We started aryannations88.com khổng lồ help empower a generation of investors to believe that taking hold of your financial future is attainable to anyone. We’re grateful that you’ve come along for the ride, and let aryannations88.com play a role in your financial journey.

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What are my next steps?

All accounts not transferred lớn another brokerage firm or not fully withdrawn via ACH will transfer to our clearing firm, Apex Clearing Corporation ("Apex"), và they will serve as your broker effective November 1, 2021. You may still perform trương mục transfers via ACATS and withdraw any cash balance from Apex. Please refer khổng lồ the FAQ below for more information.

You can still access the aryannations88.com tiện ích to reviews and retrieve trade confirmations, monthly statements, & tax documents issued on and before October 29, 2021. 

To view your transaction history or any account-related documents issued after October 29, including 2021 tax documents generated in early 2022 (if applicable), must be retrieved by registering with Apex via Apex Online.

Instructions to lớn create Apex Online credentials

New User Registration Steps: 

Select the login icon on the top right corner of the site (person-looking icon). Select Create a User ID.Enter your aryannations88.com trương mục number in the Account Number field (i.e. 3PC##### or 3PD#####).Follow the on-screen instructions.When asked to lớn select a Firm, please select 10-Apex Clearing Corp.After completing the process, you will now have access lớn Apex Online. Enter your aryannations88.com account number in the account number field lớn view your trương mục details.

For questions regarding your (former) aryannations88.com account, please reach out lớn Apex's Broker Dealer Withdrawal (BDW) department at bdwacct

FAQ about your aryannations88.com account at Apex

How bởi I transfer my trương mục from Apex to lớn another brokerage?

To transfer your aryannations88.com account with an open position(s) và cash khổng lồ a different brokerage firm (including tastyworks), you will need khổng lồ initiate an Outgoing ACATS Transfer with your receiving firm. Simply, an ACATS transfer seamlessly allows you to lớn move all cash and securities in your current account to a new account at a different brokerage firm. If you have xuất hiện positions in your aryannations88.com account and don't wish lớn close them, then an ACATS transfer would be the best way to lớn move everything to lớn a new account. First, you'll need to open a like-account at the brokerage firm of your choice that you'd lượt thích to move to, & once the account is open, just tell them that you want to vị an ACATS–they'll know what you're talking about. When you successfully submit an ACATS with your receiving firm, they will process it for you, kicking off the transfer process. It's important to cảnh báo that ACATS Transfers can take 7-10 business days khổng lồ complete. 

You can still transfer your account after aryannations88.com closes since it will still be in the custody of Apex Clearing Corporation, where they will act as your broker, and it will retain the same tài khoản number. You will need to list Apex Clearing Corporation as your broker instead of aryannations88.com when asked the name of your brokerage firm when transferring via ACAT.

All ACATS Transfers requests initiate from the receiving firm và are subject khổng lồ a $75 Outgoing ACATS Transfer Fee, charged by Apex Clearing Corporation. As a result, your tài khoản must have $75 or more in available cash lớn facilitate the transfer. 

However, if your account only holds cash, you can withdraw your tài khoản balance via ACH instead. Please reach out khổng lồ Apex's BDW department at bdwacct
apexclearing.com for instructions.

How bởi I make a withdrawal from Apex?

Accounts holding cash và in the custody of Apex can request a withdrawal by writing khổng lồ Apex's BDW department at bdwacct

Can I close positions if my trương mục is at Apex?

Yes, you may only submit closing orders with Apex. Since Apex does not have a trading platform, you will need lớn reach out lớn Apex's BDW department at bdwacct
apexclearing.com lớn manage any position(s). 

Can I still use the aryannations88.com app to trade?

After aryannations88.com closes on October 29, 2021, the aryannations88.com platform will no longer serve as a trading application since Apex will assume your trương mục act as your broker. You can still access the aryannations88.com tiện ích to review and retrieve trade confirmations, monthly statements, & tax documents issued before October 29, 2021. 

However, if you transferred your tài khoản to tastyworks, you can still use the aryannations88.com trading platform by downloading the new aryannations88.com by tastyworks app to your điện thoại device.

aryannations88.com by tastyworks tải về links 

Will I receive any tax documents for the 2021 tax year?

If you closed any positions or had any options expire worthless in the 2021 calendar year, you will receive a Consolidated 1099 for the 2021 tax year. Tax forms will be issued in early 2022 (if applicable). You must register with Apex via apexonline.com to retrieve your tax documents. Instructions to create an Apex Online account are spelled at the top of this page.

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Who can I contact if I need help?

After aryannations88.com closes on October 29, 2021, we (aryannations88.com) will no longer serve as your introducing broker. When your tài khoản gets assumed by Apex, our clearing firm, you must reach out khổng lồ Apex's BDW department at bdwacct
apexclearing.com or at 214-953-3300.

Who is Apex Clearing Corporation?

Apex Clearing Corporation is aryannations88.com's clearing firm and custodian of your trương mục assets. In this industry, aryannations88.com is referred lớn as an introducing broker. As a result, aryannations88.com does not hold any of your assets. Instead, aryannations88.com facilitated your trades while your assets are in custody at Apex.