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Cynthia C. Chua, MD, is a medical oncologist and hematologist who likes the intellectual challenge that comes with the cancer specialty. It requires a broad base of knowledge và skills in order to fully understand how each patient’s disease developed & how it is advancing. With this knowledge, Dr. Chua and the care team use the latest treatments to help patients fight their cancer.

Dr. Chua is one of those rare individuals who possesses these skills, especially in the areas of breast cancer, lung cancer và lymphoma. She also serves as the principal investigator for gynecologic cancer clinical trials at OHC because she is a firm believer in the benefits of research. “One of my patients entered a clinical trial eight years ago for his advanced lung cancer. This gave him access khổng lồ the newest drugs and a new sense of hope. Today, he is still surviving and living life to lớn the fullest. This wouldn’t have been possible without the critical access khổng lồ a clinical trial,” Dr. Chua explained.

Dr. Chua combines her clinical expertise with an ability khổng lồ put patients at ease, instilling a sense of calm hope throughout their cancer journey. “The team and I listen carefully lớn our patients và answer all their questions & then we develop a care plan that reflects their individual needs,” said Dr. Chua

In her không tính tiền time, Dr. Chua enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, cooking…and eating the food she cooks.

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Education & Training

Medical School: Duke University School of Medicine, Durham, NC

Residency: University Hospital, Boston, MA

Fellowship: Duke University Medical Center

Board Certifications

American Board of Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine

American Board of Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology

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OHC xanh Ash

Dr. Chua is the best oncologist. I have been cancer free under her care for almost 18 years. She is compassionate, straight to the point, thorough & I could go on & on! – A.W., November 2021

Dr. Chua always checks me closely lớn make sure the cancer has not returned. She treats me more lượt thích a person than a patient. I feel more at ease after leaving her office. – D.E., October 2021

Always treated courteously at arrival. Could not ask for better treatment. Nurses and medical staff always friendly và professional. Cannot say enough good things about Dr. Chua. Kind, caring, informed, và able lớn bring a little humor khổng lồ very serious visits. At departure, scheduling my 90-day visit is always a breeze. Keep up the great work OHC! It is appreciated. – J.C., October 2021

Dr. Cynthia C. Chua is very dedicated lớn her practice. She has been my doctor for 14 years since having radical prostate surgery. Dr. Chua also diagnosed me with having Thalassemia. She has received the highest rating from her peers in her specialty for many years, và by Cincinnati Magazine. Now living in Columbus, I drive down I-71 to remain under her care. More recently, she diagnosed me as having CLL. Lớn conclude, let me just say she is a fine human being. – Anonymous, October 2021