More people then EVER is using beauty và filter cameras lớn make their photos/selfies look stunning. A girl might use Snow to lớn capture a moment of her life with her friends và message them. An another girl might use B612 khổng lồ filter her selfies for FaceBook, Instagram, etc. Most people would say, well, if it's both a beauty/filter camera app, how different could it be? Well, even though it's the same photo filtering app, it is still different in style & uses.

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First off, Snow. Snow is a little bit different from B612- Snow is an image messaging & multimedia mobile application created by Camp Mobile, a subsidiary of South Korean internet search giant Naver Corporation. It features virtual stickers using augmented reality và photographic filters. Yet B612 can only take photos, not send them. Snow is created by Naver, as I said, so mostly Koreans use it. Snow allows users to take pictures or videos (of a maximum duration of 10 seconds) và choose from 1,300 stickers and 50 filters. They can also send them as messages that destroy themselves in 48 hours. Videos could also be saved as GIF files. Snow has a lot of virtual stickers và beauty items. To summarize, Snow is a photo filtering tiện ích that can send messages, with 1,300 stickers & 50 filters.

Second, B612(this one's my favorite).B612 cannot send messages but it has millions of stickers that gets updated like, a month or so. B612 is a part of a snow.corp, so it is very similar to Snow. As a user of B612, I think it's really cool that you can even bởi virtual biến hóa there, & make your face look like.... Just imagine the most prettiest/handsomest person you can ever imagine. You can make your face like that. Also, B612 has holiday special stickers, such as Halloween và Christmas, and you can change your background of your stunning selfie, và much, much more. You can even change your hair màu sắc there! In conclusion, B612 has much more stickers than Snow & much more filters, but we cannot message it instantly.

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khổng lồ conclude, Snow is a photo filtering tiện ích with about 1,300 stickers and 50 filters, while messaging the whole thing. B612, on the other hand, is a photo filtering app with millions of stickers and filters, yet we cannot message it. Even though those to lớn apps are different, we will love them forever(until FaceBook & Instagram & Snapchat dies!!)