Eliminate Windows irritationsIncrease productivityAutomate processesWork around software limitationsMonitor your applications 24/7
More than just a macro recorder and tự động clicker

PTFB Pro will vì everything that a Macro Recorder or auto Clicker can và much more. It offers an elegant, easy to use solution lớn many of the irritations và interruptions that plague Windows users. It sits quietly in the system tray until a task comes up that it can help you with. It then springs khổng lồ life taking care of repetitive tasks, eliminating workflow interruptions, restoring program preferences, và responding to lớn prompts & popups so that you don"t have to. You don"t even need khổng lồ tell PTFB Pro to act - once configured it"s capable of monitoring your operating system and programs và identifying situations where you want it lớn take kích hoạt and work on your behalf.

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Automate Repetitive Tasks.Automatically respond to lớn prompts & info requests.Keep vital programs running 24/7.Automatically restart programs that hang or are not responding.Prevent programs from running at specified times.Restore preferences every time a program runs.Restore a window"s state every time it opens.Automated software testing.Software automation.Restart programs if they"re hogging too much processing power.Packed full of features for professional environments.Small footprint.Quick & easy khổng lồ use.

Are you fed up of your computer repeatedly prompting for the same information, or asking "are you sure?" instead of just getting on with what you told it to do?

Have you ever left your computer khổng lồ crunch through a batch of work overnight only to find that a vital program has crashed or hung?

How much time vì chưng you spend performing the same tasks over & over again?

Wouldn"t life be easier if you had an assistant lớn keep everything running smoothly - whether you"re at your computer or not?

Perfect for Unattended Operation

PTFB Pro has a number of features that make it well suited to keeping things running smoothly even when you are away from your computer:

Logging & Alerting

Lightweight, Efficient, Tailored Solution

All activities can be logged to lớn text file, along with screen shots.When an tác phẩm fires, an e-mail can optionally be sent khổng lồ one or more recipients.

Works with locked desktops

Maintains security

Can dismiss screen saver và unlock và relock desktop as needed khổng lồ run macros and tự động hóa click.

Built in Scheduler

Or integrate with extermal task scheduler

PTFB Pro can run tasks according to a predefined schedule or have external software trigger them by command line.

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If you decide khổng lồ buy our software you can simply purchase a license và use it lớn upgrade your trial installation to lớn a fully licensed solution.