For the normal app android users, you might not find the interesting features in APK Editor Pro quite useful. But if you are a power nguồn user who has the certain skills và wishes lớn experience your smart app android devices to the fullest, then you would definitely find this phầm mềm useful.

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Feel free to do whatever you want with this amazing tiện ích on your mobile devices as you discover the incredible potentials that were hidden on your phone. Feel miễn phí to bởi vì whatever you want with the apps to lớn optimize their performances or customize them lớn how you wanted.

Find out more about this amazing tiện ích from Steelworks with our reviews.

What does it do?

Like its name, the ứng dụng is designed for users who want to lớn change certain aspects of their mobile apps khổng lồ make them more enjoyable. Users of android Editor will find themselves having access lớn multiple customizing options from the simplest ones khổng lồ the much more complicated customizations.

And depending on your preferences you can choose the simple editor which allow you khổng lồ change the certain files within the APK, or if you know what you’re doing, you can even rebuild a whole new tiện ích based on the original ones.

Nonetheless, you’ll have plenty of fun playing with the features in the app.



While the main features of the tiện ích don’t require your system lớn be rooted khổng lồ unlock, you will need root permissions when it comes lớn the certain features that have to vì with system apps. Still, you won’t likely need lớn use it if you’re just playing around with the normal apps.

Other than that, you can easily have the ứng dụng install on your smartphone devices without any significant requirements. Just go to our website & get the latest version of game android Editor Pro on your smartphone devices khổng lồ start enjoying the app.

Awesome features

Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the phầm mềm has to lớn offer:

Work on installed ứng dụng or android files

Users in game android Editor Pro can easily pick up the varied editing features by choosing the targeted apps. These could either be an installed tiện ích on your devices or the raw game android files. Either of which, you can easily make your changes with the available options, then save them lớn a new APK và install them on your devices if you wish.

Simple string localizations on whichever app you choose

To start with, android geeks can easily find themselves having access lớn the intuitive string localization option. That being said, you just need to select a certain tiện ích and open the sting localization on your android Editor to lớn start editing.

Change the background image lớn how you wanted

For the simpler customizations, game android users can start by changing the background images with new ones. Just simply pick up your desired app & choose the Background Image option. Then you’ll be navigated to lớn a các mục of all the available background images on your thiết bị di động devices. Change lớn whichever you want with just a few simple steps.


Re-design the layout of an app

In addition, you’re also allowed to make changes to layout of certain apps on your system. This includes reorganizing the available options inside your apps, give it a new interface by getting rid of the unnecessary ones and only keep the important features. Feel free to re-architecting your ứng dụng with this awesome editor.

Altering the features inside an app

For the more advanced users, game android Editor Pro allows you to lớn access the feature altering options. Here, you can easily replace the available features on the ứng dụng with new ones that you really need.

Remove advertisements on any phầm mềm on your system

And if you’ve been bothered by the annoying ads on your di động apps or games, then you’ll definitely find the Ad Elimination features in app android Editor Pro quite useful. That being said, it allows you to lớn pick up any tiện ích or android files và get rid of the advertisements inside with just a few steps. This is extremely useful for gamers & app users who don’t want lớn be annoyed while enjoying their games or using their apps.

Remove the permissions on certain apps

If you really care about your privacy and don’t want to be bothered by the annoying permission requirements on certain apps on your smartphone devices, then this phầm mềm might be able khổng lồ help you. That being said, you can feel miễn phí to remove all the available permission that are not necessary on your thiết bị di động devices including phone call & location detection.

Simple game android to source code conversion

And to lớn make the editing simpler and intuitive, the app will allow users to lớn convert certain android to source codes. Hence, you’ll find it less challenging when it comes to lớn the in-depth editing and altering options.

Multiple features available on your smartphone

The best thing about app android Editor Pro is that you can make use of its entire features right on your mobile devices without the need of PC softwares or whatsoever. That being said, you’ll have the options to mod your game android APK files using certain editing on it. Compile or Decompile all the different apps on your system has become so much easier with android Editor Pro.

Free to use

And last but not least, despite all the amazing features, apk users can still have the ứng dụng installed on their mobile devices for completely free. And with our pro version of the ứng dụng ready for you, there aren’t many things you can’t vị on this app.


Might not suitable for normal users

While the tiện ích can be quite effective for those with certain understanding about the game android platforms & its applications, many users will find most of its features not quite appealing. That being said, you will only over up in using the background customizations & ad removal option. Nonetheless, these are still quite enjoyable for most of us.

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Download apk Editor Pro latest 2.2 game android APK

The tiện ích is the perfect tool for any apk users who wish to lớn enjoy the full potential of the apps that’re available on their system. In addition, it’s also great for getting rid of the annoying advertisements và app requirements that have been bothering you for so long. Và lastly, since it’s completely free for you to download and install, you’ll find quite enjoyable having the tiện ích on your devices, even when you just use a few features that it offers.