Fort Collins hours: Tuesday thru Sunday 8-8 (Tuesday till 8:30). Closed on Mondays. Loveland hours: Monday – Friday 7 AM – 9 PM; Saturday và Sunday 8 AM – 9 PM



At Big city Burrito, you won’t find microwaves or freezers, & you won’t find everyday fast food, either. We pack your tortilla with everything you crave & nothing you don’t want. From carnitas khổng lồ potatoes, every ingredient is perfectly seasoned with our secret recipes, and every burrito is built just for you. Why? Because it’s our mission to turn hungry into happy.

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Our thực đơn offers the tasty, fresh and satisfying choices you crave. Come by and let us create your ideal burrito!


Tortilla, Cheese, Rice, Beans, Meat or Veggies

Regular / Super / Kids

The best potato burrito in the US … they have a collection of amazing sauces like spicy ranch and strawberry habanero

A must visit burrito place in Fort Collins with their quality potato burrito và amazing sauces. Also the phat Tuesday khuyễn mãi giảm giá is one of the best food đơn hàng in the town!

The burritos are huge, no need for lunch after you eat a super Burrito. Lots of flavor and over 10 different kinds of sauces to pick from for all you saucy people. Highly recommended place for a great burrito!

This has got lớn be one of my favorite places khổng lồ eat in foco. Great atmosphere, amazing burritos, và good workers. I highly recommend. Make sure to go on Tuesday! (potato burrito special)

This is by far the best burrito joint!!!! I would seriously drive an hour out of the way khổng lồ get one! Super friendly staff with lots of choices to have the burrito made just for you!

Finally stopped by after hearing about it for a long time. Service was great & a very unique và tasty burrito for the price. They are serious about the spice levels, the spicy beef is properly spicy. Highly recommended.

Always a great option for when you’re starving and craving delicious food. Also a constant go-to on Sunday mornings during college weekends.

I love how this place has not changed throughout the years. I have been going there before they introduced the famous potato burrito in the mid 90’s. Still the best burritos anywhere.

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The people who work here are super nice and the food is just as awesome. You can get a boss khủng sized burrito if you’re really that hungry. & they have Mexican cokes too! They even have one of those all flavor machines. Awesome stuff.