ADC-8 A lớn D phầm mềm for Android.$ miễn phí ADC-8 Network AppACCESSORIESClick the địa chỉ cửa hàng button to địa chỉ accessories, then click BUYADC-8U10 Analog to Digital C..$ 69.95 QuantityCC-USBB1 USB Cable.............$ 5.95 QuantityClick for the ADC-8 USB A lớn D AppRelay CardsAnalog to Digital

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Full technical tư vấn provided by on staff advisors Remotely monitor up to lớn (8) analog levels from any sensor or device with an analog output đầu ra Remotely control up to 64 relays Remotely set up lớn (8) mix points (with deadbands) khổng lồ control relays based on setpoint Compatible with android operating systems apk 2.2 through apk 11 (includes Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo, Pie, Q và Red Velvet Cake) tải về above or from Google"s Play StoreThe ADC-8 Network A to D Relay Controller app is the ideal solution for hundreds of applications where remote monitoring of analog levels & control of external devices is needed. Connect any of's Analog khổng lồ Digital converters to your Windows PC or máy vi tính and monitor the analog output levels of temperature sensors, pressure sensors, humidity sensors, flow rate sensors, energy usage from KWH transducers, electrical KW demand from watt transducers, light levels from phototransistors/photocells, anemometer output, voltage levels, current flow, weight, potentiometer movement, position detection, strain gauges, load cells, or the output from any sensor or device with an analog output. Relays may be used to control HVAC equipment, motors, flow rates, demand usage, appliances, indicator panels, heaters, robotics, alarms và thousands of other electrical devices.This tiện ích allows you lớn remotely energize or de-energize a relay from your tablet or phone's cảm ứng screen using your mobile network, local network, Wi-Fi or from anywhere in the world via Internet. The App's start-up screen allows you lớn control 8 relays. Cảm ứng the relay button for the desired relay and the relay will energize (button will turn red when remote vps acknowledges). Touch the button again và the relay will de-energize (button will turn green when remote server acknowledges). Label the relay buttons as needed from within the ứng dụng or just create a text file. Remotely control up khổng lồ 64 relays when relay expansion cards are added to lớn any of's Analog lớn Digital converters. The additional relays are controlled by selecting the desired screen (8 relays per screen). The ứng dụng also allows you remotely enter setpoints to lớn control the corresponding relays for the purpose of temperature control, pressure, flow rates, motor speed, etc.Install the ADC-8 Network Receiver tiện ích on your Windows PC or máy tính xách tay to communicate with this ứng dụng over your local network, Wi-Fi or Internet. This ứng dụng is located on the CD included with your product or you may contact us at support or (937) 349-6000 for a miễn phí download. Miễn phí telephone support is provided for this ứng dụng by contacting support at (937) 349-6000. Custom Apps available for specialized applications, tương tác's tư vấn staff for more info.If you need to control relays directly from your tablet or phone's USB port, please install our AR-16 Relay Controller App.

Need to lớn know when your security system goes into alarm or when a designated door is opened? Maybe you need to be informed if someone is in your pool or if a motion detector in your back yard is tripped. Are you a business owner & need lớn be alerted if a freezer has failed khổng lồ keep food frozen or maybe you need to know the time that your store door was unlocked.Managers need khổng lồ be kept aware of the temperature of conference or banquet rooms. Maintenance personnel need to know the operating performance of HVAC equipment."s không lấy phí Notification Software will send a text message alert lớn your smartphone when any of these events take place or at a pre-defined time interval. Click the điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh above for more information.

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