Today is a big day for us: after almost a year of heads-down work, we are releasing the biggest update in our little company"s history: Mockups 3.

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Today we are shipping v.3 on the Desktop và in the website Demo. The plugins and will be updated to v.3 as soon as possible (think weeks, not months). Mockups 3 is both simpler & more powerful at the same time.

The core editing experience should feel very familiar, but we have made what used to lớn be hard simple - single-file projects, using reusable symbols, a more standard editing UI with left và right panels, immediate auto-saving.

We also added powerful features for the experts: tons of new keyboard shortcuts, a new Project Information panel, big performance improvements for large projects, a Trash bin, a hugely more powerful full-screen presentation UI, notes for the Project, Mockups, Assets, Symbol Libraries và Symbols, & the ability to mở cửa multiple Project windows at once.

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We also gave the phầm mềm a nice and modern new coat of paint, a new application icon, and even threw in a new huge mix of icons at the last minute.

Oh, và we also fixed over 900 bugs while we were at it, because why not.