Models with Complete Plan:

If you are going to make a nice design & model, you can create it ease. One amazing thing khổng lồ notice is that you will have all the plan documentation ready whenever you design some new models. The file format in this version is the new one và can be found in all the latest versions. It also supports the Mesh 3 chiều Plus which is one of the amazing tools for designing world-class designs and models. Get Adobe Photoshop CS3 Portable for amazing photo designing.

Mesh 3 chiều Plus is one of an amazing tool for designing complex models that were not easy to be in the previous versions. The built-in designs will make your more interested in designing of the models because there are so many prototypes present in the software. These prototypes are helpful for designing a unique design of a mã sản phẩm that you can present it khổng lồ your colleagues. Moreover, you can store your data and shapes on Cloud Drive.

Changes in Toolbar:

I’m gonna go lớn a a 3d view here và then I’m gonna put myself in perspective because I like to because it’s kind of fun & I’m going to lớn maybe turn my grid on và I’m gonna draw some shade some objects inside of here. So I can go in & you know, draw some objects và change that to lớn be whatever display. I want, và as I’m drawing, for instance, if I look from Satan notice, where my X & Y is right now on the bottom.

Okay, if I draw a circle right now, you know I’m drawing down inside of here. Well, if I want to, maybe you know, draw something on the side or something when I change to be here lớn change my view to be top right, left, etc. It actually changes my UCS while I vày it not, can help clarify some confusion. Watch how my x y & amp z, are here now. If I go lớn the right hand side – & I look – I can see that object lượt thích this & I don’t have to be perspective.

Construction Line:

Construction line is that never NDMC it always goes on và on. This is a poly line. Poly lines are used to lượt thích make clothes boxes lượt thích that, so you can hatch it like. This. Choose a batch hit enter then you preview it it’ll.

Look something lượt thích that. You can only vì that. If you have hatched patterns, I ‘ Ll teach you that how to vì that at a later time. So I don’t even worry about that right now. This is a rectangle make rectangles polygons.

Here you can choose how many sides down here. Select three three is going to lớn make a what’s. It called a triangle. It prints. Another thing take a little shape. You have circle right here và you have this little squiggly line where you click, you can make squiggly lines all over the place hit enter three times to lớn get out of it up.

My computer’s lag yeah revision cloud, refilling, big, a cloud over where you need khổng lồ change like basically like a little note to yourself, see just draw, và you know that you get to lớn come back and revise that give it a lips.

Basically, like a circle, but it’s like more of an oval shape, & you got another circle commands that’s, pretty much it on that side that you need khổng lồ know right now và it’s; a lead to Copy mirror offset array, move, rotate scale stretch, trim, extend break it Point, Break join chamfer, you’ll need to know these right here, fill it fill it trim và then explode.

Playing with Dimensions:

This little button right here is dimension, drag it across string and dimension sees a decimal see. This is decimal. You need lớn change this to lớn architecture or you’re, going khổng lồ have a big problem when you’re trying khổng lồ dimension stuff which dimension style, let’s.

Just modify this primary unit season. Decimal go khổng lồ architecture; okay, mix currents. Now, when I dimension, I should have this see one foot, one, two, five, six, eight inches, that’s, a weird dimension, but that’s, pretty much how you dimension now lớn create a layer, some layers, property manager right here you see This little three looks like three papers on vị trí cao nhất of each other, with lượt thích a little calculator next to it, click on that you get this screen up pops up.

Then you see a little piece of paper where looks like a Sun or a star next lớn it. Let’s say you create a new layer so right here, you type in what you want to gọi your layer like for plan one or what we’re using right now is walls one.

So I a two point: one walls, one lớn one is just the name of your drawing so tip on. One could be your section, seer elevations here, site anything và you can change the màu sắc that you want. You can type a color like 93 và I’ll color that it just guess và screen and change the line type.

New Layout và Drawing Tools:

While talking about the old design, it was a bit outdated in today’s amazing designs arena. The awesome look khổng lồ the new layout which makes the software layout more unique & favorable for all the 3 chiều Modelers và designers. The Para-Metrics feature is always present for you in the software khổng lồ use in the latest designs. Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 Version for Illustration purposes.

Also to notice that some new drawing tools are present in the AutoCAD 2010 Version không tính phí Download Full Version. These tools can be really helpful in creating the oval & irregular shapes designs & models. These drawing tools will make the handling và flexibility in mapping và crafting as well.

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List of Some Amazing Features of AutoCAD 2010 Full không lấy phí download Version 32/64 Bit:

Having a new design.Simple & easy layout.Handling và Flexibility in Mappings.New Drawing tools are present.Special Application for engineers và architects.Create MegaStructures.Para-Metrics.Mesh 3 chiều Plus is present.Now Make a Complete plan with documentation.3D Mapping and Structures are present.Built-in tư vấn and contact support.New Fonts & Styles makes the software more complex & favorable.DWG Drawings can be easy now.

Systems Requirements:

Download the không tính tiền Edition of 2010 Version AutoCAD:

Download Here