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Before you begin, make sure your PC or Mac meets the system requirements.

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If you are reinstalling Office, you have already redeemed a product key, or you are installing Office at work or school và know you have a license, then go to lớn the section sign in lớn download and install Office.

However, if this is the first time you"re installing Office, you may have some pre-installation steps to vày first. Expand the Learn more section below for more info.

If this is the first time you"re installing Office, you may have to complete a set of pre-installation steps first or you may need to follow different steps than what"s contained below. What you do depends if your copy of Office is an Office for trang chủ or an Office for business product and whether or not you have a hàng hóa key you have khổng lồ redeem, an existing trương mục associated with Office, or a pre-assigned license.

Office for home

If you have an Office for trang chủ product và it came with a sản phẩm key*, before installing for the first time (or sharing it if you have 365 Family), you need khổng lồ redeem your sản phẩm key first.

Go lớn và sign in with an existing or new account* và then enter your hàng hóa key khổng lồ redeem it. Redeeming your key is what adds your tài khoản to Office and you only have to vày this once. If you"re renewing a 365 subscription with a new product key, use the same tài khoản you previously associated with your expired version subscription.

Tip: Once this is done, anytime you need lớn install or reinstall Office you can go straight lớn the next section, Sign in to download Office và select the tab for help to install on a PC or Mac. Be sure to sign in with the same trương mục you used to redeem your product key at

Office​​​​ for business

If your Office for business subscription plan includes the desktop version of the Office apps you won"t see an option lớn install it unless someone in your organization assigned a license khổng lồ you.

Learn how to check this in What 365 business hàng hóa or license bởi vì I have? or if you"re a 365 admin responsible for assigning licenses khổng lồ people in your organization, see Assign licenses to users.

Once you verify you have a license, anytime you need to lớn install or reinstall Office you can go straight khổng lồ the section below, Sign in to tải về Office and select the tab for steps lớn install on a PC or Mac. You"ll sign in with your work or school tài khoản for these versions of Office.

*If you don"t have a sản phẩm key or an account

Some versions of Office such as Office Professional Plus 2021, Office Standard 2021, or a stand-alone tiện ích such as Word 2021 or Project 2021 don"t have an associated account, or work or school account.

The steps khổng lồ install these versions can be different depending if you got Office through one of the following ways: HUP:You bought Office for personal use through your company benefit program và have a product key, see Install Office through HUP.

Volume license versions:IT departments might use a different method when installing Office for people in their organization. Talk lớn your IT department for install help.

Third-party seller:You bought Office from a third-party và you"re having problems with the sản phẩm key.

You signed in with a account

From the Office home page select Install Office.

Select Install (or depending on your version, Install Office>).

You signed in with a work or school account

From the trang chủ page select Install Office (If you phối a different start page, go to


Select Office 365 apps lớn begin the installation.

Install Office

Depending on your browser, select Run (in Edge or internet Explorer), Setup (in Chrome), or Save File (in Firefox).

If you see the User account Control prompt that says, Do you want to allow this tiện ích to make changes lớn your device? select Yes.

The install begins.

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Your install is finished when you see the phrase, "You"re all set! Office is installed now" và an animation plays to show you where to find Office applications on your computer. Select Close.


Installation or sign in issues?

You signed in with a account