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The high-quality, 13.3-inch laptop with a 360-degree hinge & touchscreen provides a convertible feel for around 800 Euros (~$1023). It might be the right device for users who are looking for an alternative lớn Lenovo"s Yoga 2 or simply expect a bit more from their laptop.

For the original German review, see here.

Dell has gathered quite a lot of experience with versatile consumer laptops ever since its exotic Dell XPS 12. But Dell has also previously experimented with the thiết kế tested here in itsXPS 11with a smaller screen size. Now the Inspiron 13 7000 for a considerably lower entry price of around 600 Euros (~$767) is to be launched soon. The version that we are testing is available for a price starting at 800 Euros (~$1023).

The Inspiron 13 7000 can be used in four modes owing to its hinge that enables tilting the screen by 360 degrees.These modes allow use as a conventional máy vi tính or a tablet due khổng lồ the touchscreen, & two somewhat unusual intermediate steps that Dell dubs "Tent" và "Stand."

Especially Lenovo"s Yoga 2 13 can be seen as the direct contender because it features the same design and an identical configuration. Users who can warm to a different tablet-laptop phối should look closer atAsus" Transformer Book T300LA. Its keyboard dock can be completely disconnected from the tablet. The just recently introduced Lenovo Yoga 3 based on Intel"s Broadwell is also exciting in this context. It will, however, very likely play in another price league (approx. 1500 Euros, ~$1917).

Tightly pulled hinges

The Inspiron 13 7000 does not look like a thành viên of the less expensive consumer range, and that it does not come from the XPS line. It isalloversilver và the brand biểu tượng logo or the keyboard"s keys mix black contrasts.

The surfaces are rubberized và feature a good grip. Dell does not specify the material, but we assume that plastic is used as supporters due to the dividers inside the base unit. The build is overall very good, and the gaps are narrow.

A rubber lip, with a dubious purpose for us, surrounds the display. It is usually meant for preventing dirt & moisture from infiltrating the máy vi tính in a closed state when carried around. However, the base unit"s sides are rounded lớn such an extent in this case that the rubber does not even cảm ứng the base unit. The screen"s pane rests directly on the wrist rest. A very unusual và strange design...

We naturally paid special attention to the hinges of the Inspiron. They are pulled tightly enough to prevent the display from wobbling too much. Dell does not show any weaknesses here, and the mentioned positions can thus be used well.

The weight of 1.65 kilograms makes the Inspiron unsuitable for holding in the hands for a longer time even in tablet mode. An odd feeling also develops on the lap because the keyboard"s keys rest directly on the knees. The convertible is best used on a table or another màn chơi surface.

Dell does not install any surprises but does not omit anything essential either. However, buyers should be aware that neither a card đồ họa nor Ethernet socket can be expected in this kind of device. There are two USB 3.0 ports on the left, one of which is powered even when the convertible is off. USB 2.0 is also installed in this máy tính and finds a place on the right. HDMI & an SD-card reader are also available.

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All interfaces are positioned quite far back on both sides. This will please users who want to lớn connect a mouse.