AutoCAD For Mac has come a long way và nowadays not much separates it from the Windows version. The lack of 3 chiều rendering in the Mac version & native M1 chip tư vấn is disappointing but if you want the industry standard in 2D & 3D CAD design, AutoCAD for Mac still can"t be beat.

AutoCAD for Mac is the best CAD software for Mac for 3 chiều design and in this review, we take a closer look at what it can do.

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AutoCAD has easily been one the most dominant Windows CAD applications on the market for years but it wasn’t until many years later that Autodesk finally released AutoCAD for Mac.

AutoCAD For Mac 2023 is still an industry leading CAD software for architects và designers và one of the most widely used CAD programs on the market.

The success of AutoCAD is partly because it’s so powerful but also because it’s relatively user friendly for such a complex 2D and 3D CAD program.

In the early days of AutoCAD For Mac, the macOS version wasn’t quite as good as the Windows edition, but nowadays it’s almost exactly the same on all platforms.

However, there are some limitations to the Mac version of this incredibly powerful CAD application as we found in our reviews of AutoCAD for Mac 2023.

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Does AutoCAD Work Well On A Mac?

In terms of performance though, AutoCAD For Mac 2023 runs just as well on hãng sản xuất intel Macs as it does on a Windows PC.

However, although AutoCAD works on the latest Apple Silicon M1 Macs, it currently has to lớn use Rosetta in order khổng lồ work with the M1 chip và this sometimes causes a slow down in performance (see more on this below).

Does AutoCAD Work On M1 Macs?

AutoCAD 2023 For Mac does work on M1 Macs using Rosetta 2 in macOS which “translates” hãng sản xuất intel only software lớn work with the M1 chip.

However, this is not optimized for ARM M1 chips so although it works, it doesn’t work as fast as it an native M1 cpu version would.

A native version of AutoCAD For Mac for M1 chip Macs is not yet available including for Macs with the M1 Max, M1 Pro and M1 Ultra chip.

Although the release of AutoCAD 2023 introduced a new graphics engine for multi-core Macs, it did not introduce native tư vấn for M1 Macs as was hoped.

However, Autodesk has stated that it is working on an M1 Mac compatible version of AutoCAD and it’s likely we’ll see it released sometime in 2022.

AutoCAD For Mac System Requirements

The exact system requirements for AutoCAD For Mac 2023 are below.

AutoCAD For Mac works with the latest versions of macOS including macOS Monterey, Big Sur & Catalina.

AutoCAD For Mac vs AutoCAD For Windows

Initially, the early versions of AutoCAD weren’t as complete as the Windows version of AutoCAD.

AutoCAD 2023 For Mac has come a long way though và is now very similar khổng lồ the Windows version.

However, there are still some interface differences and features missing.

The biggest difference between AutoCAD For Mac vs AutoCAD For Windows is the Mac version does not support 3D rendering.

3D rendering was inexplicably dropped from AutoCAD For Mac back in 2017 & it was not reintroduced into AutoCAD 2023 For Mac as some users hoped.

In terms of tệp tin formats, AutoCAD for Mac creates files in the same DWG format as AutoCAD for Windows & can do pretty much anything AutoCAD for Windows can bởi vì in both 2D & 3D.

The most notable difference though is the interface which has been customized for macOS including Dark Mode, Coverflow navigation, Multiview và Touch Bar support.


The Classic AutoCAD interface with toolbars is only available in the Windows version of AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT.

Drawing History, which traces the history of changes made in AutoCAD files saved in Box, DropBox & OneDrive, is also not available in the Mac version of AutoCAD.


Other things that are not available in the Mac version of AutoCAD include:

Extract object data lớn tables.Share & use data from DGN files, Navisworks and Bing Maps.Apply & monitor CAD standards.Access to specialized toolsets for architecture, mechanical design, electrical design and more

If any of these missing features are giảm giá breakers for you, your only other option is khổng lồ run Windows on a Mac and install the Windows version of AutoCAD.

However, while this works well for 2d design, if you’re going khổng lồ need AutoCAD for 3d design, it may not run very well as it requires a lot of processing power và ideally an eGPU too.

We’d also recommend using AutoCAD on an iMac rather than a MacBook Pro too.

The main reason for this is the display is much bigger which makes it easier for doing complex CAD designs. & although AutoCAD For Mac 2023 now supports Trackpad gestures on laptop apple macbook Pros, it can be very tricky compared to lớn using a mouse.

However, if you prefer the portability and power of the laptop apple macbook Pro, you can always extend it with an external display. The latest M1 apple macbook phiên bản pro can tư vấn up lớn 4 external displays at once.

You can find out the best displays to lớn use with Macs in our look at the best external monitors for Mac.

AutoCAD For Mac Features

AutoCAD is available in two editions – AutoCAD For Mac LT for 2d designs và AutoCAD For Mac which supports both 2D và 3D modelling.

Both are very similar in features but the LT lacks the 3d modelling & some of the more advanced tools of the full version of AutoCAD.

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If you don’t need 3d modelling, AutoCAD LT is 75% cheaper than the full version of AutoCAD & excellent value for money for a 2 chiều CAD tool on this level.