You"re trying use your iPhone lớn take a picture, but whenever you use your camera your screen appears as black or blurry. This is a common problem for iPhone users, which can be caused by issues involving your device"s software or hardware. Here"s every fix you can try at home when your iPhone 6 camera"s not working!

Is My iPhone 6 Camera Broken?

Without performing some troubleshooting first, it"s impossible to say whether this malfunction is being caused by hardware or software. Lượt thích many other quả táo apps, the Camera tiện ích itself is liable to crash from time lớn time.

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When issues like this happen, it"s common lớn assume that your iPhone is physically broken. However, software issues are more common than hardware issues.

Follow the steps below, if you can identify that it"s a software error that"s causing the camera not lớn work, we should be able khổng lồ help you resolve it.

Watch Out For Third-Party Camera Apps

If you use a third-party photography tiện ích more often than your Camera app, it"s possible that this is the root of the problem. Third-party apps are much more liable to lớn crash than the built-in Camera app. While making YouTube videos for the Payette Forward YouTube channel, our founders encountered a similar problem with a third-party app. Since returning khổng lồ the Camera app, their iPhones have yet lớn interfere with đoạn phim production.

If you use a third-party phầm mềm with your camera often, try switching back to lớn Camera and see if things start working again.

Remove Your iPhone From Its Case

Believe it not, a lot of people who have encountered problems with their iPhone camera found that the issue was their case was on upside down blocking the camera! With iPhones having such symmetrical designs, it"s surprisingly easy to lớn put them in a case the wrong way.

Remove your case completely and open up your Camera app. If you can see the rear camera lens"s display normally, your case might have been blocking it.

You can also try wiping your camera off lớn get rid of any dirt or debris that may be causing your pictures to lớn be blurry.

Restart Your iPhone


If your iPhone camera"s not working due to a software glitch, restarting your iPhone might resolve the issue. Press & hold the power nguồn and trang chủ buttons on your iPhone 6 simultaneously to shut it down. After a few seconds, a slider labelled “Slide khổng lồ Power Off” should appear, slide the red nguồn icon to the right và your iPhone will shut off.

Wait around 30 seconds, then press and hold the power button until the white táo logo shows up on your display. Once the logo"s visible, let go of the nguồn button and your iPhone will turn on normally.

After your iPhone"s running again, go to the Camera app. Does everything appear to be working normally? If your answer s “yes”, great! If not, scroll down for more tips.

Close All Of The Apps On Your iPhone

If too many apps are open on your iPhone at once, a number of complications can occur. Unless you close out of them on purpose, apps will remain on your iPhone ready to use. This can overwhelm your phone"s processing, and cause errors like battery drainage & software crashes.

While it"s unlikely that too many apps xuất hiện at once will cause your iPhone"s camera not lớn work, it"s not impossible. Even so, closing all of the mở cửa apps on your iPhone will make your repair process quicker và easier, as there will be less going on for your iPhone to accommodate for while you troubleshoot.

To close apps on your iPhone 6, double press the home button. Your iPhone will display all of your xuất hiện apps in a row, which you can toggle through by sliding left or right. To exit out of each of these apps, swipe them up toward the vị trí cao nhất of your screen. Once they disappear from view, they"re closed.

Update Your iPhone"s Software

Occasionally, when something like a camera error occurs, it"s the result of a bug within an tiện ích ios update. Usually when this happens, táo apple will take efforts lớn get rid of this bug in the following tiện ích ios update. Updating your iPhone 6 to the most recent ios might get your camera working again.


Open the Settings app và select General. Tap Software Update, followed by Install Now. Your iPhone will prompt you to lớn enter your passcode. Once you vày this, your iPhone should update on its own. After your iPhone reboots, the update has been completed.

Reset All Settings

Another common cause for issues like your iPhone 6 camera not working is that certain settings have been corrupted or changed. By using the Reset All Settings feature, users can clear all of their customized settings and revert the iPhone back factory settings. Using this function can sometimes get rid of the corruption causing your camera not lớn work properly.


Open Settings -> General -> Reset. Select Reset All Settings, then enter your iPhone"s passcode.

A series of prompts should show up on your iPhone, continue selecting Reset All Settings when you have the opportunity. A progress bar will show up on your display when your iPhone begins the reset process.

As soon as your iPhone turns back on, the reset"s complete. If your camera still doesn"t work after this, it"s time for a deeper repair approach.

Backup Your iPhone

Before continuing on with your attempts to lớn fix your iPhone camera, you"ll want to lớn make sure that you fully backup your iPhone 6. The rest of the repair process we suggest involves some serious alterations to your iPhone"s data, and a backup might be the only way khổng lồ access some of your personal information going forth.


You have a few options for how lớn backup your iPhone. If you"d lượt thích to backup to lớn your computer, you"ll want to vì so using iTunes if you have an older computer. If you have a Mac that runs off of Catalina 10.15 or later, it will no longer tư vấn a backup on iTunes. Instead you"ll want to user a similar app, called Finder, lớn perform the backup. If you"ve never performed a manual backup before, check out our iPhone backup tutorial!

Prefer khổng lồ backup your iPhone khổng lồ iCloud? That"s no problem. Kiểm tra out our YouTube đoạn phim on how khổng lồ backup an iPhone lớn iCloud for detailed instructions.

DFU Restore Your iPhone 6

If you"ve successfully backed up your iPhone, the next step you"ll want to lớn take for repair is a DFU restore. When an iPhone"s put into DFU mode, all of its user"s personal data gets erased và the iPhone"s software goes back lớn how it would be set up fresh from the factory. Sometimes, a DFU restore can delete the software glitches preventing your camera from working along with your personal settings.

While this might sound lượt thích a daunting prospect, most technicians will DFU restore an iPhone before completing any other repair services. It"s possible that trying this from home might just save you a trip lớn the táo store. If you"d rather watch an instructional clip than read, consult our DFU restore tutorial on YouTube.

To begin a DFU restore, plug your iPhone 6 into your computer and xuất hiện iTunes or Finder. Press and hold the power button and trang chủ button. Hold both buttons for 8 seconds, then release the power nguồn button while still holding the home button. Keep holding the trang chủ button until your iPhone shows up on iTunes or Finder.

If your iPhone"s screen is completely black after it appears on your computer, it"s successfully entered DFU mode. If your display appears normally, unplug your iPhone & try the DFU process from the beginning. Once your iPhone"s visible on your computer, click Restore khổng lồ reset your iPhone 6.

Repair Options For The iPhone 6

If you"ve successfully DFU restored your iPhone 6 but the camera still won"t work, it"s time to consider bringing your iPhone to a technician for repair.

If you"re willing lớn pay for Apple"s repair service, there are a few options for going about that. Have an táo bị cắn dở Store nearby? liên hệ Apple support at the Genius Bar & bring your iPhone in. A technician will examine your iPhone and give you a quote for repair in person.

Apple also offers a mail-in repair service if you"d prefer that to going khổng lồ an apple Store. Visit Apple"s tư vấn website for more details about setting this process up.

If you"re looking for a more affordable option for repair, you might be interest in Puls. Puls is a company who will send technicians khổng lồ you at your location of choice. Their repairs are quick và cheaper than Apple"s services. Better yet, all repairs và parts provided by Puls come backed by a lifetime warranty.

Upgrade Your iPhone 6

With an iPhone model as old as the 6, it"s probable that you"ll encounter more và more glitches as time goes on. If you"re serious about your iPhone"s photography ability, you might want khổng lồ consider investing in a more recent phone altogether.

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Camera công nghệ in smartphones has increased greatly since the release of the iPhone 6. If you"re curious about what some of your other options might be, kiểm tra out our cell phone comparison tool! You can compare any phone on the market right now to lớn your iPhone 6"s capabilities with ease.

Through The Looking Glass

These days, people rely on their iPhones for their cameras as much as for their cellular capabilities. If your iPhone 6 camera is black, that can turn from minor inconvenience to a serious interference with you social và professional needs very quickly. Follow these instructions carefully và your iPhone camera should be working in no time!