Earning the trust of prospective customers can be a struggle. Before you can even begin khổng lồ expect lớn earn their business, you need to lớn demonstrate your ability to deliver on what your sản phẩm or service promises.

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Sure, you could say that you"re great at X, or that you"re way ahead of the competition when it comes to Y. But at the over of the day, what you really need to lớn win new business is cold, hard proof.

One of the best ways lớn prove your worth is through a compelling case study. In fact, aryannations88.com’s 2020 State of kinh doanh report found that they are so compelling that they are the fifth most commonly used type of nội dung used by marketers.


You might be wondering, "What"s a Case Study Release Form?" or, "What"s a Success Story Letter?" Let"s break those down.

Case Study Release Form

This document can vary, depending on factors lượt thích the size of your business, the nature of your work, & what you intend to vị with the case studies once they are completed. That said, you should typically aim to lớn include the following in the Case Study Release Form:

A clear explanation of why you are creating this case study and how it will be used.A statement defining the information & potentially trademarked information you expect to include about the company -- things like names, logos, job titles, & pictures.An explanation of what you expect from the participant, beyond the completion of the case study. For example, is this customer willing khổng lồ act as a reference or mô tả feedback, and do you have permission to pass contact information along for these purposes?A lưu ý about compensation.Success Story Letter

As noted in the sample email, this document serves as an outline for the entire case study process. Other than a brief explanation of how the customer will benefit from case study participation, you"ll want to lớn be sure to define the following steps in the Success Story Letter.

The Acceptance

First, you"ll need lớn receive internal approval from the company"s sale team. Once approved, the Release khung should be signed & returned khổng lồ you. It"s also a good time to lớn determine a timeline that meets the needs & capabilities of both teams.

The Questionnaire

To ensure that you have a productive interview — which is one of the best ways khổng lồ collect information for the case study — you"ll want to ask the participant to complete a questionnaire prior khổng lồ this conversation. That will provide your team with the necessary foundation lớn organize the interview, & get the most out of it.

The Interview

Once the questionnaire is completed, someone on your team should reach out to lớn the participant khổng lồ schedule a 30- to 60-minute interview, which should include a series of custom questions related khổng lồ the customer"s experience with your sản phẩm or service.

The Draft Review

After the case study is composed, you"ll want to lớn send a draft to lớn the customer, allowing an opportunity lớn give you feedback và edits.

The Final Approval

Once any necessary edits are completed, send a revised copy of the case study to the customer for final approval.

Once the case study goes live -- on your website or elsewhere -- it"s best to contact the customer with a links to the page where the case study lives. Don"t be afraid to lớn ask your participants to mô tả these links with their own networks, as it not only demonstrates your ability to lớn deliver positive results, but their impressive growth, as well.

7. Ensure you"re asking the right questions.

Before you execute the questionnaire and actual interview, make sure you"re setting yourself up for success. A strong case study results from being prepared lớn ask the right questions. What vì chưng those look like? Here are a few examples khổng lồ get you started:

What are your goals?What challenges were you experiencing prior khổng lồ purchasing our hàng hóa or service?What made our sản phẩm or service stand out against our competitors?What did your decision-making process look like?How have you benefited from using our product or service? (Where applicable, always ask for data.)

Keep in mind that the questionnaire is designed to help you gain insights into what sort of strong, success-focused questions khổng lồ ask during the actual interview. & once you get to that stage, we recommend that you follow the "Golden Rule of Interviewing." Sounds fancy, right? It"s actually quite simple -- ask open-ended questions.

If you"re looking khổng lồ craft a compelling story, "yes" or "no" answers won"t provide the details you need. Focus on questions that invite elaboration, such as, "Can you describe ...?" or, "Tell me about ..."

In terms of the interview structure, we recommend categorizing the questions and flow into six specific sections that will mirror a successful case study format. Combined, they"ll allow you lớn gather enough information to lớn put together a rich, comprehensive study.

Open with the customer"s business.

The goal of this section is to generate a better understanding of the company"s current challenges & goals, & how they fit into the landscape of their industry. Sample questions might include:

How long have you been in business?How many employees vày you have?What are some of the objectives of your department at this time?Cite a problem or pain point.

In order to tell a compelling story, you need context. That helps match the customer"s need with your solution. Sample questions might include:

What challenges and objectives led you khổng lồ look for a solution?What might have happened if you did not identify a solution?Did you explore other solutions prior to lớn this that did not work out? If so, what happened?Discuss the decision process.

Exploring how the customer arrived at the decision khổng lồ work with you helps khổng lồ guide potential customers through their own decision-making processes. Sample questions might include:

How did you hear about our hàng hóa or service?Who was involved in the selection process?What was most important to lớn you when evaluating your options?Explain how a solution was implemented.

The focus here should be placed on the customer"s experience during the onboarding process. Sample questions might include:

How long did it take lớn get up & running?Did that meet your expectations?Who was involved in the process?Explain how the solution works.

The goal of this section is khổng lồ better understand how the customer is using your product or service. Sample questions might include:

Is there a particular aspect of the sản phẩm or service that you rely on most?Who is using the hàng hóa or service?End with the results.

In this section, you want to lớn uncover impressive measurable outcomes -- the more numbers, the better. Sample questions might include:

How is the sản phẩm or service helping you save time và increase productivity?In what ways does that enhance your competitive advantage?How much have you increased metrics X, Y, and Z?

8. Lay out your case study format.

When it comes time to take all of the information you"ve collected & actually turn it into something, it"s easy lớn feel overwhelmed. Where should you start? What should you include? What"s the best way lớn structure it?

To help you get a handle on this step, it"s important to lớn first understand that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes khổng lồ the ways you can present a case study. They can be very visual, which you"ll see in some of the examples we"ve included below, và can sometimes be communicated mostly through video or photos, with a bit of accompanying text.

Whether your case study is primarily written or visual, we recommend focusing on the seven-part outline, below. Note: Even if you vị elect lớn use a visual case study, it should still include all of this information, but presented in its intended format.

How lớn Format a Case Study

Title Subtitle About the Subject Challenges and Objectives How the Solution Helped Results Supporting Visuals & Quotes Future Plans call to action
Title: Keep it short. Develop a succinct but interesting project name you can give the work you did with your subject.Subtitle: Use this copy to lớn briefly elaborate on the accomplishment. What was done? The case study itself will explain how you got there.Executive Summary: A 2-4 sentence summary of the entire story. You"ll want to lớn follow it with 2-3 bullet points that display metrics showcasing success.About the Subject: An introduction to lớn the person or company you served, which can be pulled from a LinkedIn Business profile or client website.Challenges and Objectives: A 2-3 paragraph mô tả tìm kiếm of the customer"s challenges, prior lớn using your sản phẩm or service. This section should also include the goals or objectives the customer phối out lớn achieve.How Product/Service Helped: A 2-3 paragraph section that describes how your sản phẩm or service provided a solution khổng lồ their problem.Results: A 2-3 paragraph testimonial that proves how your product or service specifically benefited the person or company, và helped achieve its goals. Include numbers lớn quantify your contributions.Supporting Visuals or Quotes: Pick one or two powerful quotes that you would feature at the bottom of the sections above, as well as a visual that supports the story you are telling.Future Plans: Everyone likes an epilogue. Bình luận on what"s ahead for your case study subject, whether or not those plans involve you.Call to action (CTA): Not every case study needs a CTA, but putting a passive one at the over of your case study can encourage your readers to lớn take an kích hoạt on your trang web after learning about the work you"ve done.

To help you visualize this case study outline, kiểm tra out the case study template below, which can also be downloaded here.



When laying out your case study, focus on conveying the information you"ve gathered in the most clear và concise way possible. Make it easy to scan và comprehend, và be sure lớn provide an attractive call-to-action at the bottom -- that should provide readers an opportunity lớn learn more about your product or service.

9. Publish & promote your case study.

Once you"ve completed your case study, it"s time khổng lồ publish & promote it. Some case study formats have pretty obvious promotional outlets -- a đoạn clip case study can go on YouTube, just as an infographic case study can go on Pinterest.

But there are still other ways to lớn publish và promote your case study. Here are a couple of ideas:

Gated Behind a aryannations88.com Post

As stated earlier in this article, written case studies make terrific lead-generators if you convert them into a downloadable format, like a PDF. To lớn generate leads from your case study, consider writing a aryannations88.com post that tells an abbreviated story of your client"s success and asking readers to lớn fill out a size with their name and email address if they"d lượt thích to read the rest in your PDF.

Then, promote this aryannations88.com post on social media, through a Facebook post or a tweet.

Published as a Page on Your Website

As a growing business, you might need to lớn display your case study out in the mở cửa to gain the trust of your target audience.

Rather than gating it behind a landing page, publish your case study to lớn its own page on your website, & direct people here from your homepage with a "Case Studies" or "Testimonials" button along your homepage"s top navigation bar.

Business Case Study Examples

You drove the results, made the connect, phối the expectations, used the questionnaire khổng lồ conduct a successful interview, và boiled down your findings into a compelling story. And after all of that, you"re left with a little piece of sales enabling gold -- a case study.

To show you what a well-executed final sản phẩm looks like, have a look at some of these sale case study examples.

1. "New England Journal of Medicine," by Corey McPherson Nash


When branding & design studio Corey McPherson Nash showcases its work, it makes sense for it to be visual -- after all, that"s what they do. So in building the case study for the studio"s work on the New England Journal of Medicine"s integrated advertising chiến dịch — a project that included the goal of promoting the client"s digital presence — Corey McPherson Nash showed its audience what it did, rather than purely telling it.

Notice that the case study does include some light written copy — which includes the major points we"ve suggested — but really lets the visuals bởi vì the talking, allowing users to lớn really absorb the studio"s services.

2. "Shopify Uses aryannations88.com CRM to lớn Transform High Volume Sales Organization," by aryannations88.com


What"s interesting about this case study is the way it leads with the customer. This reflects a major aryannations88.com credo, which is to lớn always solve for the customer first. The copy leads with a brief mô tả tìm kiếm of why Shopify uses aryannations88.com, & is accompanied by a short đoạn clip and some basic statistics on the company.

Notice that this case study uses mixed-media. Yes, there is a short video, but it"s elaborated upon in the additional text on the page. So, while case studies can use one or the other, don"t be afraid to lớn combine written copy with visuals to emphasize the project"s success.

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3. "Designing the Future of Urban Farming," by IDEO


Here"s a thiết kế company that knows how khổng lồ lead with simplicity in its case studies. As soon as the visitor arrives at the page, he or she is greeted with a big, bold photo, & two very simple columns of text -- "The Challenge" & "The Outcome."

Immediately, IDEO has communicated two of the case study"s major pillars. Và while that"s great -- the company created a solution for vertical farming startup INFARM"s challenge -- it doesn"t stop there. As the user scrolls down, those pillars are elaborated upon with comprehensive (but not overwhelming) copy that outlines what that process looked like, replete with quotes & additional visuals.