Cheat Engine 6.4 tải về for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 (64 or 32) bit PC. Không lấy phí download the latest version 2023 of the software from

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Cheat Engine 6.4 is a free application that helps you to gian lận your favorite offline games. You can change the resource amounts in your game and also use many tricks which will help you lớn complete the game quickly

To use this game-hacking tool without any issues, you need lớn start this application before starting your game. You must allow this software lớn run in the background so that your game resource kept changing. If you close this application & won’t let it run in the background, your game resource will be reverted to lớn default.

Cheat Engine Interface

Cheat Engine 6.4

Cheat engine 6.4 is an open-source utility software that allows you to cheat in computer games without being detected. It uses modified system memory, where users can change or alter trò chơi variables’ values to cheat in-game. Because of the modified system, the memory games firewall can’t detect users while cheating. But sometimes users could get banned because of highly used firewalls và security in games. It was launched so that users can easily overcome obstacles in the hard và competitive single-player game.

Features of Cheat Engine 6.4


It is the very first step where you can alter your game variable for cheating in games. You can change the trò chơi values lượt thích Item value, quantity, life, armory, etc. Which could extremely affect the gaming experience. From here you can just take a single variable value from the trò chơi section and let the cheat engine scan it for altering the game value. These sections allow the following Changes based on –

Exact ValueSmaller valueBigger valueDecrease valueIncrease value etc.

Cheat Table

This section is where users can increase or decrease the cheat value for the game. After scanning the trò chơi variable in the cheat engine. Users use this cheat table lớn increase game variable values lượt thích money, life, thành phầm quantity, etc. With this section, you can increase the cheated amount khổng lồ a certain percentage based on the system.


This section allows you khổng lồ customize the overall cheat engine setting as you want. With this feature, you set how your cheat will work, how fast will work, by which method your cheat will work, etc. This section allows you khổng lồ customize the following tools-

Tools for cheatingHotkeys in scanningJava script in CTGame valueScanning settingPluginDebuggingProcess memory

Make games easier or harder using Cheat Engine 6.4

It will help you lớn pass your trò chơi levels quickly. But sometimes you may feel bored because your trò chơi will be too easy. But don’t worry. This tool not only helps you khổng lồ increase your resource but also helps you khổng lồ reduce them. By using it, you can decrease your character’s health lớn make your trò chơi more difficult và more enjoyable.


This software is not easy lớn use for those who are new users of it. Also, it doesn’t have a user-friendly interface. After running this software for the first time, it will show you some tutorials about its usage of it. This tutorial will help first-time users to lớn learn the basic usage of this tool.

Some Noticeable Features of Cheat Engine 6.4

This awesome tool has some great features which will amaze you. Some of these are:

Cheat Engine Settings 6.4
It has the power to scan memory và quickly get all the variables or parameters using your game. Then it allows you khổng lồ modify them.You can debug your game by using its debugger functionality.You can also thủ thuật the tốc độ of your game. You can both tốc độ it up và also low the timer of your game.It also has the functionality of a Direct 3d manipulation tool.You can also use the system inspection tool khổng lồ inspect your trò chơi system.It also has the feature of a disassembler and assembler.It has scripting tư vấn which helps the developers to create their own cheating application & share it with other people.


Free to downloadLightweight sizeSupport offers availableBroadcasting available


Not user friendlyComplex systemDetected as virusDebug failure

FAQs about Cheat Engine 6.4

You can find Cheat Engine on this page. Just click on the download button and your tải về will start immediately.

No, the cheat engine 6.4 doesn’t work with online games. It only works with single-player offline games. But in some cases, the feature of speedhack may work with some online games.

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You can only use this tool for your offline single-player games. It will not work with online or multiplayer games.