a small space with walls or curtains around it, that is separate from the rest of a room and where you can be private when taking clothes off, etc.:

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In winter, animals were housed in a free-stall barn with a concrete slatted floor, và cubicles with wood shavings as bedding material.
Instant messaging, for example, is well-suited khổng lồ chatting with a coworker sitting a few cubicles over, while wholly inappropriate for sending condolences.
An in-patient (case 4) who shared a cubicle with case 3 was subsequently transferred lớn a coronary care unit when her clinical condition deteriorated.
Each bunk had a sliding door for privacy, which was also given in a series of cubicles that came equipped with writing desks.
Bringing at least some of the current research out of the cubicle and back into the street can further broaden the scope of social psychology.
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