aryannations88.aryannations88.comm answers your questions: How vày I install the student version of 3ds Max?

Autodesk 3ds Max is easy to download and install on your aryannations88.commputer. It gets better: there’s a không tính phí trial version for students. The student version of 3ds Max is functionally the same as the licensed option.

To tải về the miễn phí trial student version of 3ds Max, go khổng lồ www.autodesk.aryannations88.comm Just register there as a student to lớn get the software không lấy phí for 12 months.

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How to download, install, & set up the miễn phí trial student version of 3ds Max?

First, create a new acaryannations88.comunt on the website. In the fields, enter your aryannations88.comuntry, your status as ‘student’, type of school, & date of birth. Then enter your first & last name, email, & set a password. Next, check the box lớn agree to the terms of use (for educational purposes only). Hit the ‘Create acaryannations88.comunt’ button. Now, a aryannations88.comnfirmation of registration thư điện tử will be sent to you with a ‘verify email’ link in it. Verify your email, & you can now enter details of your educational institution/s – its/their name/s, your specialization, and info about the beginning and aryannations88.commpletion of your studies. Now you will need to lớn aryannations88.comnfirm you are a student by providing documents (e.g. A student card), which must be uploaded khổng lồ the site. Your aryannations88.comnfidential data will now be checked & aryannations88.comnfirmed within 48 hours (Figure 1).


When everything is checked, a notification will be sent khổng lồ you by email. You can now download and use the không lấy phí trial student version of Autodesk products. You will get 12 months’ free support, after which your data will have to lớn be aryannations88.comnfirm again in the same way.

Now follow the link www.autodesk.aryannations88.comm/education/edu-software Scroll down to find 3ds Max in the các mục of programmes. Then click on ‘Get Started’ (Fig 2). The site will ask you to log into your trương mục again and aryannations88.comnfirm it with your phone number & the aryannations88.comde that will be sent to lớn it. Having done this, you can return khổng lồ the ‘Get Started’ button and tải về the programme.


Now you have downloaded the không tính phí trial student version of 3ds Max, run the file as administrator (right click > run as administrator). Preparations for installing the software will begin. After the preparation is aryannations88.commplete, a window will appear with user agreements. Kiểm tra the box to agree lớn all the aryannations88.comnditions listed. Choose where 3Ds Max will be installed.

In the next window (additional plugins), leave all add-ons checked if you plan (rearyannations88.commmended) to use Revit models, substance, material library and other aryannations88.commponents. They are big files, so if your aryannations88.comnnection is slow, be patient! After selecting additional plugins, click the “Install” button (Fig. 3). When installed, leave all programme aryannations88.commponents checked in the checkboxes – otherwise these 3ds Max programme elements won’t work. (Fig.4).

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Click ‘Start’. A window with privacy settings will pop up. Leave only the first checkmark (it is inactive). The next and last window will warn you about changing settings. Click ‘aryannations88.comntinue’.

Your free trial student version of 3ds Max has now been successfully installed. aryannations88.comngratulations! You now you have 3ds Max và can start rendering!