Think of Canvas as your digital classroom – it's where you access course content and announcements, submit assignments, and receive your grades và feedback.

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Log in using your ID (the letter "s" followed by your student number) and password. Forgotten your password? Reset it.

 Can"t see your course in Canvas? 

Courses should appear in Canvas seven days before the official course start date. If your course has already started, it will appear in Canvas 24 hours after you địa chỉ cửa hàng it in Enrolment Online. 

If you have further questions, tương tác your Course Coordinator.

Light mode on Canvas – accessible recommendation for students

You may have noticed that Canvas recently introduced dark mode on the mobile version of the app.

While the mode is still being tested & refined, there may be elements of the app that are harder khổng lồ read and see in dark mode.

If you’re having trouble with using dark mode on the smartphone app, you can change it back to light mode by following these instructions (PDF, 21MB).

What is Canvas?

Canvas is"s online Learning Management System (LMS), where you can find all of your course announcements và content, including class notes and resources. On Canvas you can listen to lớn lectures, complete online assessment tasks, view and submit assignments, và receive grades và feedback.


Canvas Explainer for Students
Students explain what Canvas is, how lớn navigate the interface, find course materials, submit assignments & more.

Canvas Explainer for Students
Students explain what Canvas is, how khổng lồ navigate the interface, find course materials, submit assignments và more.


Hi, my name is Nhuan & I’m a student here at studying a Bachelor of Art.

Today, I’m here to lớn walk you through how to log in and navigate Canvas,’s Learning Management System.

The first thing you will need to vày is open up your preferred website browser. Visit’s website, which is Select the student link at the top of your screen in the navigation bar.

Once you click on the Canvas link, you will be redirected lớn a login portal to access your personal section of the website. Login using your student number & password. When you are ready, click login.

The dashboard is the first think you will see when you log in lớn Canvas. The dashboard helps you see what is happening in all of your current courses. On the right side, you will see any work you need to lớn complete, feedback, grades you have received và any upcoming events.

The global navigation thực đơn is located on the left side of every page in Canvas. The global navigation links provide quick access khổng lồ frequently used Canvas features. You can return khổng lồ your dashboard at any time by clicking the dashboard liên kết in the global navigation.

The first links in the global navigation is where you will find your Canvas account settings. In here, you can upload your profile picture and adjust your notification preferences. Canvas allows you lớn customise how you receive notifications from all of your courses. You can địa chỉ cửa hàng different contact methods to receive notifications. So, it’s just announcements và grades lớn your điện thoại number, the Canvas tiện ích or an alternative e-mail address.

It’s important that you spend time reviewing your notifications. And, in particular, make sure you have announcements turned on. This ensures you receive any information from your teachers straight away. For more information on setting up your notifications, see the liên kết to the guide below the video.

When you are ready, select your dashboard, và then click into the course you want to view. First is your homepage, which will be the first think you seen in your course. Next up, you’ll have announcements which will have any messages from your teachers. After that it’s your course syllabus. This contains the course summary, including topics, readings & assessment dates.

In a course, all your learning materials will be located in modules. Each module can contain files, discussions, assignments and other resources. You can select modules from the course navigation. & once you are there, you will be able lớn see a welcome module with introduction information và course resources organised according lớn the course delivery.

In Canvas, all your assessments information can be found in the assignment link. By clicking on the link, you get a danh mục of all your assessment tasks for the course. When you click on the name of an assessment, it will display all information from the teachers about the task, including the due date & the rubric. It will also allow you to submit your assessment when the time comes. Và finally, this is where you will be able to lớn see your grades và view your feedback.

If you ever run into any trouble, you can always reach out to Canvas support. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can find all your help options in the help link in the Canvas global navigation. Plus, you can always speak to lớn your teacher.

Canvas also has a student app, which you can download for không lấy phí from the tiện ích Store. Canvas mobile apps for i
OS and android gives you access lớn your course whenever you need it và wherever you are. You’ll see the dashboard where you can access information in each of your courses & information about any groups that you are in.

Using the menu at the bottom of the screen, you can access your dashboard, calendar, task list, notifications và inbox. The phầm mềm is really easy khổng lồ use, and it means you can get updates, announcements và notifications instantly. You can participate in discussions when you are out & about. And it’s a great way lớn get all your reading done on the train. You can also access all of your assignments easily và view the calendar or task danh mục to kiểm tra what assignments are due soon.

Learn how khổng lồ save time and reuse your Reading Lists again in the future. This đoạn clip explains why Reading Lists need lớn be rolled over into the next semester's Canvas course shell và how to vị this. Learn how lớn rollover your Reading menu into a new course shell & how to publish the list so it is visible lớn your students.

Reading Lists: 4. Rollover(4:26 mins), Library Teaching và Research, Microsoft Stream( login required)


Reading Lists must be rolled over, a process that isnotpart of the Canvas course rollover.The rollover of a Reading Listmustbe for the same course code, e.g.BESC1408_2150 khổng lồ BESC1408_2250.To rollover a Reading các mục youmustbe a Collaborator (see step 1).A rolled over Reading danh sách is in draft, publishthe danh sách to make it visible khổng lồ students (see step 3).

You can save time và re-use your Reading Lists again in the future. Be careful not lớn delete the các mục at the end of the teaching period for the course as it will not be recoverable.

Instructors and collaborators can re-use Reading Lists for the same course with a new term code. It is a separate process lớn the Canvas rollover.

1. Locate the current/old Reading menu that you want to lớn rollover

Go to lớn 'Lists' and tìm kiếm for the Reading menu you want to rollover. Selectthe Reading các mục title to mở cửa the list.


2. Select 'Roll Over list'

In the Reading list view, select the ellipsis <…> in the đứng top right-hand corner under the các mục title to lớn display the Reading các mục options menu.

Select 'Roll Over list'


3. A Roll Over pop-up window appears

Enter the course code that you want lớn roll your danh sách over TO.

Available courses will start appearing as you type.

Select 'OK'.

If the new course is not provisioned in Canvas yet, it may not be available khổng lồ select.


4. The 'Roll Over' settings window will pop up

The old Reading danh sách name will appear. Edit the Reading list name khổng lồ change the term code from the previous offering to lớn match the new term code you selected.

E.g. ‘The Professional Experience (1910)’. Change it to lớn ‘The Professional Experience (1950)’

You must leave the mặc định options to lớn enable the citations khổng lồ roll over without error.

Permalinks & LTI liên kết in the new Canvas shell will point lớn the rolled-over list.

Select 'ROLL OVER'


5. A Warning window will pop up

“The original course is still active. If you continue, the original Reading danh sách will no longer be available using existing permalinks, which now point lớn the new list. Continue?”

This indicates that permalinks in the old Canvas modules that point khổng lồ items in the original Reading danh sách will cease lớn work once the Reading menu is rolled over. You can be reassured that the permalinks within the new rolled-over Canvas modules will be active & connect khổng lồ resources in the rolled-over Reading List.

Confirm by selecting 'OK'


6. A confirmation window will pop up

Select 'CLOSE'


7. Edit the danh mục header

The rolled over list is now available with a 'DRAFT' statusin the new canvas shell. Usage analytics are re-set lớn zero.

Edit the Reading các mục header to lớn reflect the new title và term code. You can remove the text '(Rolled over)'.

The Reading list description field is inherited from the older list.Edit the fieldto update the new term details.


8. Publish the Reading danh mục to your students

Access the Reading các mục in the new/current course shell. The Reading danh sách will have a DRAFT status and needs lớn be PUBLISHED to be visible lớn students.

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Before you publish, you can showroom new citations lớn the list & send them to lớn the Library for reviews or delete citations that are no longer required.

Select 'Publish'


A 'Publish List' window will appear. Select the'Course students' radio button, then select'CONFIRM'