I"m filling in an online application khung for an Australian visa, & there is a step "Contact details" which asks for a "Country of residence", specifically "Usual country of residence" (see the screenshot below). There is a ? hint & it is not informative—here is the full text of that hint:

From the option list, select your usual country of residence.Bạn đang xem: Country of residence là gì

In a later step, you will be asked to lớn provide your full residential address in this country.

Bạn đang xem: Country of residence là gì


What is really meant by "Country of residence" here? Is it the country of my citizenship or the country I currently reside in? Now I"m not in my country of citizenship. I reside in another country with an extended tourist visa. I have resided in that country for six months now and plan lớn go to australia from that country. So what should I state: the country I"m residing in now or the country of my citizenship?


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Active Oldest Votes23Note the word "usual". If you"re on a tourist visa in another country for just 6 months, that"s not really where you NORMALLY reside. You"re considered a visitor in that country, not a resident.

In this case it"s likely to be your country of citizenship, if that"s where you usually live when you"re not aryannations88.comling on this tourist visa.

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What address would you give someone who intends to lớn send you critical correspondence at some indefinite point in the future? Where vì you have your mail shipped? Where vày you receive your bills? What address does your most recently opened bank account have on it? What address bởi vì you put on your tax forms? What address is nearest the school you would send your kids khổng lồ (if you had any)? Etc.

An example

Residence: I live in Japan. My kids go khổng lồ school there, I have a permanent residential address, have a residency visa, etc.

Visitor: I visit other countries for work for several months at a time. Sometimes I rent an apartment, sometimes I"m staying with people I know (at their residence), but I might leave at any time & am usually either on a work visa or tourist visa.

Citizen: I am an American citizen. I was born in Texas và my passport says so.

Where you live, where you are, and what place claims to own you.

You can be in-between

For a few years I didn"t really have a residence. I hopped around a lot and didn"t have a single city or even country I could gọi "home". If someone had, in an official capacity, asked me where I lived I would have still replied "Texas". Even though that wasn"t true in the sense that I hadn"t been there for a few years, it was more true than claiming some place I had only been staying for a few weeks or months và knew I wouldn"t be in much longer (especially on a tourist visa).

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It is useful to lưu ý that many official bureaucracies (and their documents) are particularly unfriendly to people who don"t fit the "born, schooled, worked, died -- all in the same 10 miles" mould. This bureaucratic detail can significantly hinder your efforts to get even the simplest things done in life, despite being a completely made-up problem. For that reason it is usually much less painful to lớn use your place of birth or your family"s residence (if you have a family or parents) as a sort of administrative anchor rather than try khổng lồ explain the details of your situation.