Fangs for the memories

Lords of Shadow may not have been the Castlevaniagame everyone wanted, but I mostly enjoyed it for what it was, và that ending was khổng lồ die for. It was the perfect segue into Lords of Shadow 2, which has been teased for nearly four years now as the return of Dracula — the main man himself — và a culmination of the Lordsstoryline.

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Whether that wait was worth it or not hinges almost entirely on how much you enjoyed the firstShadowouting — if it had a few extra problems added on top of it.


The sword leeches health when enemies are struck with it, và the claws break their defenses & shields. It’s straightforward, but it serves as a nice design that encourages you lớn use all three weapons in tandem with one another, rather than rely on your personal favorite. I know all too well of the temptation to rely on just one weapon type in action games, so kudos lớn the team for making them all viable.

Having said that, the way you need lớn power them up for use is a bit convoluted. You need to constantly strike at foes with your whip lớn earn “runes,” and when your rune meter reaches maximum, you’ll start earning magic orbs for your strikes, pressing in the left analog stick to “suck up” said orbs (kind of like Onimusha) và earn MP.

If you’re hit at all, your meter goes down. There’s no leeway here. While I personally like this system because it creates more tactical nuances (like deciding when lớn gather orbs) & places a higher emphasis on the dodge ability, most people will likely find it annoying and cumbersome.


It does help that there’s an awesome challenge mode built into Lords of Shadow 2that’s similar lớn the old Devil May Crytrilogy’s challenge rooms. You’ll have specific goals in mind lượt thích “kill each successive enemy within a time limit,” which will demo the depths of your action skills. It’s here that I found myself longing for all of the winded concepts to lớn be scrapped in favor of more fun arcade-like bonuses such as this.

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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2could have either used significantly more development time, or significantly less. Either way you slice it, ideas that just have no place in the game could have either been expanded upon or pared down lớn the point where it doesn’t feel lượt thích Dracula was wasted. The good news is kích hoạt purists looking for a good time will have fun skipping past the story và laying waste lớn everything in their path — once they’re done doing rat quests, of course.