All the IP360 system devices can be connected khổng lồ existing LAN networks, adding the functionalities of the digital system without the need for any special wiring. The system uses Ethernet distribution as its main communication structure. The Ethernet network guarantees almost infinite expansion of the system.

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Maximum freedom for setting up with no technical or installation limits. The IP360 system surpasses all the limits of traditional clip entry systems, setting no limits on distance và the number of different devices that can be connected, the size of the network and the simultaneous audio/video calls being made.






In a rapidly-changing world that constantly offers new technologies, IP360 fully meets the growing needs for simplification and integrationbetween different systems. By using standard communication protocols, the system opens up to lớn endless possibilities of application, enabling the use of Bpt video entry systems within multidivisionsystems. This allows the various devices in the group to communicate with each other & with third-party systems using a common language.



Thanks lớn the network connection and without the need for additional devices, the IP360 clip entry system is always connected khổng lồ the internet. Via the Cloud service, it makes it possible to lớn remotely provide the user with a series of advanced features & enables installers to lớn monitor installed systems, intervening quickly và safely when necessary.


OUR RANGE OF Entry panels


Choosing MTM means choosing a hàng hóa made specifically for you & your needs. We've worked hard to make it simple, yet versatile và suitable to lớn all, from small residential systems lớn large urban compounds.

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Thangram is Bpt's line of modular entry panels: it is the first designed for use with the new IP digital công nghệ system, and the only model that offers such superlative-quality colour video.

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New design, with Zamak trimmings, all VR items can resist up to lớn IK09 màn chơi shocks. This means the MTM series is the most complete range of modular entry panels on the market.

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FUTURA is Bpt’s innovative range of đoạn phim receivers that feature a large 7” TFT LCD colour display và a simple, sophisticated design, which make them perfect for integration into any environment.

OUR RANGE OF System Complements

tiện ích VideoEntry

VideoEntry app lets you manage any calls from your audio/video entry system, directly on your điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh or tablet