The táo apple Watch SE isn't just a simpler version of the Series 6. It's a fantastic smartwatch in its own right, at a reasonable price

Apple Watch SE may be the latest member of Apple’s Watch family, but just lượt thích the iPhone SE, it’s not a new device. Not entirely, at least. Táo Watch SE is a small part Series 4, a small part Series 5 và a small part Series 6, clad in an aluminium toàn thân and priced at the budget kết thúc of the range.

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Here are eight reasons – some of them rather surprising – why Apple’s latest affordable sản phẩm is well worth your consideration. For more general advice on picking the right watch for your needs, take a look at our táo Watch buying guide. We also have apple Watch SE vs táo apple Watch 6 and our táo khuyết Watch SE review and táo Watch 6 review.

1. The SE has the same screen as the Series 6

We thought táo bị cắn dở would keep the Series 3’s older square screen in the Watch SE to reduce costs, but that didn’t happen. The táo apple Watch SE has the same case sizes as the Series 6, complete with the larger screens – you just don’t get the “always on” screen feature. The screen kích cỡ alone makes SE a far more appealing option than the Series 3.

2. Always-on altimeter

Apple Watch has had an altimeter since the Series 3, but this has only been activated during exercise, giving you a general picture of how much you’ve climbed during the day. But in the táo bị cắn Watch Series 6, táo bị cắn dở has introduced an always-on altimeter to track height in real time, & the táo bị cắn dở Watch SE gets the same feature.

3. It’s much faster than Series 3

The táo apple Watch SE doesn’t include the latest S6 processor (you’ll have khổng lồ settle for the S5), and it’s about 20% slower than the Series 6, according lớn Apple.

However, it’s no slouch. Táo bị cắn dở has previously stated that the S4 was twice as fast as the S3 processor, và the S5 is even faster than that; you’ll notice huge speed gains if you’re upgrading from a Series 3.

4. Hãng apple Watch SE supports Family Setup

Apple’s new Family thiết lập feature allows a child (or a parent, for that matter) who doesn’t own an iPhone lớn still use an hãng apple Watch. Lưu ý that some features require a cellular connection.

5. Fall detection và noise monitoring

The SE gets fall detection and noise monitoring as well as emergency SOS calls – potentially life-saving features that were previously only available in the flagship models. Now more people will be able lớn use these important features.

6. The latest heart rate sensor

Although the Watch SE doesn’t get the ECG sensor built into the Series 6’s Digital Crown, it does get the second-generation heart sensor that táo bị cắn introduced with the Series 4 to lớn deliver faster và more accurate readings.

Apple could easily have got away with a first-gen sensor in the SE & we suspect no one would have noticed. Instead we get the latest & greatest hardware on this budget model.

7. The best new Series 6 face

Apple Watch SE does not get access to lớn all the new faces introduced with the Series 6, but it does get the best: Stripes.


The new design is simple but modern, & allows you to create a combination of colours that match your mood and/or your clothes. It’s one of the more customisable táo khuyết Watch faces, and we’re sure it’s going to be one of the most popular.

8. Táo khuyết Watch SE is affordable

The hãng apple Watch SE starts at £269/$279 for the GPS model, and at £319/$329 if you want the cellular option. You can buy direct from Apple, or browse our guide to the best deals.

That’s a great price for everything you get, và significantly cheaper than a Series 6, which starts at £379/$399.

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This article originally appeared on Sweden. Translation by David Price.