Do you also don"t know how to lớn find serial no. In the hp laptop? If yes, then you are on the right corner to lớn get your answer. Through this article, you will find the solution khổng lồ checking the serial number. But before this vày you know what serial no.

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What is a serial number?

A serial number is a kind of unique identification number of a character string, numeric digits, and/or typographic symbols of the original equipment. Manufacturers assign serial numbers to laptops to lớn provide technical tư vấn and warranty.

Serial Numbers may be referred lớn the different types such as -:


•Serial Number

•Serial No.

•Asset Number

•Service Tag


For example,

1243765, AGH125489



So, There are many methods through which you can kiểm tra the serial number of our HP máy tính in minutes. Let"s see the first method to check it -

1. With the help of an HP support assistant

Yes, you can check HP serial no. With the help of an HP assistant. Lớn proceed with the procedure of checking the serial number follow these simple steps -:

· mở cửa your HP laptop.

You will find the inbuilt application of HP tư vấn assistant on the laptop, In the case of unavailability of the application tải về the HP tư vấn assistant on your laptop.

· mở cửa the Application.

· The display will show three options " My device", "Support" và "profile".

· Click on the " My device" option.

· Here you can easily kiểm tra the hàng hóa name, Serial number, and Product number of your HP laptop.

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2. Kiểm tra serial no. Underside the laptop

Yes, you can check the serial number of the hp laptop under the Battery Compartment or Underside of the Laptop. In most of the Hp laptops, the sticker mentioned serial no., sản phẩm no., mã sản phẩm no. Etc. Is attached underside of the laptop.

To check out the serial number follow these instructions -:

· Turn your máy tính xách tay upside-down

· Place the laptop on a sofa or a clean smooth surface

· Find out the white or silver màu sắc sticker that is attached underside of the laptop,

· On the sticker, you will find the information about serial no. , product number, and mã sản phẩm no. With bar codes.

· If you don"t find the sticker underside of the laptop then remove your battery và see it under the battery compartment at the bottom of the laptop.

This is how you can easily check the serial number of a hp laptop.

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This blog is about checking the serial no. Of the hp laptop. You can try out above mentioned two methods to kiểm tra it.