In this article, we will discuss Pokemon Go soft ban and what players can do to avoid getting one in order khổng lồ continue on their journey of collecting majestic Pokémon"s.

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What Actions Will Trigger Pokemon Go Soft Ban Time

Niantic introduced the soft ban in an attempt to discourage people from playing Pokémon Go while driving. The soft ban is not a real strike on your account, và getting multiple soft bans does not lead khổng lồ a 1st strike. GPS Spoofing, traveling too fast, or sharing accounts, are the primary reasons lớn get you soft banned. The soft ban works because any Pokémon you catch during the ban period will flee no matter what ball type or berries you use. Additionally, it prevents you from winning gym fights và looting Pokéstops.

Here is the danh mục of actions you need khổng lồ avoid whenever you teleport to lớn a new location.

Catching a wild PokémonAn accidental drop of a ball on the encounter screen (also applicable to lớn raids)Feeding a wild Pokémon with a berry (also applicable to raids)Spinning a Pokéstop with Try Again message due khổng lồ spin limitPlacing a Pokémon in one of the gymsFeeding a gym defender within screen radarGym battlesFleeing Pokémon (due to catching limit)Use of Gotcha device to lớn spin and catchCatching a Shadow PokémonSpinning a Team Rocket Pokéstop

What"s The Pokemon Go Soft Ban Duration

The duration of a Pokémon soft ban varies according to lớn the degree of the offense committed by the player. For example, when someone plays Pokémon Go as a passenger on a vehicle, they are effectively experiencing a brief soft ban, as the effects are quite similar. However, in the case of spoofing or trương mục sharing, the duration of the ban can be up khổng lồ 120 minutes.

Total DistanceWaiting PeriodTotal DistanceWaiting Period
1 KM1 minute125 KM33 minutes
2 KM1 minute150 KM36 minutes
4 KM2 minutes180 KM39 minutes
10 KM8 minutes200 KM42 minutes
15 KM11 minutes300 KM50 minutes
20 KM13 minutes400 KM56 minutes
25 KM15 minutes500 KM64 minutes
30 KM18 minutes600 KM72 minutes
40 KM22 minutes700 KM80 minutes
45 KM23 minutes800 KM86 minutes
60 KM25 minutes1000 KM100 minutes
80 KM27 minutes1250 KM118 minutes
100 KM30 minutes1266+ KM120+ minutes

How to lớn Know Pokemon Go Soft Ban Is Over

There are many ways lớn find out the pokemon go soft ban is over or not, and the easiest method to lớn spin the poke stops to see can you get rewards. If you can get the rewards from poke stops, which means you can play the trò chơi as normal.

How to lớn Spoof Pokémon Go without Getting Pokémon Soft Ban iAnyGo is a perfect software with built-in security features which allow you lớn spoof without the risk of getting soft banned. iAnyGo has a feature called "Cooldown Period", which gives a corresponding countdown timer whenever you change locations in a short time. The cooldown duration can vary anywhere from 1 minute to 120 minutes according khổng lồ the distance between the current position & the modified position. To lớn avoid Pokemon Go soft ban, it is suggested to avoid any serious activity until the timer runs out.

Connect your iPhone lớn the Computer via the Lightning Cable. Then, unlock your device và click the "Enter" button khổng lồ get started. Make sure to tap “Trust” on your iPhone if the pop-up shows up.

Enter the address or GPS coordinates of the desired location in the tìm kiếm box, then click "Start to Modify."


Simulate GPS Movement along A Route between Two Point 

The Two Point feature in iAnyGo allows the user lớn simulate movement from one point lớn another at their own desired pace. Here is what you need to lớn do:

On the main interface, switch khổng lồ the ‘Single-Spot movement’ và press “Enter”.

Select the “Start Point” & “End Point” on the menu according to your desired location.

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Select the number of moves & adjust the speed by dragging the tốc độ bar. Then click “Start khổng lồ move” khổng lồ travel back & forth between the two selected points. You can pause and continue the movement anytime.