What it does ?

TV Remote for Sony allows you lớn control your Sony Smart TV just lượt thích real remote with lots of latest features like mirroring DLNA, shaking và voice controls, sleep timer and truyền thông player etc. Tired of trying so many apps without any results and not tried this TV Remote Control phầm mềm then what"s the point? Now what, download this không tính tiền app right now, because this is exactly what you are looking for.It works in 2 modes. Either on your home WiFi network or Infrared IR blaster. WiFi Mode

You must have WiFi connected Sony Smart TV.Connect your phone lớn same WiFi network.Launch the app & accept confirmation message appears on your Sony TV screen.Confirmation message can be accepted in your Sony TV Settings at trang chủ → Network → trang chủ Network cài đặt → Remote Device → Remote Device List in case if it is rejected by mistake.All Remote buttons are supported except TV ON. Because your TV is not connected to lớn the WiFi when its switched off, so it can not process the WiFi commands.

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Infrared IR Blaster Mode

Inbuilt IR Blaster must be present in your phone such as Sony Galaxy S, note 4, LG G3/G4/G5, htc ONE, Xiaomi mi / Redmi etc.No additional hardware is required for Sony TV remote app.







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How khổng lồ use video

Pre-Requisites for Sony TV Remote control app

Sony TV must be switched ON & connected to lớn active WLAN khổng lồ receive commandsAutomatic TV Discovery function will only work when TV and Mobile both are in the same WI-FI Domain

Feature List

Long press tư vấn for volume, program, left, right, up, down buttonsImage mirroring feature. Watch photos, audio, video on your TVChoose TV to Play, Pause, Mute on Incoming callVolume Control by side buttonsShake phone to lớn play/pause mediaVoice recognition Commands to control your TVType Text or URL directly from application to TVSleep Timer and Audio/Video PlayerMacro function. Multiple operation with single clickManual configuration of TV IP Address

Authentication Key

Latest Sony TV Models

It is 4 digit numeric key which needs to be entered for the first time in this app.Where to get this key? Well it is shown by your latest Sony TV as soon as you are connecting khổng lồ it by this app.It is required only for the first time and saved internally in both of the devices for future usage.

Older Sony TV Models

You need not to lớn enter anything as there would not be any popup appearence.Even if it is appears in our app, You can enter any 4 digits. For example 1234 và it does not matter really.

Where authentication key is saved ?

Home → Network → trang chủ Network thiết đặt → Remote Device → Remote Device ListThere might be multiple keys saved at this location based on the different http control devices.If you delete this entry by mistake, You have khổng lồ uninstall our app & install it again in order to lớn register it again.

Supported LED/LCD TV (WiFi Mode)

XBR-X95xB series & other Sony TV models of XBR SeriesKD-X95xxB series & other Sony TV models of KD SeriesKDL-X83xB series series & other Sony TV models of KDL SeriesSony KDL-W85xA seriesSony KDL-W90xA seriesSony KDL-W95xA series


Q. How this ứng dụng works and what are the requirements ?A. phầm mềm control TVs either via WiFi or via Phone inbuilt IR Blaster.Q. What i need for WiFi mode ?A. Your TV must support internet services. Your TV and Phone must be connected to same WiFi network.Q. What i need for IR mode ?A. Your Phone must have inbuilt IR blaster. No need to lớn connect to lớn WiFi. Tìm kiếm on internet if your phone has inbuilt IR.Q. Why my TV is not connecting via WiFi mode ?A. Please make sure that your TV và Phone are connected to same WiFi Router.Q. Why i am not able lớn control my TV via IR mode ?A. Because inbuilt IR blaster is absent in your phone.Q. Why i am not able to turn ON my TV ?A. Your TV is not connected to lớn the WiFi mạng internet when it is off. Hence you can not turn it ON. You can turn ON your tv only when your tv has inbuilt IR blaster. You need khổng lồ have a phone which has inbuilt IR blaster to lớn turn it ON.Google "Android phones with IR blaster" to lớn find the danh sách of IR blaster enabled app android phones.Q. Why TV is not connected via DLNA mode ?A. Please kiểm tra if your TV supports DLNA protocol services.Q. Can i control my TV vai IR if my Phone and TV are not connected to same WiFi ?A. Yes.Q. Can i watch my Phone images on TV ?A.

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Yes. It needs WiFi mode.